Time for sex – the best conditions and tips

The best time to do sex.

It’s no secret that sex is a useful activity that favorably affects the human body. However, women often forget that men need this pleasure more often than once a month. So, representatives of the stronger sex constantly complain about the lack of sexual intercourse due to the fact that their woman either has a headache, either critical days, or not at all, the mood, etc. P. A man prefers to constantly master a woman, regardless of mood, weather, day of the week, as well as time. Sex is a kind of drug that holds a person after the first time. However, it is women who are less susceptible to this drug, and as for men, this satisfaction is almost the meaning of life.

Time for sex – the best conditions and tips

What time of day is better for sex?

In this article, we want to dwell on determining the best time for a sexual act.

  • Class of sexual intercourse in the morning is the best time for sex according to men. Surely many noticed that the morning erection is distinguished by force, and penetration gives a maximum pleasure. The fact is that in the morning testosterone is produced in the largest quantity, accordingly, energy and strength increase. But for a woman, morning sex is also characterized by a strong ejection of hormones: the number of estrogens in the morning is about five times higher than in any other period of the day. But in this plus lies the drawback: the stronger the man is excited in the morning, the faster the discharge will come, that is, sex can be short. But one way or another, morning sex can replace the exercise that most is lazy to do. Muscles are strengthened on such physical exercises, blood circulation improves and breathing is trained
  • Undoubtedly, the night is the time to commit all sexual madness with its soulmate. At night, people are more liberated, so sex can significantly surprise you, unlike day and morning. Women prefer evening sex not because their hormonal system is arranged in this way, but because it is psychologically important for them to not rush anywhere and nothing but sex, do not think. Men always need to remember that women need twice as much time to get excited than them. In fact, not a single man would occur to have sex without an erection, so a woman has a similar physiological process. Prelude is not a whim, this is a necessity. For a woman to warm up properly, a good bloodlessness is needed for intimate areas. In the morning there is no time for this elementary. And at night – strength.
  • Deep night. If you suddenly wanted sexual pleasures at a deep night or in the morning, then you should not deny yourself your desire. Try to wake your sexual partner with gentle caresses and kisses, maybe luck will smile at you, and you will not be refused to deliver night pleasure.
  • Sex in the daytime at work. Probably, every man imagined sex in his office in the office (provided that he has a separate office). The service novel, of course, can end poorly, but adrenaline excites more than anything. Such sex in the daytime can even be better than a sexual act in complete darkness when liberated from both partners.

Time for sex – the best conditions and tips

In general, the best time for sex is now! That is, it is at a time when it is madly wanting. Be more open and discard all embarrassment and prejudices about the place of sex, time, day of the week, etc. P. Love and be loved, give pleasure not only to yourself, but also to your partner!

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