20 answers to the question of what men like in bed, advice to seducers

20 answers to the question of what men like in bed, advice to seducers.

20 answers to the question of what men like in bed, advice to seducers

Sex for men is necessary like air, water and food. Without it, no way! The stronger floor depends on intimate relationships much more than girls, so couples often break up due to sexual incompatibility. There is no universal way to give the male paradise pleasure, but general recommendations will help those who have become bored in family life or plans to seduce their favorite partner. Guys are ready for a lot for those who know how to understand what men like in sex. The more you delight him with your bed skills, the more chances to get the desired benefits from him.

The behavior of the stronger sex is often based on erotic fantasies and the experience gained in a previous life, whether it be porn or other women. Therefore, you will have to choose a technique for the attached guy. Want to find a key to a happy intimate life? Dreaming that he lost his head from passion for you? We frankly discuss, What do men like in bed and how to surprise them! The best tips for skilled seducers who will certainly help find the way to the heart of a loved one, and it passes not only through the gastrointestinal tract.

20 answers to the question of what men like in bed, advice to seducers

What do men like in sex or how to drive him crazy

If you do everything right, then any man, crossing the threshold of your bedroom, will lose his head. But doesn’t it get pleasant to the hepatic when you feel like a sort of lord of male passions? So, we list all the ways how to surprise a man in bed! Believe me, this is not so difficult – they are more predictable individuals than women. The bulk of males are excited from exactly the same technique from the partner.

We move actively

Many women believe that it is enough just to provide access to the body and lie down a little on their backs while the partner does his job, and at the same time excites it, will find it out by one hundred points and he will finish herself enchantingly. Remember, it’s not enough just to lure a man in bed, he should still be kept there in modern competition. And males love hot and temperamental.

Actively move, offer new poses or types of sex, and a woman herself can change techniques to orgasm. Men adore girls active in bed that do not correspond to the image of the “logs”. And it’s also very good when you adequately react to the guy’s caresses and do not clamp, as if you are holding up the diarrhea! Do not lie, looking at the ceiling, and do not wait for what they will do for you! The initiative in bed from a woman is only encouraged.

Body care

Sometimes a seductive beauty in appearance, and in his underpants – a nightmare. The intimate haircut, smells and hygiene must be monitored regularly. Overgrown, badly smelling crotch does not excite, but causes hostility and rejection. The situation when the lover pulls the panties, and there, the UPS, daily, generally out of the ordinary!

By the way, the genital organs are caused by no less rejection, on which, it seems, even the smack of soap remained. Men are attracted by hidden smells, barely perceptible, and sharp repulses. The situation is the same with brushing your teeth and chewing gum with a pronounced mint odor.

Try to follow the whole body: nails, hair, legs, armpits, crotch – everything should be neat, clean, with a slightly perceptible aroma of freshness. No need to pour half the Chanel No. 5 on the labia or cut everything “under the Sphinx”. For starters – without extremes. Then you will deal with the addictions of your man.

Beautiful linen

We will not talk much about the beautiful wrapper. Men, like children, react to everything bright, losing. A woman in seductive underwear is a delicious candy in a beautiful candy wrapper, which will quickly be removed and thrown aside, and will enjoy the taste of chocolate, but still it plays a significant role in attracting. Buy yourself stockings, delicate lace panties-Open, a set of stylish linen with strap tapes (now very fashionable), leather sconces in black-something piquant, special that will hook with its individuality!

You heard that men do not consider the bare body the top of seductiveness? The fact is that males gets a hint of accessibility, and not herself. A strip of skin between panties and an elastic band is such an alluring and teasing invitation to “paradise” that no one in his right mind refuses it. Further, the imagination finishes the passionate pictures of the possession of a woman and what is hidden from the gaze. For many guys, stockings have become a certain fetish. Their presence speaks of the sexuality of the hostess, so a priori starts.

