Is it worth having sex in the shower? | Informative

Is it worth having sex in the shower?.

Is it worth having sex in the shower? | Informative
Some couples use sex in the shower to diversify their sex life. Others are forced to hide in the bathroom, as they live in the apartment not alone. The third just like sex in such a place. How to make sex in the soul unforgettable, and most importantly safe, and what poses to use?

How to make sex in an unforgettable soul?

1. Contraception. Using a condom in the soul is not the best solution. Hot water and its composition are able to destroy the material of the condom, and its protective function is lost. And also due to water, the protection tool can simply slip, or even worse – stay in the vagina. What to do? If you trust your partner, it is better to use other protective equipment, for example, candles that are inserted into the female bosom 5 minutes before sexual intercourse.

2. Lubrication. Water is the main enemy of the natural lubrication of a man and a woman. She rinses it from the genitals, as a result, sex becomes “dry”. Silicone -based lubricant will help you to contribute to gliding. But without this attributes, sex in the shower will be painful and unpleasant. Such a lubricant is washed off only with the help of soap, and makes intimacy even in water very comfortable.

3. The main security! Drops of water in combination with a slippery surface make sex in the bathroom with a real test. If you do not want to wait a queue instead of making love in the reception department of the emergency room, then lay the anti -slip rug in a shower cabin or in the bathroom. There is no such rug at hand? Then you will be able to help you out the usual terry towel. It will help to maintain balance and not slip.

4. As a preludes Earmate each other well. Tender touches will bring down and warm you up before the most important point. You can use special gloves or a soft washcloth.

5. Caution, soap! Before performing penetration, make sure that there are no soap substances on the penis. If you neglect this advice, you can get a strong burning sensation inside the vagina. You don’t want to spoil such a wonderful evening?

6. Use a stream of water. With the help of a jet of water, you can bring the girl to orgasm. Just remove the nozzle from the shower and start caressing your soul mate. You will see very soon, it will simply explode a bright orgasm.

7. Blowjob in the shower. If a man wants to experience new sensations, then you can make a blowjob in the shower. While the man does not become under the streams of warm water, his second half tenderly caresses the penis and scrotum.Is it worth having sex in the shower? | Informative

The best posts for sex in the shower

• Take your girlfriend hostage. If you are one height and your cock is a little more than average, then such a pose is perfect for you. During this position, a man has access to his chest and clitoris. In this position, point G is perfectly stimulated. But be careful, because this pose is not very stable. What the pose looks like?

The girl should stand in front and turn her hands back, hugging her partner. The man comes up behind and begins his business. If the girl is inconvenient to hold hands in this way, then you can put them on your knees, thereby gets a pose similar to the dogs of Style, only standing standing.

• Pose face to face. The girl should jump a little on a partner at first to introduce a member. Then one leg should be put on the bottom of the bathroom, and the second is hugged by a partner, after which you can start progressive movements. During this pose, the clitoris is well stimulated. For stability, it can hold on to the walls or other stable objects.

• If a place in the bathroom allows, then you can use the classic pose of the dog styl.

• Sultan pose. A man sits in Turkish, and a woman squats from above on his cock. At the same time, the girl wrapps up the partner’s torso.

Based on all of the above, we can conclude that sex in the soul will bring unforgettable emotions and a bunch of pleasure. Therefore, at least once, but you should try to make love in such an unusual place. The main thing is to observe all safety rules and trust your feelings.

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