Sex in the morning – harm and benefit? | Informative

Sex in the morning – harm and benefit?.

Sex in the morning – harm and benefit? | Informative
Sex is an integral part of our life. Someone prefers quietly and modestly, someone is violently and passionately. However, whether he always brings pleasure or should it refrain from certain hours? Is it worth making love in the morning?

How do the morning sex relate to representatives of different sexes?

This idea seems very attractive to representatives of the stronger sex. They are not averse to making love with their chosen one in the morning. But it cannot mean that all men are similar in tastes. So, there are more good reasons for this:

  • 1. The maximum increase in the concentration of testosterone in the blood of a man occurs precisely at 7 – 8 o’clock in the morning and the whole body is in full combat readiness.
  • 2. In addition to the morning erection, it is worth taking into account the psychological aspect. Before a difficult working day, I want to cheer up and get a portion of positive emotions.
  • 3. Men are more active in the morning, since testosterone not only raises their distinctive dignity, but also charges with greater energy. In this regard, sex can be more intense, diverse and interesting.

But the beautiful ladies were not lucky in this. Their desire is awakened only in the evening, when a man is ready to watch football, drink beer or play on a computer, but do not fulfill a marital duty. Why are the female excitation periods depend?

1. Their hormones sleep a peaceful sleep and begin to wake up only after dinner. Therefore, the pinnacle of sexual arousal is achieved in the late afternoon, at about 22-00.

2. For most representatives of the weaker sex, makeup and styling are more priority tasks in the morning.

3. Women are delicate and sensitive creatures, so they are embarrassed. They want to look in front of their men in all its glory, and not with a cut of eyes, like a Chinese, and an incomprehensible origin of a hairstyle.Sex in the morning – harm and benefit? | Informative

Individual characteristics of the body

Each person has his own biological clock. Someone is destined to be a “lark” and get up at 7, and someone “owl” and get up at 12. If there is one and another type of bird in pairs, then this is a disaster. For a partner, sex can also be acceptable at dawn, but his companion does not even want to move at that time. In such cases, you should compromise and plan a schedule so that both can experience sexual pleasure.

How to arouse a desire in the morning?

If a man still wants to try the beginning of the day, then it is worth turning off selfishness and think about his woman.

  • To get started, get up in advance, go to the shower and brush your teeth so that your lady does not have the opportunity to complain about this.
  • Give her a little romance, any girl will appreciate attention and is ready to wake up 30 minutes early, for the sake of coffee in bed.
  • Consider the condition in which your chosen one was in the evening, how much she was tired, how late she went to bed. It is definitely not worth waking up at 7 in the morning, if you had a hunger at 4.

Weak sex should be compromised. Think about it, perhaps you should try morning sex, this will bring new colors to your sex life, cheer up before the work day and replace the morning exercises. The hormone endorphin will also increase, which will charge positive emotions for the rest of the day.

A few advantages of such a graph

1. During intercourse, a person has all the muscles, which means that calories are reduced. This is really a pleasant alternative to exercise.

2. After sleep, our body is in a more relaxed state and sensitivity to any touch increases.

3. A great way to awaken. Much better than an annoying alarm clock. If you really love each other and are ready for some changes, you will definitely find an unforgettable morning pleasure. The most important thing is that both of you want this.

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