How to have sex correctly: the most complete and relevant instruction

How to have sex correctly – tips for men and women.

Sex is an important component of harmonious relationships, but in any institute or school they do not teach this occupation. Young people have to accumulate experience, stuffing their own cones on mistakes. To minimize the risks of negative relationships, we offer valuable tips and instructions on how to have sex for a man and a woman. They will touch the preparation, creation of a suitable mood, prelude, manifestations of initiative and diversity, choice of poses, sex toys and lubricants.

How to have sex correctly: the most complete and relevant instruction

What is “correct sex”

Sex in modern society – not a taboo topic for a long time. It is actively discussed, because sexual activity is an important component of the full life of each person. Despite this, how to have sex correctly is an open question. It is difficult to give unambiguous recommendations due to the individuality of people, organisms, preferences.

Having collected the results of numerous studies, sexologists have identified several general criteria for “correct sex”:

  • safe – sex, ideally, you need to do with a constant sexual ground, in other cases only using barrier contraception;
  • regular – in order to maintain sexual health and harmony of sexual relations, sex should be without large temporary delays, but not too frequent;
  • various – The same scenario will quickly bother any person, experiments in long -term relationships are especially relevant;
  • full -fledged – in order to maintain passion, desire, normal functioning of the genitourinary system, sex should give pleasure ending with orgasm;
  • by mutual desire – In such a lesson there is no place for coercion, the main task of partners to do as pleasant as possible as possible their soul mate.

The concept of “correctness” depends on both partners in relations. For example, if a man prefers tough sex techniques, and the girl manifests it, you can’t choose someone’s one side, the solution will be only a compromise, “Golden mean”. Therefore, sexologists recommend first to recognize each other, preferences and tastes, after which only enter into close relationships in the presence of common views on this process.

How to have sex correctly: the most complete and relevant instruction

Ideal sex rules for women

Sexual intercourse between a man and a woman is not only physical discharge, but also moral satisfaction, excellent mood and harmony in relationships. Many young and inexperienced partners seek to know the basics of ideal sex in order to enjoy each other? How to do it to a woman? First of all, this requires a man of your dreams, in the second – compliance with 5 basic rules of sex:

  • correct preparation for intimacy;
  • creation of a romantic mood;
  • correct prelude to warm up;
  • initiative of partners;
  • Diversity and experiments in bed.

Learn several key basics of intimate life with a man – sex should be, it should be of high quality for both partners. There is no direct instructions for how to behave in bed, each pair has this individual process. But there are some tips that will transform sex, increase its quality.


You must prepare for sex! And this is not about the fact that before you go on a date, you must wash your neck, stock up on contraception by means of contraception, etc. P. We advise you to create an electrified sexual atmosphere between you and a man. It is better to do this long before the pleasures in bed. Sexologists emphasize that both a woman and a man for evening joys are better in the morning.

British sociologists conducted special studies on how partners maintain the intensity of passions, attraction in relations. The result was a rating of 20 factors of influence. These are confessions in love in the morning, real or virtual kisses during the day, if there is a distance between you, then love notes, and at the end of the day a joint dinner or a romantic date. Such a warm -up practices most couples to surrender to stormy sex at the end.

How to have sex correctly: the most complete and relevant instruction

Romantic mood

Another important conditions for high -quality sex for any woman is a romantic mood. If men in such a case are simple and reduced to mechanical processes of excitement, then the ladies are much more complicated, they first need to excite the brain. This is facilitated by a variety of intimate atmosphere:

  • Lighting – daylight can be confused, complete darkness interfere, so give preference to a muffled light;
  • romance – in order not to vulgarize the process, but add sensuality to it, the room can be decorated with candles, rose petals;
  • Music – in order to tune in to intimacy and solitude, it is important to prevent any extraneous noises, in this will be quiet exciting music, there are many tracks for sex on the Internet;
  • Aromatherapy – smells play a large role in the perception of the situation and what is happening, you can use aromatic oils, light aroma lamp with ethers of aphrodisiacs;
  • Games – Games with cream, a piece of ice, massage and other interesting innovations will help you more romance to sex.

You can act to create a romantic mood long before solitude. You can make a woman a pleasant present in the form of flowers, sweets, postcards with confessions in feelings. A fragmentary glass, tactile contact, an original date, open trust conversations will help to increase a degree. Without all this, the quality of sex is reduced at times.

