Sex toys: myths and facts

Sex toys: myths and facts.

Sex toys: myths and facts

In society, there are still skeptics that form a distorted idea of sex toys. It’s time to figure out what is the myth and what is true!

There was no sex in the Soviet Union, and accordingly there were no toys for sex;Few people could imagine that for sex you need something else except two people. The first sex toys appeared in the early 90s with the advent of a market economy in the world. From this moment, the acquaintance of the population of a huge country with an entire industry for adults began. A lot of time has passed with the advent of the first sex shop, the literacy of the population in sex matters has grown significantly, which cannot but rejoice. However, in society there are still skeptics that form a distorted idea of sex toys.

Myth: Sex toys are used by people who have inactive sexual life or it is completely absent

Myth: Sex toys cause dependence

Myth: a woman sex toy can replace a man

Myth: A man uses a sex toy, since without it he is complete zero

Myth: with sex toys sex is unnatural

Myth: Sex toys are good and bad

Myth: the more expensive, the better

Myth: Sex toys-this is deviation and perversion

Myth: Sex toys are dangerous for health


  1. Sex toys are absolutely safe. Subject to use for their intended purpose and compromising their capabilities and sizes

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