5 secret erogenous zones of women and proper handling of them

5 secret erogenous zones of women and how to handle them.

These parts of the female body do not belong to the so -called official erogenous zones of a woman. And many will be surprised to hear what exactly will be discussed. But immediately I want to cool the ardor of those who think that now they will learn about the next “magic buttons” with which they can bring any girl to orgasm in 5 seconds. This is a little about that. We will affect more subtle things that will not only make the girl pleasantly, but also make it clear that she is completely special with her not like the rest.

Hackneyed pattern of sexual behavior of men

Before we voice the secret erogenous zones of girls, I propose to recall men like most of them “laying a woman in bed”. In the end you will understand why it was needed!)

  • Kisses. A man kisses a girl and if a girl answers, it gives a man a green light on the man.
  • Breast and priest. The man begins to touch the chest of the girl. If the girl does not resist, move on.
  • Hand in panties. Well, if this has passed, then you can proceed to the most important!)
  • We remove everything and start sex.

Learn?) I call this mat in 4 moves. Girls, unfortunately, are already accustomed to this standard scenario of the development of events and themselves have already come to terms with the fact that it is probably so necessary. In the vast majority, this has been repeated for years with almost all men they have.

This is a hackneyed picture of sex, which is used all the time, which was more imposed on men and porn. I strongly recommend that men refuse this template if you are going to stand out and be remembered by the woman as a truly special. It is for this to break this hackneyed template that I wanted to tell you about 5 non -standard erogenous zones of women, about whom few people know and whom almost no one pays due attention during the prelude.

Men often hear that a girl needs a prelude. Well, kissed, well, I got it, well, what else does she need? And she needs a lot of gentle touches! The girl is a very sensitive creature, the entire surface of her body is a continuous erogenous zone. Touch – this is where women begin sex.

And returning to the main theme of our article, I would like to tell about the first zone on the female body on our list, whose affection will not only give her unusual feelings, but also destroy the image of the generally accepted prelude.

1. The back of the neck

I mean the back of her neck from the back of the head and below, the part that is most often hidden under the girl’s hair. Why neck? Yes, because here the exit of the huge mass of nerve endings.

5 secret erogenous zones of women and proper handling of them

Amazingly, the back side of the neck in the Middle Ages, if you look at engravings in ancient Japan, was the most erotic zone of the female body. Japanese always covered this place from all with the exception of their own husbands. They could raise their hair alone with him so that he showed this place. In the same way, geisha opened this place for her client. All other women kept this place for everyone closed.

How to touch her neck

It is worth noting that not all touch will work equally in this area. There are several important nuances how exactly this should be done. If you start stroking it, as we usually iron, for example, a cat, then nothing special from this will work.

You need to work here with the fingertips with the fingertips. Only please, do not make mistakes not with fingertips, but with the tips, namely with a sharp part of the fingers. And this should be done very slowly, because the sensitivity of the nerve endings here is such that quick touches will not be recorded by the way necessary for us. They, if I may be so might, will merge.

You need to touch it slowly and then such touch will become more and more erotic with every minute, as in an increase in. All this will lead a woman up the spiral of her excitement.

How to apply it to a woman

During kisses, turn the girl with his back to yourself and gently touch the fingertips just below her back of her head and slowly draw them down the described above. You can raise her hair a little and caress her like that for at least half a minute, by leading your fingers up and down and see what will happen. Observe her reaction. Only men, a convincing request to do it very tender. I am sure that most of the girls to whom you will do this will be surprised by your actions and these sensations, since for them they will most likely be completely new and unusual.

What will it give her

This may seem ridiculous and not effective to many men, but you should not draw hasty conclusions from what you have not tried). Of course, this will not lead her to a pre -coragent state, but will give very tender and pleasant sensations that every woman is so necessary for her to excite.


The back is generally a very interesting part of the female body. Women massively complain that men do not pay due attention to this part of their body. As for the back, there are 2 options here:

5 secret erogenous zones of women and proper handling of them

  • Tender touch. Similar to those that we described when we considered the neck. It is this option that carries the sexual and erotic component of the impact on this part of the female body. Just tender stroking and touching the fingertips and reveal this zone as erogenous.
  • Massage. That is, the impact on its muscles. This of course does not fit into the context of our topic a little, but I think it is worth reminding about it. Massage of course will give her pleasure, but a slightly different nature. He will help her relax that, by the way, is also not a little important for her further excitement. Those everyday stress that we all experience are fixed by our body. And the tension that is created in the muscles, then does not allow the girl to fully enjoy the intimacy with a man.


5 secret erogenous zones of women and proper handling of them

Also, a very important erogenous zone of girls, which is not paid to attention, almost no one. What is the valuable sacrum? Remember we talked about the back of her neck, where the release of the mass of nervous endings. The sacrum, he seemed to mirror his neck and there is also a mass of the mass of the nerve endings.

But what is the most interesting and important. Most often these endings are sleeping. If the back side of the neck easily reacts to your touch and you will immediately notice the result, then here you need to rock this area.

