Monthly delay: Causes, except for pregnancy

Monthly delay: Causes, except for pregnancy.

Monthly delay – the absence of a part of the menstrual cycle associated with bleeding and rejection of the endometrial layer over more than 35 days. Representatives of the gentle sex are faced with a situation where menstruation has not come on the expected days and this lasts for a long time, more than 5 days.

The most common reason, of course, is pregnancy. This means that the endometrium layer has become a place of deployment of the embryo and there will be no rejection. However, if the test is negative and the conception is excluded, it is worth the first thing to consult a doctor. There are several nuances here.

Firstly, it is not worried in the absence of menstruation for 3-5 days, this is a slight failure, most often associated with minor disorders of the nervous system, such as stress. Sometimes the beginning of active sexual activity shifts the date.

Secondly, finding out the reason without a complete examination and examination by a specialist is impossible. Everything described in this publication is informational and cannot be regarded as a diagnosis. To solve the problem, we strongly recommend making an appointment with a doctor and hand over all the necessary tests. Well, now, we will just discuss what could be the reason for the violation of the cycle.

Why is there a slight delay in menstruation?

As it was with Casanos above, a delay of 5-7 days can occur due to a light failure in body systems. In order to determine violations in time, girls are recommended to conduct a special female calendar, in which it is necessary to note the date of the onset of menstruation every month.

The main reason is stress. Moreover, not only emotional, for example, a conflict at work or difficulties in relations with a man, but also a chemical. A banal cold can hit the hormonal background, what can we say about more serious diseases, which are also hit on the nervous system.

The body reacts to environmental changes, so you should not be surprised if you moved to another city or were on a business trip for a month, and then there was a delay in menstruation. Within the framework of one week it can happen. Next, it’s worth buying a pregnancy test, make sure that it is negative and immediately make an appointment with a doctor.

Many girls love to play sports and often resort to too intense loads. Professional athletes get used to the cyclicity of physical pressure on the whole body, but the rest often face a delay simply because they were too persistent in training. Here the situation is the same – within a week there is no panic, then the test and consultation of a specialist to exclude serious violations.

The beginning of sexual activity after a long break can also lead to a delay in menstruation. The deep analysis of what is happening is not required, this is the body’s reaction to what is happening, the most important thing is to change the hormonal balance.

We all know that during intercourse, various hormones are developed, which change the structure of the body. Slightly, for the better, but monthly in such conditions are capable of charging.

Delayed menstruation due to disorders in the thyroid gland

The thyroid gland regulates the work of a huge number of organs and systems. The hormone T4, which should be taken more often, directly affects the heart rhythm, metabolism, sexual attraction, general condition, mood and menstrual cycle.

In the context of this article, we are interested in hypothyroidism, when the production of hormones is reduced. Then the girl will experience fatigue, lethargy, rapid fatigue, drowsiness. If, in addition to all of the above, there is a delay in menstruation, then it’s time to contact an endocrinologist, take tests for T4 and TSH. Ultrasound of the thyroid gland will not be superfluous.

As a rule, this problem does not happen in one moment. Before that, for several months, a tender sex could face rather scarce discharge, and the duration of menstruation is reduced to a couple of days.

At the next stage, there is a delay for a period of 2-3 weeks. Monthly do not come every month, and then disappear at all. Therefore, you should not wait for deterioration, if the listed symptoms have a place to be, it is better to go for an examination today. It will definitely not be superfluous, you need to monitor the thyroid gland, because hypothyroidism has been gaining momentum in recent years, unfortunately


Reducing the production of hormones is called hypothyroidism and leads to the attenuation of the body’s functions, general lethargy and, as a result, the disappearance of menstruation. But there is also a reverse situation, whose name is hypertheriosis. This is when hormones are produced much more stronger than the necessary level and accelerate metabolism. Sometimes to critical meanings.

Sharp weight loss, tremor of hands, rapid heartbeat, increased sex drive. And then impaired ovarian function. Menstruation lasts more than 7 days and occurs more often than usual, for example, every 3 weeks, instead of 4. Bleeding is plentiful, happens with clots. The process is accelerated, and ends with a delay or complete absence of menstruation.

Monthly delay due to serious weight change

In this case, it is impossible to talk about any specific numbers, they are individual. However, a critical increase or decrease in body weight affects the sexual functions and the ability of a tender sex to conception. Simply put, the body understands that he is not able to endure a healthy child and refuses this role.

Then not only the disappearance of menstruation is observed, but also the complete blocking of all female functionality. Fertilizing the egg becomes impossible, and the whole essence of menstruation is simply lost. The endometrium layer is not created, which means that there is no need for its withdrawal.

The pursuit of the perfect figure through hard diets is the main cause of what is happening. In the opposite direction, a metabolic disorder and leaning on sweet, fat, flour. In both cases, body weight changes radically.

If this happened, you will need to pass all the necessary tests, as well as visit a nutritionist and psychologist. Often, the change in weight is caused by severe stress and there is a need for the help of a psychiatrist. The main thing to learn is a critical change in weight inevitably leads to a delay and complete disappearance of menstruation.

Delayed menstruation due to the receipt of contraceptives

As a rule, after the termination of the reception, a delay is observed. It can be short -term and after a couple of months the cycle returns to normal. However, if menstruation has broken out of the rhythm after the start of the use of contraceptives, it is worth consulting with a specialist, you may have to change the drug or abandon this venture.

The whole problem is again hormones that are present in such drugs in large numbers. A similar situation is observed in the postpartum period, as well as when breastfeeding. Sometimes menstruation returns to the usual rhythm only after the feeding has stopped. Everything is individual.

Instead of the result

We intentionally did not list all possible diseases of the female body that could cause a delay in menstruation. Scaring yourself deadly diseases is absolutely pointless for a number of reasons.

In the vast majority of cases, violation of the cycle is associated with two factors – stress and hormonal failure. Moreover, a serious correlation is observed here, that is, the relationship. If the test is negative, then most likely recently you have felt weakness, irritability, drowsiness, or opposite the increased excitability of the nervous system.

This is easy to predict, because stress and hormonal failure are manifested in this way. And already from everything that happens is followed by changes in the weight and course of menstruation. It either intensifies or is suppressed, and as a result is delayed and disappears completely.

As a rule, the rhythm of life stabilizes and the functioning of the female genitalia returns to the previous channel, the periods come and everything becomes as before. The first week it is worth doing precisely the normalization of nutrition and balance of work/recreation. Avoid conflicts the situation and rely on a partner in order to get support and attention.

After that, make a pregnancy test and take tests for hormones, first of all examine the thyroid gland. Visit a psychologist if you feel neurosis or moral exhaustion. The delay in menstruation is not a big problem in itself, but it signals about the perepishes inside the body. And it is important to find out what they are.

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