10 intimate tips from men. For women only | Psychology of relations

10 intimate tips from men. Only for women.

10 intimate tips from men. For women only | Psychology of relations
We have collected 10 tips from men about how a woman to become even more desirable in sex. They talked about how they were struck by the best lovers. These tips are from different people, but they are universal. It is worth starting to use at least something proposed, and the proximity will change. Simple things will help to make sex brighter and more fascinating for both.

1. Touch me. Carerate different places. I like to feel your hands on my body, so caress me as often as possible.2. When you are on top, move more actively. Work your hips, gradually accelerate.3. Be the initiator of oral sex herself. I love your lips and tongue, but I don’t want to ask you for caresses every time.4. Tell me how to caress you correctly. Talk about what you like and what is not.5. Starts me when you caress yourself. Let me enjoy this sight.6. Look into my eyes during sex. Do not close them every time, I want to see your reaction and in them.10 intimate tips from men. For women only | Psychology of relations
7. Hug me with your feet, pull me closer or even help control the rhythm. Participate in the process, not just relax.8. Do not be silent! Groans, screams – this is fine. And sexy shouts cause me delight. Tell me what you like, what you get high and what else you want!9. Squeeze the muscles inside when I am in you. It is very nice. But do this at the beginning, when I just entered, and not before orgasm. At the end it is better to relax and just have fun.10. You have not only lips, but also hands. Start helping them during a blowjob, then I finish much faster.Simple tips from men work. Try to introduce 1-2 into life, and sex will become brighter. And if you use all of them, then the proximity will be fascinating and interesting.

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