Preliminary affection

Prelude is the main assistant, you can turn sex into a desired action, and not into everyday life or “obligation”. If you need sex on a platoon, proximity, which is difficult to forget about, be ready to devote at least 30 minutes to preliminary caresses. Sexologists emphasize that the intensity of passions, stormy quarrels and reconciliation contribute to an increase in testosterone level, which increases libido and attraction.

To bring each other to the peak of pleasure and orgasm, it is important to ensure a good blood flow to the genitals. In the ranking of the best techniques of prelude, sexologists have noted:

  1. Kisses. Start with a classic kiss to interact with a touch of tenderness and feelings. When the intensity of passion begins, you can add variety to this process. Use not only lips, but also tongue, teeth, bit slightly sensitive zones to them slightly. You can kiss earlobes, neck, moving below to the stomach and groin region.
  2. Touch. The decisive role in interaction is decided by tactile contact. You need to touch each other in different ways – stroke, press to yourself, slightly pinch, massage, stroke with nails, tickle. Any erogenous zones on the body will be a source of pleasure, the main thing is not to hide on one.
  3. Domination/submission. Change of behavior tactics will help get rid of routine and everyday life in bed. If one partner often initiates sex, the other can take on the role of the dominant and vice versa. Various vulgar phrases, dirty words will help to increase the degree.
  4. Erotic massage. The easiest way to arouse each other is to warm up the body with your hands. It can be light stroking on the back, kneading shoulders, arms, legs. After such a massage, the body responds better to caresses. Cuts of piquancy can make aromatic oils, intimate gels with an exciting effect.
  5. Oral affection. The logical completion of the prelude will be a blowjob and cunnilingus. When you make a partner pleasantly orally, track the reactions which techniques give special pleasure. Refuse the same type of scenarios, alternating delicate and tough ways. The maximum effect gives stimulation with hands, lips and tongue.

Due to the individuality of each person, it cannot be said unequivocally that he will definitely like it and what is not. Therefore, for each action you need to monitor the reaction of the partner’s body. Everything that will be approved, mark and add to your piggy bank of sexual experience. Feedback is important in the prelude, anyone wants to know that the partner also likes these affection, like himself.


The initiative in sex is rather a prerogative of men. At least, most women think. This is due to the stereotypes and postulates of the time experienced, when only the spouse should make decisions how much affection, care and attention is worthy of his wife. Social surveys have shown that modern men want more initiative from ladies.

Sexologists note that it is important to maintain passion and feelings in long -term relationships – this is a mutual interest in intimacy. There are several simple ways how to show the initiative to a woman:

  • massage;
  • erotic underwear;
  • Dancing together or something like striptease;
  • flirting – views, compliments, flirting;
  • Role games and others.

If a woman correctly shows the sparks of sexuality and desires can not only support the fire of passions, but also reinforce it. Men no less need compliments and pleasant words, and flirting is a language of sex, it should be present in pairs, regardless of how old they are together.

How to have sex correctly: the most complete and relevant instruction


The beginning of a relationship is always a fire and all -consuming passion, saturated with love of thought and body, emotional and bright sex. But over time, all this fades away due to life, everyday problems and worries, banal fatigue and everyday life. Reanimation of sex life helps diversity.

The best place to realize fantasy is a marital bed. Here’s what sexologists advise:

  • Bring new caresses in the prelude, methods of stimulating erogenous zones (can be spied in porn films);
  • Buy an erotic costume, different toys and devices for stimulation in a sex shop, this will become a source of new emotions and sensations;
  • Complete the time for intimacy, this will create the effect of surprise, if you used to make love in the evenings, do it in the morning or at a lunch break;
  • Practice role -playing games, in bed a woman can become a good girl, and her partner is a bad guy and vice versa;
  • Feel free to discuss your sexual fantasies, it doesn’t excite as talk about sex, complete openness and trust.

Try to be touched in front of the mirror, this technique is much more effective than watching porn videos on the Internet. Verified couples can even record their home video. An ideological inspirer can be a kama -suture.

