How to finish correctly – on a girl or inside

Where it is better to finish?.

During the study of intimacy, few men think about where to finish. And this is very in vain, because the process can be no less exciting than the sexual intercourse itself, and it can bring a sea of pleasure to the chosen one.

How to finish correctly – on a girl or inside

You know how to finish correctly?

Traditionally, they usually end in a condom, their own hand, napkin, bed and other improvised means. A more pleasant moment will be flooding with the sperm of her underwear, but still more pleasant to cum on the girl.

Many men practice the eruption of the seed into the girl itself, but if there is no protection, then this is dangerous by infection with sexually transmitted diseases and an undesirable pregnancy. The alternative here is to cum in a condom, but it does not always bring a lot of pleasure.

Fans of anal sex or pose “likely” enjoy the face of the female anus. They often imagine how they fill this hole with their sperm, but in reality it is few who are permissible. You can finish the anus in different ways, you can deeply enter it and release your “juices” there, or you can finish near the entrance, enjoying how sperm flows through the skin. There are those who are even more excited when the partner licks sperm.

In the event that a man has not practiced intimacy for a long time, then his seed may be enough for both the anus and on the vagina. You can also cover the female breasts, for men, a picture is seductive, like a sticky liquid flows through the treasured woman of a woman. On many forums there are debates on how to end the girl correctly so that she does not become pregnant. But there is only one guaranteed way to avoid this – this is not to end in the vagina.

You can finish not only with anal and traditional entry, but also during a blowjob. Many male representatives will agree that they are pleasure to cum in the girl’s mouth and even better when she swallows his seed. True, not all girls agree to this, so you can limit themselves to sperm on the lips.

If a woman does not agree that you end in any of her holes, then you can choose another method – release sperm on her body. You can do it anywhere: stomach, hips, breasts and the like, and then enjoy how it will smear it on its skin.

There are many options for where to finish: the main thing is that your partner agrees. Therefore, the answer to the question, where it is better to end a woman, primarily depends on her herself.But even if at first she is against it, then show her that it is pleasant not only to you, but also to her. Girls experience special pleasure when hot sperm covers their excited places and slowly flows down the skin.

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