10 male sex mistakes in bed

10 male sex mistakes in bed.

10 male sex mistakes in bed

What mistakes do men often make in bed? What makes the proximity unpleasant for a woman? There are 10 most frequent mistakes that are better not to allow. They are inappropriate in a new relationship or when communicating with a regular partner.

Error 1. Memories of the former

You should not talk about past wives and mistresses on the eve of sex with a partner. The mention of other women does not contribute to the excitement. This only raises a lot of questions. It is important to understand that both bad and good reviews are not appropriate from you. This topic can be discussed, but after it there is no sex.

10 male sex mistakes in bed

Error 2. Forget about hygiene

You should not ask the girl about the minerals if before that there was no visit to the shower in the last 8 hours. The smell of sweat can be very unpleasant, so you should go to the bathroom before going to the bedroom. This is an act of self -respect and partner, he will never be superfluous.

Error 3. Choose an uncomfortable place

It is worth bringing her somewhere where she will not like it, and she will refuse intimacy. Space should have for intimacy, be clean and convenient. Rare women are ready for sex in the toilet or rear seat of the car. Therefore, you should think in advance — Where to lead her. And prepare the space so that it is neat and comfortable.

Error 4. Lack of prelude

A woman needs much more time to excite. Hugs, kisses, slow undressing — This is not a whim, but the need to relax and enjoy it. Therefore, you need to leave her the right time, do not rush, do not insist. A good prelude lasts at least 20 minutes, and it is important to remember this.

10 male sex mistakes in bed

Error 5. Think only about yourself

During sex, it is important to focus only on yourself, but also on your partner’s sensations. I need to help her relax. And it is important for someone to say a compliment, someone to kiss. Listening to her reaction, she will be able to give her a lot of pleasant moments. If both partners think about each other, sex will turn out to be magnificent!

Error 6. Demand more

Sex — This is a voluntary action, and in the process you can ask for some kind of affection. But insist that this happens, no need. For example, you should not demand a blowjob, it is enough to offer, but if she does not want, you can’t achieve your. It is inappropriate to demand anal sex or any other actions to which the companion is not located.

Error 7. Contempt

Spank, pull the hair, insulting any woman should not be offended. This can be part of the game, but with the person who perceives it well. And it is important to ask — whether she likes it or not, and use such actions only with her consent. Similar manifestations without her agreement — This is coercion. The manifestation of disrespect is inappropriate, often offensive.

Error 8. Desire to realize a script from porn

The expectation that everything will happen as a film is a big mistake. It is important to understand that cinema and reality are very different. She should not moan at every touch, her orgasm may not advance for a very long time. And she may also disagree with something, and has the right to do so.

10 male sex mistakes in bed

Error 9. Tell about all fantasies

You need to share your desires, but it is worth doing it in a dosage. Too serious revelations can scare her away. This mistake is especially critical in new relationships. All dreams need to be voiced, but one at a time. And be sure to observe her reaction.

Error 10. Immediately after the finale fall asleep

After sex you need to chat. And if the girl does not fall asleep herself, then it is worth devoting her time to her. Turn away to the wall and fall asleep — This is not the behavior that is expected from a good lover. But if he strongly sets to bed, go to the shower to cheer up.

10 mistakes of a man in bed is better not to make. They can change the girl’s opinion about you in the negative side. Of course, this is not the whole list of critical errors, there are much more of them. But these are one of the worst.

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