Sex after menopause – is there or not? | Informative

Sex after menopause – is there or not?.

Sex after menopause – is there or not? | Informative
Does a woman want sex after menopause? How her sex life changes after 50 years? Do you need to be afraid of this time? We figured out, What happens to the body during menopause, And how does it affect sex with a partner and masturbation.

The word “menopause” for any woman carries a deep meaning, because this stage of development of the body is characterized by a “disconnection” of the main of the functions – reproductive: follicles do not develop, estrogen decreases, ovulation is missing. Naturally, such a failure negatively affects the general condition of the female representatives: the menstrual cycle is disturbed, problems with urination arise, tides are felt, memory suffers, mood changes uncontrolled and more and more often.

The influence of menopause on the ability to have sex

One of the consequences of the onset of menopause is Libido decrease. This is due to both the natural processes occurring in the body (dry vagina), and by a psychological context.

Excitement at this time is not just given. The sensitivity of erogenous zones is reduced, and the achievement of orgasm needs more and more time. In addition, the poses that previously suffered to orgasm may no longer rejoice, you have to look for something new.

The obstacle to sex during menopause is also that menstruation is becoming more unpredictable, everything Women’s calendars and forecasts become useless.

As for the emotional background of the woman, it is no secret to anyone that the key to successful sex is a relaxed state and head and soul, but mood instability can complicate the situation.

So can there exist sex during such a difficult period for a woman? Maybe! And it must!

The effect of sex during menopause on the female body

Specialists in the field of medicine are increasingly convinced that sex is useful despite age and occurring changes in the body (except for cases of direct contraindications). So, sex during menopause eliminates stagnation in the pelvic organs, tones the muscles of the vagina, Accordingly, the risk of diseases is reduced. The possibility of prolapse of organs, the occurrence of inflammatory processes and even urinary incontinence is reduced!

The spiritual harmony obtained as a result of the production of endorphins also carries a positive effect during menopause. Orgasm helps to relieve stress, improves mood.

Sex is also a natural physical activity that useful to all muscle groups. Instead of walking or running, you can choose a night with your loved one. And even if the partner is not nearby, masturbation also helps to activate the hormonal system, improve well -being.Sex after menopause – is there or not? | Informative

How to prepare the body for sex during menopause?

But sex after menopause requires a special approach. This is a re -study of your own body and its responses. Necessary Detect erogenous zones, understand what stimulation is optimal for them. This can be done alone or paired.

It is possible to adjust the absence or significant reduction of natural female lubrication by properly selecting hormonal therapy or the acquisition of good artificial lubrication. Lubricant will protect the skin from injuries, will help slipping. And if you choose the exciting composition, then it will also increase pleasure.

Excitement and orgasm are real in the presence of mutual respect in relations with a partner, you only need a little more time, affection and attention. The prelude after menopause should last longer, so that the lady has time to get excited. But this will benefit the man, he will also receive maximum readiness during this time.

Climax lasts from 3 to 10 years. This is a period of changes for a woman. But after it, the female body (most often) is restored by almost 100%, desire returns, emotional background stabilizes. Some female representatives are even regarded as a plus of the passage of this period, because it becomes affordable and safe (from the point of view of the risk of pregnancy) sex without protection.

If during menopause the woman did not refuse sex, then after the desire and opportunity will remain. Active sex life can lead up to 80 years. And there are no restrictions related to age. Try new and enjoy it will always be possible!

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