To do this, you need to take a little massage oil on the palm of your hand and when your partner is undressed and lies in front of you on your stomach, rub this area with your palm. Moreover, this must be done actively enough to feel heat from friction. You need to rub 1-2 minutes and such massage sessions can be made with a break of two three days to her five or six. And gradually these nerve endings will begin to wake up and then without any massage oil you will very tenderly touch this part of your partner’s body and see how actively she will react. Be sure to try it. Moreover, it may not be necessary for everyone to need so many massage sessions, since in some women this zone can naturally be more less awakened.


5 secret erogenous zones of women and proper handling of them

Moreover, for sure, many of you have tried to stimulate your ears and success was unpredictable. Someone liked it, someone was tickled, and someone did not like it at all. So let’s try to figure out how to use it.

3 ways of ears affection

There are three stimulation options and I recommend that you start from the very first in order to determine and understand whether it is worth trying the other 2. So:

  • Option 1 – kisses with lips and breathing. For this you will use your fully relaxed lips and your breath. In order not to cause tickling, you will very gently kiss her ears without any moisture and saliva and at the same time breathe. Pay attention to her reaction. If you doubt, stop and ask her, she likes it or not. Here she can say that she is too tickled or that this zone has nothing but discomfort. Great then this is not her case and this is normal. You understand that, unlike what is imposed on us from all sides, not all women have erogenous zones that are declared sensitive. Therefore, rely on your experience and on the right technique. And so it was the first option.
  • Option 2 – Connect the tongue. If she liked the first option, then you can expand the palette of her sensations by including your language in the game. Just keep in mind that it does not have too much moisture, because women like affection language, but without excess saliva.
  • Option 3 – A lot of saliva. There are women, there are not many of them, but they are, who really like a huge amount of saliva, wet sounds and relatively speaking, when some kind of mocking lake is formed there.  From this they feel great pleasure. Therefore, if the first 2 options have come in, then try not to save saliva and give way to your tongue and lips licking and caressing every corner of its ear.

Space between her fingers

5 secret erogenous zones of women and proper handling of them

And now we will touch the most unexpected erogenous zone for most. We will talk about the so -called membranes, which are the transition from one finger to the other, as well as the adjacent side zones of the fingers. These areas can be carefully caressed by pads, immersing your fingers between her fingers. Or do it alternately with one finger. The most important thing is to do everything very slowly. And you will see how your woman will begin to react. It would seem a simple thing, but it is unrealistically powerful if you do it slowly and very tender. By the way, it will not be superfluous to try something similar on the legs, since it causes a pleasant sensation very often there.

She won’t forget you!

And now I would like to link all of the above and explain what the knowledge of such unobvious sensitive zones and the ability to work with template behavior in sex most men have to do with them. How does it affect your image in a woman’s mind? To do this, I propose to look at how the girl thinks.

Features of female thinking

There are two very interesting things, the connection between which almost none of the men captures. Moreover, these things themselves are powerful, but if they combine their effect increases exponentially. And so what are these things.

  • Signs. The girls are very sensitive and always pay attention to the little things that men usually do not notice. There are chips that let the woman understand that you are an experienced, skilled, caring lover, first of all, taking care of female pleasure in bed. Moreover, these conclusions are drawn to her not from your conversations or ability to last in bed for a very long time, but from the smaller and practically not tangible actions, but from this no less significant.
  • Huge conclusions from very small facts (signs). Take a simple situation when you forgot to buy her mother’s birthday. How the girl thinks about this?

    – He forgot to buy flowers to my mother – it means he does not care about my mother – which means he does not care about me – then he does not care about our relationship – it means that when we get married to our child, it means if we suddenly quarrel, he is easily with easeI will drive me out and I will freeze in winter somewhere under the bridge with a child in my arms on January 1 with 30 degree frost.

    I exaggerated somewhat, but this does not cancel the essence. And when you come home and you begin to analyze flights on the fact of not purchased colors, then understand that you are already dealing not with the fact that you have not bought her mother flowers (this is no longer important for her) but with that history)which she wound in her head. Namely, with the fact that you probably do not love her and she risks because of this in the future not just alone, but also with a child on the street. That is, you will already deal not with the primary fact, but with the fruit of her imagination, which is like a snowball, if it is not stopped in time, it grows and takes away her thoughts far, far away. And as you understand the farther, the no better at all!)

    As you can see, female logic works somewhat differently, unlike our male. Men operate with facts, and women operate on what they thought about these facts. It is because of this that men are so difficult for men to find causal relationships in the analysis of female grievances!)

    But sometimes this feature of female psychology can be beaten in their favor. What am I talking about? You will understand now.

How to use a man?

Now how the synthesis of these 2 ingredients of female psychology can serve as a man. With the help of subtle signs such as stimulating unexpected and unusual erogenous zones for it, you give a reason (sign) to the female brain to think about you as a special man, which in turn triggers the next mechanism – these are large conclusions from small signs. And then a woman will do everything for you!)

Now you understand how it would seem petty and insignificant actions can affect the girl’s opinion about a man. And knowledge of this feature allows a man to correctly draw his image in the female mind, which, in the investigation, will influence her attitude and how she will value him.

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