Tips for men how to have sex correctly

The question of how to have sex correctly, men are more likely to ask. This is due to the fact that not everyone succeeds in bringing the partner to the peak of pleasure and orgasm. How do ladies like it – gently and rudely, quickly or slowly? In fact, one likes many hours of marathons, others satisfies a quick, but passionate contact. How correctly, your own body and soul will tell you, as well as some tips from sexologists and guru guru:

  • correct preliminary caresses for warming up;
  • passionate prelude to increase the degree and increase sensitivity;
  • the choice of poses to improve the quality of intimacy;
  • the use of moisturizers of lubricants;
  • Experiments in bed with sex toys.

There are a huge number of cultural, anatomical, psychological, emotional, factors that affect sexual preferences. Those rules that will be considered in detail below, cover almost all modern society and the relationship of steam. To make practice productive, let’s go through the theory.

Pre -heating

Sexual interaction between a man sexologists divide into three stages – plateau, that is, excitement, intercourse of bodies that complete caresses. And if men are enough for 2-3 minutes for the first stage, a woman will take at least 15 minutes. Pre -heating is important for a man for several reasons:

  • ejection of dopamine hormone for psychological preparation for intimacy;
  • release of lubrication for moisturizing the genitals and physiological preparation for frictions;
  • A rush of blood to the genitals, which increases the sensitivity of erogenous zones;
  • The man lifts the scrotum, an erection occurs;
  • the lady narrow the vagina, the nipples are hardened.

Preparing for proximity is better in advance. Flirt and playful communication with unambiguous hints will help partners. Like the girls, the guys will like compliments, they increase self -confidence and their abilities. Even if there are distance, work and other worries, gadgets, mobile communications and the Internet between people contribute to erotic conversations throughout the day for preliminary warming up.

Passionate prelude

Now that you know the subtleties of preparing for preliminary caresses, you can proceed to get to know the techniques of passionate prelude before intimacy. Sexologists recommend that you devote at least 15 minutes to the following types of caresses:

  • massage – a simple warming body or a special intimate, erotic contact of a man with a woman using oil;
  • Porn – a quick and effective way to warm up sexual imagination involves a joint watching of an erotic film;
  • Relax – important conditions for high -quality sex relaxation, elimination of fatigue and stress, a joint bath or shower will help in this;
  • Erogenic points – the body includes a huge amount of sensitive zones, the more the partner wakes up, the higher the effect of penetration and frictions, they can caress them with touch, kisses, games with tongue, and friction bodies;
  • Sex toys are a great way to play with the body, make a variety of new sensations in bed, and also a huge selection of different phallimitators, vibrators, and stimulants of different erogenous zones are presented on sale.

How to have sex correctly: the most complete and relevant instruction

The proposed leadership will help make bright colors to intimate relationships. Do not forget about visual stimulation, beautiful linen, makeup, different accessories will help this. Like sex, the prelude should not be a game of one gate.

The choice of a suitable posture

Each pair is characterized by individual physiological features, because of which you have to experiment in bed and look for effective poses. He may like a pose with high legs raised, and she is such a deep penetration to cause discomfort and even pain. Therefore, we recommend relying on several factors:

  1. Poses for a man with a small member size. Give up poses where the guy is from above, she is on top, sitting or standing, as it will not be deep enough penetration. We recommend the pose of the “man from behind” or “missionary”, but at the same time a woman raises her legs as high as possible. Another suitable option is that it lies sideways, and it stands nearby on your knees, holding it one leg with your hands. Either it is located with her back to the partner, caressing the clitoris, and it is located on top between her diluted legs
  2. Pose for people overweight. Refuse the “missionary” pose, in which a woman will have difficulties with feelings, “a man from behind” due to inconvenience with his full stomach, as well as from the pose “rider” due to the fatigue of a woman from a squat. It will be much easier to make love standing when she lies on the table, and he stands nearby.
  3. Body location and female orgasm. Some women achieve maximum pleasure if the head is located below body level. In this case, the best option is the “missionary” pose ”in which you can lower the head. Or when she lies on the bed with her stomach down, leaning her head back, and he introduces a member from behind. To increase the effectiveness of frictions, deep breathing is necessary.
  4. Features of the structure and vaginal anatomy. Most often, women have a close location of the vagina to the anus. Maximum pleasure will give sex when “man from behind”. You can try another option in which he lies on his back, and she sits down by a rider, leans back, leaning her hands, and moves his whole body, hips. The third pose – a woman lies on her stomach, putting forward a pelvis, and it is located on top, after which they both move towards each other.
  5. Significant difference in the growth of partners. In this case, we cannot talk about the poses “man behind”, “standing”. You can equalize the parameters if it lies on the stomach, it will be on the knees. Or it will be possible to adjust the “missionary” pose – the partner is on her knees, the girl is located lying on her back, after which his pelvis clasps his legs, and he holds her buttocks with her hands. Other positions help to compensate for the difference in growth – “it is from above”, “on the side”, “sitting”.
  6. A woman experiences only a clitoral orgasm. To help her in this, the option is suitable when the girl is with her back to the man. For example, he sits, she is located on top of his back to him. Either the pose of a “spoon”, but in a standing position, leaning against the wall. The guy sits with bent knees, leaning against the wall, and she sits on top to face him. There is also a variant of the “missionary” position, but at the same time the partner puts his hand on the pubis for additional friction.


