Slave rules or how to become a slave for a man

Slave rules or how to become a slave for a man.

According to social surveys, more than half of women dream of obeying a man and becoming a slave for him. This is both sexy fantasy and the subconscious desire of a woman to be behind her husband. It will be useful for such women to find out the rules of the conduct of the slave in the BDSM.

Unfortunately, most of the tender sex are building relationships with men who do not even respect.

Hence betrayal, claims, scandals, divorces. If you are one of those who dreams of becoming an ideal wife and creating a strong union in which a man is the head of the family, then you should study the slave code.

He appeared as a result of long -term practices in BDSM. Experienced topics found out in which cases a man and a woman can create a strong union. However, over time, perverts turned this set of rules into a list of bullying.

Uncertainty, weak men, began to demand complete submission from girls, but they themselves simply used them. Although these rules could become a real textbook for perfect wives.

Sex toys for BDSM slave

Relations in the format Mr. Rabyn are impossible without paraphernalia. The most popular devices are gags, handcuffs for sex, whips and masks for sex.

Although the slave is more a psychological theme, submission and obedience, but without devices it will be very difficult.

If your partner accepts the conditions of thematic relations and you are seriously configured, then it is worth purchasing BDSM products for slaves. They definitely won’t be superfluous in your role -playing games.

The rules of the conduct of a slave with a man or how to become a slave

The slave is obliged to hear and listen to her man. In everyday life, this most often applies to requests and requirements for the behavior of a woman.

It is forbidden to argue, increase the voice, ironize, ridicule, mimic, provoke.

If this nevertheless happened, the slave is obliged to ask for forgiveness and be ready to punish (slap in the face, slap on the pope, flogging and another..), during which she should be silent.

A slave is forbidden to object and do in its own way. If a man wants to consult, he will ask her opinion.

Otherwise, the decision has already been made and the woman should trust him. Slave desires are discussed, but in case of refusal and prohibition, she has no right to talk about them.

If a man forbade his woman to go to a meeting with friends, then she must agree and no longer start a conversation on this topic.

In some cases, such a technique as restriction of a circle of communication is practiced. A man forbids a woman to communicate with certain people, or with everyone except permitted.

This means that a woman should not make acquaintances on social networks, respond to communication offers on the street and in other places.

The ban also applies to relatives who, according to a man, harm relations or the girl herself. For example, it happens that one of the relatives against marriage does everything so that the union breaks up.

It puts pressure, tries to convince that the man is not suitable, or at all resort to lies, in order to destroy relationships. Then a man decides to forbid his woman to communicate with these people.

A slave is forbidden to attract the attention of other people and men, in particular. Behave defiantly, impudently, bold, sexually.

Modesty is the most important character trait of an ideal wife. For any violations should be forgiven for forgiveness, but it is possible only after punishment.

Slave Rules Regarding Clothing

At home, the slave should walk naked. It is forbidden to be shy about. The slave must forever abandon underwear, bras and robes of the house.

Sitting on a chair, you can’t throw your legs on each other, they should always be extended. If a man looks at her, the slave must lower his eyes.

In public, a woman is forbidden to wear trousers causing clothes and makeup. The skirt is necessarily lower than the knees, from cosmetics it is allowed to just look a little. From hairstyles in preference to tail.

Erroneous and inadequate rules of slave conduct

Many sources published the Code of Slave, which was written by flawed men. It seems to me at least. Here are some of them:

Turn to a man only you or a gentleman. I think it will look at least funny. More like a scene from the film and does not apply to true respectful relations.

The slave is obliged to go to the toilet only with the permission of the master and in his presence. For role -playing games, the plot is quite a plot, but this is also not about the relationship.

A woman is forbidden to sit and even more so to lie without the permission of the master, even in the presence of guests. Subordination and mockery border in this paragraph.

Probably suitable for training perfectly, but the ban on such actions can be a punishment, but not a constant rule.

One of my friends told how her man forbade her to go to bed and sit throughout the evening for disobeying him and met with her friend, who leads a reckless lifestyle.

Rabbits of slaves in sex

The slave is obliged to fulfill any desires and imagination of his man in bed. Taboo is discussed in advance, the rest of the woman does not have the right to abandon any practice.

In private with his man there is nothing indecent. Small is strictly forbidden.

Wearing clothes at home, including underwear, is prohibited. A man should not see his slave in panties. The exception is his own desire.

By order of a man, a woman is obliged to engage in intimacy with him. Where he wants and since he wants. Express dissatisfaction and unwilling prohibited.

Explore your desire to kneel. In the same position, the slave is preparing to thank the man, for example, oral contact.

That a slave is prohibited in a relationship

Lie and hide. When meeting a woman, it is worth telling everything that she did and admit if she did something wrong.

You can’t be jealous of a man. This does not mean that he can change, also cheating can be discussed initially by introducing it to the taboo. But to be jealous, to sort things out and arrange inspections is prohibited.

Argue, raise a voice, insist on your point of view, impose your decisions.

Do what the man did not approve. For example, smoke or eat some products.

How to become a slave for a man?

Adhering to the listed rules, any woman can become a slave for her man and experience the feelings and emotions that sincerely loving tender sexes experience.

Love is not satisfaction of each other’s needs, love is giving. And those who decided to become a slave for their man are striving to love.

It is not easy to distinguish a tyrant from a worthy upper man. Often men demand subordination from a woman in order to rise at her expense.

In other words, this behavior may be the result of complexes. However, experienced topics argue that for a woman the main thing is to be realized as a humble and obedient slave, her behavior gives her pleasure. And with the choice of a man, someone is lucky.

Today we have talked about such a type of relationship as a slave-control.  Subconsciously, every woman needs a man to whom she can completely surrender to both morally and physically.

For some, such relationships are savagery and completely unacceptable, others dream of such an alliance all their lives.

It is important to understand that such relationships do not imply mandatory domestic slavery and violence. On the contrary, they are built on respect and humility.

That is, to wash and prepare a day in all is not required, and the eternal beatings and insults, which are often shown in films, are not related to relations by the type of slave and.

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