Girls, in your arsenal there are so many opportunities to seduce and excite the passions of your chosen one! It’s a sin not to surprise a man in bed.

We relax and distract

Ladies, know how to throw back a pile of thoughts about the affairs of the pressing when you indulge in bed joys. Sometimes I want to scream: relax! Head and body! Do not make a suffering grimace that you are not offered that pose, do not stiff on the TV, even if your long -awaited series is there, stop talking about children and cooking for lunch, when an intimate is brewing. Well, you understand what it is about. Know how to relax and enjoy. We have already said that an excited woman excites a man!

20 answers to the question of what men like in bed, advice to seducers

Do not focus on your shortcomings

How many times to say so that you stop cracking in bed about your shortcomings? Well, what kind of garbage: “I have a prickly legs today”, “Oh, old panties” – with such phrases you yourself kill the image of the goddess, the ideal, which, perhaps, were for him before that.

No quiet sex under the blanket in the dark

Now in the literal sense, not about the variety. What most like men in bed? . The swaying of the chest, a seductive haircut on the pubis, a hole between the buttocks, so alluring and lumbering … The guys like to look at the object of desire. Therefore, it is not necessary to create pitch darkness, like a black pass. If you are shy of bright light, make the effect of cinema lighting – a light twilight from a dimmer or TV.

And allow yourself to moan erotically, scream, express in words all the emotions and feelings that have surged! That you are silent, like fish, as if water was typed in your mouth? Men love the voice acting to the process!

Dirty conversations and vulgar phrases

You did not know that men are madly in bed with obscene vocabulary and vulgar phrases, carelessly thrown at the time of unforgettable intercourse? Dirty English during sex is an eternal male weakness that arouses males in them, wild and unbridled – those who dragged prey to the cave. You can voice your fantasies with obscene expressions.

Education does not allow to say vulgarity, so at least do not forget about a passionate whisper.


Not only women love compliments. Men love to receive in their direction encouraging phrases on the topic, what craftsmen they are in bed. Do not forget to evaluate his efforts out loud if he really worked on your orgasm and made a worthy Cooney.

The best compliment for a man is a high assessment of his male dignity. Do not forget that he has not only a member, but also a double surprise, enclosed in one bag)))

Piquant SMS

If we have talked about the need for compliments, then do not forget that virtual sex and flirting are very heated by desire. Write to him from time to time your thoughts on the topic, as next time you make a blowjob or take sex on the beach. Such a game dilutes fresh everyday life and does not allow you to get bored at a meeting. Unusual prelude.


What do men especially like in bed? Of course, female masturbation! Observation of how a partner caresses himself, brings them to erotic trembling. With this method you will conquer it from the first minutes, and by the way, you yourself can relax yourself.

Erotic dance

It will not be superfluous to learn to move beautifully when you undress. We do not urge all women to urgently engage in Pole – Dance, but, you must agree when the girl rhythmically pulls off her panties to the music, a lump freeze in her throat. The female body with its bends and roundness is simply created in order to move beautifully. Throw it into it with linen at the end, like a bullfighter in Spanish Corrida.

20 answers to the question of what men like in bed, advice to seducers


Sex on the schedule is bored in the same way as fresh oatmeal for breakfast 7 days a week. So I want a variety or some prohibition, for example, a piece of cake or sausage! If you do not want a man to “be kneaded” around the corner, arrange unplanned “promotions”. Fear him in the kitchen when he drinks tea, make a blowjob while he watches TV. Call the bathroom and accept a joint shower that has not been your plans at all today. And, of course, do not refuse him when he bends you near the stove at the most inopportune moment. Move away from the usual schedule and let the secret passion go outside.

Find out his fantasies

It will not hurt to find out from your chosen one what he likes in bed. Maybe he prefers the classics, and not the hardcore that you have prepared for him, or his old dream is anal sex with a blonde, only no one gives in the ass.

