How to give pleasure to a man in bed, tips of astrologers

How to give pleasure to a man in bed, tips of astrologers.

How to give pleasure to a man in bed, tips of astrologers

Many of us believe in horoscopes and try not to miss the astrological forecast for a week or the coming year. In fact, stars can tell a lot about our halves. Everyone would probably like to find out about yourself and your partner what it is embarrassing to ask.

As a rule, self -confident men do not doubt their own superiority, because they have a lot of experience, sexual skills and skills, which cannot be said about a decent undeveloped woman.

How to give pleasure to a man, Girls think most often, getting married. Wanting to present themselves for the spouse in all intimate glory, some young ladies make unforgivable mistakes, not sufficiently interested in the preferences of their faithful in sexual terms. Understand what I would like to get a beloved in bed and how to deliver a maximum pleasure to your native man, the signs of the zodiac will help.

How to give pleasure to a man in bed, tips of astrologers

Passionate Aries and Lazy Taurus: how to behave with them in bed

For example, all women who have ever had such lovers are known about the passion of Aries. Most often it is they who own the initiative, are rampant leading the most piquant role -playing games. Hot Aries prefer diversity, so the chosen one of an unstable man will have a hard time: so that the partner does not cool, she needs to constantly “reinvent the bike” in intimate life.

In the understanding of the representatives of the stronger sex born to this sign, the ideal lover is a reliable and adoring any type of sex woman. The eccentricity of passionate adventures and constant impulses of lusts are often causes of divorces.

To deliver a man born under the sign of a body or Capricorn, an unforgettable pleasure in bed, you will have to make it pretty. Of course, such guys are far from extravagant Aries, however, for representatives of these signs, sex plays an equally important role in life. Most often, active sexual contacts for Taurus and Capricorn are the reason to move away from household problems and get at least some short-term discharge. The sophistication and fantasies of these men in love affection can only be envied, but still these guys can decide only in the usual understanding of many, a comfortable place.

Lazy and “loyal” twins: how to give pleasure to a man

If a woman is a man born under the sign of Gemini or Aquarius, she will often have to take the initiative and brothers of government in the sexual field in her hands. Basically, such guys are lazy and passive, to give pleasure – not their destiny, so in bed a partner often has to try for two: for a beloved man and for himself.

Meanwhile, the paradox is as follows: Gemini and Aquarius are unusually demanding on their passions. Find the one that they will be true does not always manage through the years of searches and dozens of relations, random ties. Despite the fact that they do not show the initiative in sex, they will easily agree to any experiments and innovations on the part of the partner. As a rule, a woman who will be able to give the twin man incredible pleasure risks becoming his chosen one forever: in this case, the partner will never look for her replacement.

Delicate sensual crayfish and fish: what can not be done to a woman

Passive in the intimate contact of crayfish and fish are quite passive. However, only having fallen into the hands of a real artist of a love affair, they quickly study and successfully “adapt” in sexual intercourse under the rhythm that a beloved woman sets. Therefore, any woman can give unearthly pleasure to men with this sign.

How to give pleasure to a man in bed, tips of astrologers

But it is worth remembering: fish and crayfish – lovers tender and sensual. They do not accept rudeness and sharpness, but a slow, cautious process is what is characteristic of the desires of such men. It is unlikely that they will be able to talk directly about sex with representatives of these signs: they also do not impress straightforwardness. Romantic and sophisticated natures are always ready to give enough time for a full -fledged prelude and creating an intimate romantic atmosphere.

Unfinished seducers and tireless lovers: Leo and Scorpio

Seductive and charming men in nature are lions. In sex, they really behave “in tsari” and wildly: they do not recognize the men of this sign of any preludes, caresses and gentle conversations. If you know how to properly give the pleasure of a man-lva in bed, and most importantly-to be able to diversify sexual relations, a woman can be calm for a while-her chosen one will not go anywhere. And yet, not a single representative of the fair sex will be able to keep the guys born in July-August forever, which should be taken into account every young lady planning to connect her fate with Leo.

Scorpio man is a real gift for girls who do not represent their lives without bright pleasure and exhausting sex. Of all the signs of the zodiac, it is this one who differs in incredible libido and magnetism. And if someone can be called a guru of a love affair, then only Scorpio. About how to give a man a pleasure, many girls do not even think, because in bed he does not allow his partner to share the winning upper positions with him. And the point here is not at all in self -ism: until Scorpio will deliver the blessed feelings of his chosen one, about his desire and his own pleasure and think he will forget.

How to give pleasure to a man and solve his desires

Young people born under the constellations of the Virgin, Libra and Sagittarius are really able to surprise. In their bulk, such men do not externally cause associations with hot macho. You can characterize them briefly like this:

  1. Virgo: practical and cold, prudent and pedantic.
  2. Libra: straightforward and confident in their predominance, but in reality they often turn out to be unbalanced and trouble -free.
  3. Sagittarius: uncontrollable categorical men with a mass of complexes.

How to give pleasure to a man in bed, tips of astrologers

Despite the fundamental differences in temperaments and views, one thing unites the representatives of the stronger sex: they are unpredictable in bed and in communicating with women. How to give maximum pleasure in bed if today a man is passive and gentle, and tomorrow he is passionate and tireless? To solve the preferences of his partner will be able to only a loving and patient companion.

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