How to move to live with a man: what mistakes should be avoided

How to move to a guy to a girl to start living together.

How to move to live with a man: what mistakes should be avoided

Dear girls! If you are puzzled by the problem without knowing, how to start living with your beloved man, We will help you understand this scrupulous issue. It would seem that some difficulties may arise here?

In addition to transporting personal things, the arrangement of the housing of an avid bachelor, as a rule, at this stage of relationships, partners have a lot of topics for serious conversations, discussions and even scandals. And if the lover is not in a hurry with a proposal for cohabitation? What to do then? Our tips will help to solve the most common problems that women often have to face.

How to prepare a guy for joint accommodation and move to him

Remember: a man is a real connoisseur of his own freedom and independence. “Olcob” of an avid loner is not as easy as it might seem at first glance, and you need to start with moving. Sometimes only feelings and his attachment to a woman are not enough for the partner to independently make up such an important decision.

How to move to live with a man: what mistakes should be avoided

The secrets of wise women will come to the rescue here, who certainly know how to move to the guy in order to start living with him:

  1. The girl should competently justify why they should cruise. The main thing is not to talk about how important it is for her. It is better to focus on what “benefit” a couple will receive from cohabitation and he, in particular. For example, if a man is a lover of evening parties, as an argument you can offer to arrange home parties and gatherings with friends as often as possible.
  2. Do not rush a guy with a decision. Often, men for whom the proposal of the companion fell like snow on their heads need additional time for thinking. Sometimes the stronger sex may need about a month to weigh the pros and cons.
  3. Caring and care again. In other words, we can say “we want to start living together” can only be mutually, and a man is able to move to himself only the woman he needs as in the air. Surround it with comfort, often make pleasant surprises. As soon as the guy feels his need for the constant presence of the half, the decision on her move will come to him by itself.
  4. The development of a new territory should take place gradually. Of course, you should not “scare” him countless tubes and creams in the bathroom after several dates, which, incidentally, can take place in his apartment. But by chance leaving a cup or comb, who will remind the guy of his lover, it will be possible to make him unconsciously missing.

You can get additional support from the guy’s parents. Regardless of whether he lives with them or not, their opinion plays a huge role for him, even if a man tries not to show it. And in any case, before starting to live together, it makes sense to establish relations with his parents, especially with mom.

It is also important to spend at least a week or several days together. It is not necessary that it be his living space. A trip to the sea, a trip around the city or any other reason to spend a few days together, they can be a great reason to show themselves to be an ideal mistress and caring loving woman.

How to move to live with a man: what mistakes should be avoided

What to do right after moving: a few tips to a girl

And it happened, the beloved suggested moving to him. It turns out that there are several fundamental aspects, which you need to negotiate from the first days. And we are talking about various views on household moments, which will further lead to the lack of understanding and the ability to negotiate. Want to start living with your beloved? Then read more carefully, it is important for building full -fledged trusting relationships:

  1. Budget. It is immediately necessary to decide whether the budget will become general or separate from the moment the girl moves to the man.
  2. Home chores. It is important to immediately determine on whose shoulders most of the matters of cooking, cleaning, and washing will fall.
  3. Freedom and personal space. Meetings with friends and friends, parents at the night, joint wiring and other points are mandatory to clarify “on the shore”.

So, as soon as the points of contact were found, a woman should understand for herself this: if she managed to move to the guy, this does not mean that now everything will be according to her rules. You need to treat with understanding of his habits, interests. Do not cut your lover for unwashed dishes or a couple of scattered socks. A man should not feel pressure from the side, otherwise even the most ideal relationship can collapse.

What does not need to do a woman, starting to live with a man

Do not forget that personal space is necessary for both. Most guys need unity with themselves, calm and relaxation. Left without outsiders, a man put thoughts in order, save from negative emotions. At such moments, it is important not to pester him with questions, not to be imposed, but to leave everything as it is, and provide the most comfortable conditions.

How to move to live with a man: what mistakes should be avoided

As soon as a woman moves to her lover, at an instinctive level, she begins to equip them still not family, but already a “nest”. To the complete remake of his favorite corner, a man, as a rule, is not ready. It is advisable not to rush, but if necessary, change anything pre-discuss with the guy if he is ready for such changes. An ideal solution will be the purchase of non -elaborate, possibly useful elements of the interior. It is important not to violate internal comfort and balance of its previous measured life.

With a relationship that is rapidly growing into something more, it is important to overcome various kinds of family problems. Yes, family! After all, starting to live together, no matter how strange it may sound, a man and a woman create a family. In order not to destroy, but to strengthen the invisible bonds of love, a woman is in no case:

  1. to keep silent about your problems – it is important from the very first days to jointly discuss and make decisions on any issues regarding one of the partners;
  2. To refuse to sacrifice something for the sake of a loved one-for the sake of relations, you will have to change everything: views, daily regime, food, leisure form and the usual lifestyle in general;
  3. limit freedom to his partner – no man accepts prohibitions, threats, blackmail from his beloved woman;
  4. It is no secret to be disrespect for his friends that the guys also consult about their halves, so it is important to arrange his closest environment to themselves;
  5. to allow parents’ intervention – only partners should understand the relationship.

And, of course, a question that cannot be mentioned: what will happen next? And then it all depends only on both, and to predict how the relationship will develop further is impossible. After all, while the guy and the girl are clearly found, but how to understand in what status partners are now in, starting joint accommodation? The issues of marriage bonds and the registry office in any case should not be acute, especially at first. Also, one should not be equal to others: each has its own story. Civil marriage or official – what’s the difference if two loving and happy people are just good together?

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