5 reasons why men like hard sex

5 reasons why men like hard sex.

5 reasons why men like hard sex

Many men like hard and rude sex. Even the most modest and intellectual young people from time to time want to give free rein to natural instincts and «take» The woman is rude. Five main reasons can be distinguished, explaining why sex with elements of cruelty so attracts the stronger sex.

1. The desire to conquer a woman

It’s no secret that passionate sex – The dream of many women. Those who managed to implement it are called such sexual intercourse – the best in life. This is not surprising, because during such sex instincts take the top, so the pleasure reaches the peak. In addition, the impressions obtained as a result of such sex remain in memory for a long time, if not for life. Moreover, a woman is ready to repeat such an experiment or even make it a constant part of sexual activity. That is why men go to rudeness in bed to conquer the woman to whom they feel feelings. Because she will remember him for a long time.

5 reasons why men like hard sex

2. Diversity

Any, even the highest quality sex, over time, you can get fed up. This is especially true for those couples that have been together for not the first year. To diversify sexual life, partners go to various sexual experiments. Among them the leads of rude sex capable of lighting any relationship. The main thing is that the partner is experienced and does not overdate, using power, otherwise the girl will remember sex, but for a completely different reason. Also, rude sex is not enough if the partners constantly do «This» just gently and sensual. An animal passion wants everyone and always!

3. Who is the main in the family?

Some men use force to demonstrate their dominant role in the family. Domination in bed usually goes into ordinary life. Therefore, with the help of rude sex, a man can assert himself and show his partner who is the master in the house.

5 reasons why men like hard sex

4. An attempt to hide inexperience

Not every man boasts outstanding successes on a love box. It suits someone, while others want to be the best woman. In this case, a man applies physical strength in sex to hide the lack of his own skills. The main thing is to calculate the force so as not to cause a woman pain during such proximity. And it is important to understand that she will guess anyway.

5. A thirst for passionate sex

Wild, animal sex is very exciting, because you can release your hidden desires. The woman likes that she is subordinate. In addition, such sex allows you to relax and enjoy each other in full. As a result, sex is passionate and desirable, and orgasm – Bright and memorable. A woman will also receive a lot of pleasure.

5 reasons why men like hard sex

How to realize hard sex

One concept «Hard sex» does not exist, each pair invests its meaning. For someone just an increase in voice — This is already psychological pressure, and someone is not afraid to be spanned or humiliated.

To control the level «rigidity» and give joy, it is recommended to use the correct accessories. For example, a soft whip (flogover) will help to tear a person, but will not cause terrible pain. Handcuffs From leather or suede will allow you to fix a partner, but will not leave traces of the wrist.

The first experience can be started with hot games — use Massage candles and torture the steam of the TNTRA, pouring warm wax on delicate parts of the body. It will be safe, not traumatic, but interesting.

Hard sex likes both women and men. This is an opportunity to realize the side of a character that is not customary to show in society. But it is important to determine in advance the boundaries of the permitted so that everyone is pleased. And perfectly use special safe accessories, and not improvised items.

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