The volume of sex toys. Myths and reality | Informative

The volume of sex toys. Myths and reality.

The volume of sex toys. Myths and reality | Informative
Sex toys know that sex objects can sound differently. There is no deafening sounds, of course. But the difference is still noticeable. How to choose a quiet model? Why more and more manufacturers are released things that do not make sounds?

What the sound of a sex toy depends on what depends

Each vibrator, masturbator sounds differently. There are models that make moans, these are more often male toys, and the volume can be easily adjusted or disabled. Women’s toys are often just buzzing. And this sound can be intense or almost invisible.

Different people use intimate goods, many practice proximity and masturbation in the apartment where children or other relatives live. And it is important for them, so that the process does not attract attention. That is why quiet work is an important requirement to buy devices.

The sound depends on several factors at once:

  • motor power;
  • device material;
  • thoughtfulness of details.

And now there are very quiet models on sale.

The perfect volume of sex toys

The volume of sounds is measured in decibels. The volume of sex toys is often in the range of 15-40 dB. How to understand – a loud toy or not?

  • 10-15 dB – This is the sound of wind, rustling grass. It is almost invisible to the average person, does not attract attention. This is a very quiet option, such toys are rare.
  • 20-35 dB – This is a whisper. It is difficult to disassemble words with such volume if you do not listen. It is in this frequency that many sex toys work. Buzzing is not obsessive, it does not attract attention very much. It is not heard through the wall or through the door.
  • 40-50 dB – This is the volume of the usual conversation. It is quite loud, inconvenient when the sound of objects is just that. But this is still much quieter than the work of a hair dryer, a vacuum cleaner.

Modern high-quality toys do not sound loudly, at the level of 15-40 dB. Premium goods a little quieter. And the lowest sound of vibration in models for wearing.
.The volume of sex toys. Myths and reality | Informative
Toys for external stimulation sound a little louder. Submersible models when placing in the body is heard less. The body muffles sounds, although it does not completely remove them.

How to choose a quiet toy for sex?

If you want to choose a product that does not create sounds at all, stop at models without a motor. There are many ideal devices that are suitable for different stimulations. Pay attention to phalloimitators, masturbators, anal sex toys. They give a lot of pleasure, although without additional fluctuations.

The models of famous brands are distinguished by quiet work. Companies that conduct research are looking for new ideas, try to improve their toys. And one of the points of improvement is a decrease in the volume. Choosing goods Lelo, We-Vibe, Satispyer, Mystim, Lovense, You can not worry that they will be loud. All models of these brands are created so as not to attract attention.

Smart Silence technology in vibrators Womanizer – This is a development reducing sound. Stimulants for women are turned on only when touching the body, it is worth removing the toy from the erogenous zone, it is turned off. And so it does not sound loudly and only at the right points.

If you need a quiet model, it is worth choosing in the middle and expensive price segment. It is better to buy a model of 2019-2020, in which new technologies have come true. And the perfect manufacturer is one of the leaders of the industry, known for the whole world. This guarantees not only a suitable sound, but also pleasant sensations and a long work of the device.

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