Luburbicants for sex are special means to improve the quality of intimate relationships. Lubrices not only moisturize the genitals, but also differ in the composition and promised effects for making diversity in bed. Luburbicants perform different tasks, for example:

  • Provide the moisture content of the genitals, sliding;
  • compensate for the lack of the natural secret of the genitals;
  • prolong sexual intercourse;
  • increase the sensitivity of erogenous zones;
  • They make piquancy, intended for different types of sex.

How to have sex correctly: the most complete and relevant instruction

The following types of lubricants are considered depending on the composition and effect:

  1. Exciting – gel contains Aphrodisiacs of natural origin. They enhance the attraction to the opposite sex, without affecting the hormonal background.
  2. Contraceptive – spermicidal lubrication, the composition of which affects the movement of spermatozoa. The germ cells die without reaching the goal, which means that you can abandon barrier protection tools.
  3. Prolongator – lubrication of anesthetic to extend sexual intercourse, helping men with the problem of premature ejaculation. Anesthetics reduce the sensitivity of the nerve endings, which is why sex can last several times longer.
  4. Antiseptic – protective lubrication that destroys microbes. Local antiseptic action protects against the development of infections.
  5. Flavored – grease with essential oils, which is a massage oil. Used in pairs that want to make piquancy to bed experiments.
  6. Taste – a natural composition gel for oral caresses, with which you can mask the smell and taste of the genitals.

To choose a lubricant lubricant, carefully study the composition, instructions for use, contraindications and reviews. The most popular manufacturers are Contex, Durex, Lovegel, Libido-Creme, Extra Flash and others. Buy lubricants in specialized stores or in pharmacies.

Sex toys

To improve the quality of intimate relationships, sexologists recommend trying different sex toys. They are created by experts taking into account the physiological and anatomical characteristics of the genitals, safety measures and preferences. Decide on what erogenous areas you want to stimulate toys, study customer reviews.

How to have sex correctly: the most complete and relevant instruction

Types of sex toys:

  • dildo – the toy resembles in the form a male member, is used for vaginal and anal stimulation;
  • vibrator – the toy acts on erogenous zones by vibration, involves several modes, different forms, manufacturing materials for clitoral, vaginal, anal stimulation;
  • Cliter stimulator – a device for external influences without penetration, stimulates the clitoris by vibrations, is attached to the body with special straps;
  • Anal plug – a small toy with two functions of reducing the vagina, stimulating the anus, is suitable for using a woman and a man;
  • Masturbator – imitation of vaginal, oral, anal sex for a man with various forms and internal structure;
  • Sex doll – imitation of a woman for full sexual intercourse orally, anally, vaginally;
  • Erective ring – a device for men, enhancing and prolonging an erection, some models have an option of vibration;
  • Penis nozzle – a toy for both, which increases the size of the penis, provides additional stimulation of the vagina and member;
  • prostate stimulator – a device for stimulating the prostate gland, it can be fixed outside or introduced into the anus.

You can also see the sales devices – strap -on, vibro -yard, different types of vibrators, vacuum pump, anal chain, accessories for erotic games. The choice depends on the preferences of partners and financial capabilities.

The most complete and relevant instruction was proposed for your consideration, how to have sex to have sex, woman. Each item was disclosed in detail, so after reading you should not have questions. It remains only to implement new knowledge in practice with the second half.

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