We do not urge you to bring sexual fantasies unacceptable to you. If threesome is unpleasant for you, then you do not need to rape yourself. Anal penetration causes disgust? Do not torment the ass. Each person has his own attitude to love and intimacy.

By the way, imaginary intimate scenes in the heads of males are quite primitive, but these are ordinary “day dreams” that spontaneously arise from boredom and idleness or inspired by fleeting impressions. There are also “fantasies of the drochers” who start guys during an act of masturbation and bring to orgasic discharge. Here they are more often erased into real life. So what to surprise a man in bed, focusing on his masturbant fantasies?

  • Threesome: he, she, he (she, he, she).
  • Sex with a stranger.
  • Fast sex.
  • Peeping.
  • Sexual intercourse under pain of “sleeping”.
  • Lesbian orgies.
  • Orgies with a large number of participants.
  • Sex with a virgin.
  • Bi-contact or one-sex experience.
  • Wife Sexwife and Puppete (observation of beloved sex with another).
  • Sado-Mazo (dominance and subordination).
  • Fut-Fetish (fantasies about the feet and stimulation of the genitals by female shoes).

This is just a small list of what men like in sex and what they dream about. Other. It is not necessary to arrange a MWM with a loved one or to invite a stranger to the bedroom. But the earlier a conversation happens about desires, the easier it is to surprise and satisfy a partner in bed.

Imagine that any fantasies can be organized in your bed thanks to the assortment in sex shops. Come to us! See how many masturbators to simulate anal and oral sex, vibrators and other paraphernalia! Any whims of your half – even BDSM and various kinds of fetishes – will be executed.

Diversity in sex

In fact, both men and women love diversity in sex. The guy will appreciate oral affection as a prelude or full -fledged sexual intercourse and get a lot of new sensations. Make him a throat blowjob – let him know that his girlfriend is full of surprises and surprises!

By the way, a blowjob during sleep can be a surprise. Many representatives of the stronger sex are not averse to waking up under the affection of a member even in the middle of the night.

There are still role -playing games, sex in water, anal penetration (if he wants in his direction, then a strapon to help you), exciting massage techniques. Change poses, experiment with the geography of sexual intercourse (in nature, in the car, hotel, to the country, visiting, park, etc.D.) – diversity steers!

Mirror in the bedroom

Many people love to observe the process of their own intercourse. This is fine. The mirror in the bedroom, in addition to satisfying the need for visual stimuli, is able to solve the problem of secret fantasies. It gives a feeling of the presence of third parties (for those who want sexwife, three of us, to be noticed).

Feel free your erotic desires

Men love women frank in bed, who discard constraining, show emotions and openly declare their desires. Tell him what is happening in your head about secret fantasies, because you also masturbate under their burning accompaniment)))

Male erogenous zones

Only general erogenous zones for the male part of the population are demonstrated in the picture. Each guy also has individual parts of the body responding to tactile stimuli. The most striking and responsive nipples, ears (lobes), neck, anus (yes, they like the caresses of the anus, just many do not admit). Want to surprise a man in sex, try stimulating these zones.

20 answers to the question of what men like in bed, advice to seducers

Sleep and food

And you wondered what men like after sex? Sleep and food! Everything is primitive, as in the desires “before”. The male spent energy, so he wants to make up for it with food and rest. So the body of a man is arranged. Your desire to talk heart to heart is unknown to him. Sometimes you can carefully provide him with such an opportunity, realizing the potatoes with a cutlet right in bed and carefully hiding with a blanket after a meal. Then you will purchase more!

Do not overdo it

Do not roll back the program and improvise on the go without stopping. A lot and at once – bad! What most of all men in sex likes? Naturalness! Let’s try all poses without fussiness and attempts to show how good I am in bed. Do not show all the little things from the first attempt to rent a boyfriend for a long time – leave the “spices” next time. All pleasant in moderation!

And you know what men like in bed? What techniques do you use to surprise your beloved in sex? Share the secrets of seduction in the comments!

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