5 problems with a big member in sex | Informative

5 problems with a big member in sex.

5 problems with a big member in sex | Informative
Big cock is a dream of many men, but often in bed he It delivers sets of inconvenience. There are more problems with him during sex than joys. Holders of great dignity shared difficulties that occur quite often.

Big cock is an organ whose length is in an excited state of more than 20 cm. Or the diameter exceeds 6 cm. This is quite rare, and many carriers of such dignity are not completely satisfied with dimensions.

1. Does not fit

Sometimes it is simply impossible to get into a woman. This is due to the features of physiology. Her vagina can be very narrow or short. You can devote more time to the prelude, use lubrication, it sometimes helps, but not always. There is an alternative, but the lack of vaginal contact disappoints.

The discrepancy between the genitals is a strange reason for the breakdown, but it is found. And sex may also not work out, even if a woman agrees. This will never have to worry about a man with average size.

2. There is no throat blowjob

A large penis is also not in its mouth. Caresses, usually go to the head, and the barrel is massaged only with their hands. “Deep throat” can not be realized with a huge size an ordinary woman. The owner of a giant member can only dream of this.

With a large diameter of the penis, the blowjob causes a very The rapid fatigue of the jaw. She begins to whine or get rid of, women are not very pleasant.

3. She hurts in certain poses

A man with a big dick All the time controls movements in bed. If he is carried away, she will be hurt. You need to ensure not to enter too deep or not move sharply. At the same time, the woman herself is often distracted, loses excitement, as she is also afraid of pain.

Many poses cause severe pain. For example, Doggi Style not like every woman during sex with a huge member. And certainly it is difficult for her to bend her back, since a huge penis can even injure her.5 problems with a big member in sex | Informative

4. Rejection of anal sex

A rare woman agrees to anal with a giant. The fear of this type of affection is still strong for many, and ladies are afraid that after the “such” they will no longer be able to recover. Although this misconception, and sufficient preparation will allow you to enter without negative consequences, units are being decided to check it on yourself.

Even in porn actresses may abandon experiments with a large member. There are a lot of such failures in the life of an ordinary person.

5. Awerly look

When a girl sees a penis, which she cannot even clasp her hand, She is lost. This can be a real shock for her, and as a result there is a chance that she will refuse sex. This happens with sex for one night, and it is good if she manages to evaluate the size before he turns out to be at his house.

It’s a shame that in a serious relationship, a woman can refuse sex. Even long courtship will not help if she is scared. That is why men with non -standard forms are not delayed with a demonstration, so as not to waste time again.

Living with a big member is not easy. Problems arise not only in bed. Even a slight excitement is always noticeable to others, you need to choose special underwear and shorts so that nothing falls out. And it is also not always convenient to celebrate the natural need.

But if these problems do not scare, any member can be increased. One way is the use of a vacuum pump. Regular training will allow you to get an increase in both length and diameter.

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