Sex with a virgin. Tips for a girl

Sex with a virgin. Tips for a girl.

In the matter of deprivation of virginity, haste is inappropriate. Men by nature hunters, including young and inexperienced. Therefore, their greatest fear is to suffer a fiasco. For a girl, sex with a virgin at the same time and an interesting adventure and big responsibility.

Sex with a virgin – psychological aspect

Many guys are afraid to be ridiculed girl. And it doesn’t matter for what reason: imperfection of the physical form, insufficient size of “dignity” or banal indecision. A virgin can respond painfully to sparing remarks, even if you did not want to offend him. Be patient, give the hormones time to get.

Watch what and how you say. It is important not to hurt a man’s pride. Give up criticism and any manifestations of passive aggression. Do not compare it with others, this will not help. If you suspect that your chosen one is still a virgin, do not ask him questions about previous relationships in the forehead. If he wants, he will tell himself. Perhaps you have not yet lined up a trusting relationship, or a young man more difficult and longer converges with people than you.

There is a separate category of men – Great age virgins. Everyone has the deepest causes of each, but the main stoppers that prevent you from starting to lead a healthy sex life, only two: fear and self -doubt. Over the years, these feelings grow. The girl’s task is to force a man to stop looking at himself as a loser.

It is necessary to act softly and methodically. Demonstrate your love. Show him that he is important for you and roads. Such a strategy in the future will not only give a man the necessary confidence for active actions on the sexual front, but will also make you in his eyes not like everyone else. But do not overdo it. A man can come to the conclusion that everything is fine with you without intimacy. You don’t want purely platonic love?

The case of technology

Almost every virgin is well acquainted with sex in theory. But do not think that the ability to behave correctly in bed is laid down on a subconscious level or is absorbed with watching candid films.

Take the role of a mentor and conductor in the amazing world of passionate love. Take it not as a burden, but as a unique chance to “fly out” the perfect partner. The head of an inexperienced lover is still free from prejudices. For example, to convince a virgin that to give pleasure to a woman through oral caresses is much easier than in the case of an experienced lover who is rooted in her principles.

Start with prelude. Guide the man, show him what actions on his part you will be made. Invite to see porn together. Tell me openly that from what you see you would like to repeat. Feel free, but at the same time do not behave too assertive. Women dominant in every sense, men are mainly shunning. You can just scare the guy.

During sex, pronounce short phrases: “more tender”, “tougher”, “slower”, “faster”, “like this”. Do not complicate the man’s task, making only moans. It may seem to you that everything is clear, but it is advisable for a beginner lover to give the most specific signs.

Take the case into your own hands, literally. If you have sex, for example, in a missionary pose, put the brushes on a man on the hips. This will regulate the intensity of frictions and the depth of penetration.

The first sex rarely becomes successful, and this is normal. Usually there is little pleasure, in addition, sexual intercourse ends too fast. But good lovers are not born, but become due to the gradual improvement of their skills and study the language of the body.

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