Sapiosexuality or pleasure from the mind | Informative

Sapiosexuality or pleasure from the mind.

Sapiosexuality or pleasure from the mind | Informative
What is the main thing for you in a person? Mind? Then you will be interested in this article.

At all times, people fell in love with those who knew how to speak beautifully and correctly, fascinated themselves, could turn their heads with their stories and erudite.

Sapiosexuality – This is a sexual attraction to intelligence, while he attracts more in the partner than appearance or other features, for example, a sense of humor, empathy or orientation to the family.

Sapio translates from Latin as “to be wise, reasonable”, and Sexus “Paul”.

The term “Sapiosexual” invented in 1998 the user of the Living Journal under the nickname Wolfiebo to describe its sexual preferences. According to another version, it was a British singer and actress Marianna Faithful, who mentioned this in an interview in 2014. Then the Okcupid dating application added the item “Sapiosexuality” to indicate sexual orientation when filling out the questionnaire.

Anyone can call himself a sapiosaul, regardless of their gender or sexual orientation. But for some it is a way to declare your sexual identity that goes beyond the usual division of heterosexual/homosexual or man/woman. Others consider this more as a type of fetish.

It is important to understand that the concepts of intelligence are subjective. It is difficult to accurately measure it and it can manifest it in different types (emotional, interpersonal, linguistic, musical, etc. D.). What intelligence will be the most attractive, depends on the education of a person.

Some Sapiosexuals like doctors, as they consider them the smartest because of their internal beliefs that have developed since childhood. Others will choose a person who can support the conversation on a philosophical or political topic.

What are the negative aspects of sapiosxual

The main drawback is called that at least it is pretentious (a person wants to impress, to stand out), and the maximum is eibristic: that is, discrimnses people with the peculiarities of health and development. Sapiosexuality can also manifest itself as the preference of people reading highly artistic or scientific literature, or with a certain level of education or origin, this negative reaction is justified.

Why sapiosxuality has become mainstream

The popularity of this phenomenon can be explained by several reasons:

  • The world of technology is developing rapidly. Scientists, inventors become idols, attract a lot of attention in society.
  • Internet. Increasingly, people get acquainted with each other online (social networks, chats, applications, dating sites). It is not always possible to show interest in the partner through the view, intonation, body movement. Therefore, in the first place with virtual communication, the ability to express thoughts through the text comes out.
  • Film trends. Popular heroes in films and series are eccentric geniuses that do not have an ideal appearance. Most of all in characters such as Gregori House (“Doctor House”), Sheldon Cooper (“Big Bang Theory”), Sherlock Holmes (“Sherlock”), the audience likes their outstanding intelligence.

How to understand that you are sapiosaal?

There are several signs that will help to determine that smart people attract you:

You find a person interesting after reading an article, poetry or scientific essays written by him.

Expert performances excite more than watching porn.

The mind is more important for you than a cute face and/or inflated body.

Goosebumps are running when you hear that the partner is a doctor of sciences.

You prefer substantial conversations on certain topics, and not secular chatter about everything. Love eloquent people that they know how to maintain a substantial conversation, and do not meet interjections.

You don’t like illiterate people. Your eyes are twitched from the abbreviations “ATP”, “lol” and “NZCHT”. You do not use slang in your speech. But they are ready to kiss a person if he correctly stress in the word “calls” or “quarter”. Yes, and coffee for you is always “he”.

For the first date you choose a cozy bookstore, not a nightclub. Most Sapiosexuals prefer small, intimate places where you can calmly talk, without being distracted by outsiders or noise.

A good prelude is a conversation with a smart person. You will be more than hot disputes on philosophical topics than passionate kisses. They say that the mind is the largest genital organ, and in your case it is exactly so.

Status is not important. While looking for a potential partner, intelligence will always come in first place and even overshadow other human qualities. For you, people are valuable in people, not solvency or position. You do not care – how purely in the room is, because the order in the head is more important.

How to attract the attention of sapiosael?

Want Sapiosexual? Tell, how smart he is – for him it will be the best compliment!

Increase your own intelligence. Now you don’t even have to leave the house-electronic libraries and online courses for every taste can be found on the Internet.

Find out what he reads and watches sapiosual. Show a sincere interest in his hobbies, and he will be more open to you.

Speak, and then touch. When you have already found the points of contact, and the matter is approaching sex, you can proceed to the prelude. Sapiosexual is most exciting the conversation. Therefore, instead of immediately touching his erogenous zones, tell your partner about all things what you would like to do with him.

Create a book club for you two, where will you share the opinion of read books. Take erotic literature so that it is not only useful, but also pleasant to repeat in practice.

Together attend cultural events. Sapiosexuals love to learn new. When planning the next date, choose an art gallery, museum or exhibition. So you will not only satisfy his craving for knowledge, but you will also know each other better.

Play together in erudite Or some quiz. But add the highlight to the game – let the one who picks up fewer points will undress the first.

Dinner and cinema – classic for all lovers. But for Sapiosexual It will be more interesting to watch documentary cinema, not a comedy or action movie. Do not forget to discuss what you saw together then.

Expand the lexical supply. Sapiosexual is unlikely to communicate with a person like Ellochka, with her 30 words for all occasions. Install the rule for yourself: every day to find out one new word. You can even start a special notebook and write down all unfamiliar words and their meaning there.

Read or see expert blogs. The easiest way to increase the cultural level is to subscribe to blogs on social networks. The Internet is full of accounts that are interesting and accessible about history, art, science, etc. D.

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