WMW – what to take with you to bed | Orgasms

WMW – What to take with you to bed.

WMW – what to take with you to bed | Orgasms
WMW-some abbreviation in some causes pleasant excitement, for others, memories, but someone does not even know what this means. WMW – A variety of sex three, in which one man and two women take part. At first glance, the risky fantasy of intimacy threesome seems unrealized, but in fact this type of proximity practices Every third couple. Moreover, many subsequently resort to this again, since a powerful intensity of passions takes into a revolution, and there is a desire to embody the secret fantasy in life again and again. But what underwater stones can be expected with sex? And how to make sure that every participant in sexual caresses receives enough pleasure and attention? We’ll talk about this.

Sex WMW: Useful experience for everyone

Threesome – this is always a new experience in which everyone can find something useful for himself. Everything begins with banal curiosity, because when classic sex becomes commonplace, there is a desire to try out new ways to enjoy. And even if, ultimately, this option of rapprochement seems to someone not the best, each side will receive Interesting experience.

What a woman gets from such proximity:

  • Fulfillment of secret desires. According to statistics, every second girl at least once thought about affection with another girl. Give an exit unrealized desires – it is necessary.
  • Healthy jealousy. Jealousy does not always spoil the relationship, sometimes it opposite it ties them even stronger. Competitors outside the bed is one thing, but if they find themselves in the same territory, each will have to show themselves from the best side. By the way, it is profitable to stand out against the background of the second lady with the help of erotic underwear. For example, in the model Obsessive Lustella There is everything for seduction: panties-stings, belt and stockings. Starts! The set of an open bra with cups, which hold and slightly lift the chest, supplement the kit, showing it in all its glory.
  • Disclosure of orientation. The ideal option for those who have not decided in their preferences is to try at the same time partners of different sexes. This will help to understand yourself, your body and true desires.

What a man gets from such proximity:

  • Improved self -esteem. Bring one partner to orgasm is already a feat, and if we are talking about two companions, then self -esteem rises to heaven. After such sexual games, men become more confident, and not only in bed, but also in life.
    The opportunity to legally go "left". In general, it cannot be said that threesome is betrayal. But a man will still perceive this as an opportunity to try another woman, and with the permission of his.
  • The chance to save the relationship. A man from time to time can think about other girls, be desired. Not always when he gets what he wants, he wants to stay with his mistress. Sometimes one intercourse is enough to look at the wife again as the best seducer. Plus, seeing her with another girl, he will remember how hot she is, and passion will light up in the eyes again. In such situations, WMW is a great way to fall in love with your companion again.

What problems can be encountered with WMW?

WMW – what to take with you to bed | Orgasms
WMW, like other types of sex, has a number of difficulties that you can encounter. We have prepared for you a list of the most common problems, which are most often found in vigorulum, as well as ways to solve them.

  • Jealousy. Exclusively those couples are faced with her that they wanted to invite a new participant to their bed.
    At first it may seem like a funny game, but as soon as one of the beloved begins to touch the stranger, an explosion is possible.

    What to do in such a situation? To begin with – discuss everything on the shore, find out whether all participants are ready for this, and whether they realize that they are waiting.
    At the first contact, you can depers up the invited guest as much as possible, make it not perceived as a woman, but as an object for sexual pleasure, or even as a slave.

    A mask completely closing the face will be able to help in this. Pay attention to the model Bad Kitty. Everything is hidden, with the exception of two necessary zones – the eye and mouth. In it, a completely impersonal guest simply cannot become a reason for jealousy.
    Well, if notes harsh BDSM in bed – not to your taste, help Leather mask. It looks like a lighter, but at the same time copes with the function of hiding personality.

  • Quickly passing erection. To satisfy two ladies at once, you need to try well.
    The participation of a man in sex WMW plays key role, He must deliver everyone in turn, sometimes resting a little and going into battle again.

    Watching two caressing beauties will be pleasant, but the body can still begin to fail.
    So that everything does not come down to constant attempts to raise a member into a state of excitation, you should take care of the riser in advance.
    In particular, they will help Funds to strengthen erection.
    Gel Viamax Maximum It differs with a quick action. It is enough to apply it to the penis, this will lead to an increase in blood flow, and as a result, to long erection.
    In addition, it increases endurance, Makes a member harder And thanks to its special formula, compatible with condoms.

  • Non -compliance with safety measures. While the seducer will wield fingers, lips or his member in one or the other, he will transfer the vaginal microflora over and over again. Plus sex toys will be used in two crotch at once, which means there is a risk of getting an infection.
    Buy special disinfectants in advance. Spray Hot Bio Cleaner Spray will not allow fungi and bacteria to spread, and any other types of pollution. They can clean the toy before, during, and after proximity. Unlike many cleansing means, it does not have an unpleasant odor, but exudes the bewitching aroma of orange and Marakui.

Is there enough strength for two?

The three -time problem in any sex remains lack of attention. According to statistics, in nine out of ten cases, WMW leaves one of women unsatisfied. There are many reasons here:

  • She was not devoted to her time as she needs to achieve an orgasm.
  • The partner was not enough for two sexual intercourse, and he went to the finale with only one.
  • While the man caressed another, she managed to burn out.

But the problem can be solved. To do this, in bed must be present Sex toys.
None of the ladies should remain idle, only a constant impact on erogenous zones will help everyone to get Powerful orgasm.

As an option, select devices for the clitoris or other sensual zones.
While the man gently enters one, the other will observe this and masturbate with the help of a vibroostimulator.
Perfectly fits into intimate caresses Svakom Cookie. They can stimulate not only the clitoris, but also the labia and nipples.
You can start a prelude to him, caressing everyone in turn. It is enough to imagine how he enters his member in the wet pussy of a girlfriend, while the other, spreading his charms, caresses himself with a pink vibrating friend. And after, wanting to get more attention, he begins to massage the guy’s nipples to him, alternately changing the intensity of vibration. Powerful high will be provided with all three.

But do not forget about the vagina. So that the partner can use it without much difficulty in one or another crotch, it is necessary that the ladies are ready for this.
And then the vibrator can enter the course Womanizer LoveToy.
While the living partner is busy with a girlfriend, the vibrator will help the second not to get bored without his attention. It reaches only 11 cm in length, so it will not add complexes to the partner with an average size, but this is enough for a woman.

WMW: TOP of effective tips

WMW – what to take with you to bed | Orgasms
Get the three – Great undertaking.
If you are ready to open up new boundaries of sexual pleasure for yourself, make intimacy Most pleasant as possible Effective advice will help.
Take them note, and let your sex end triple orgasm.

  • Always remember jealousy. It is this feeling that most often spoils sexual joys, turning them into a scandal.
    Pairs should be paid to the maximum of attention to each other.
    The third person should not become an epicenter of caresses, at least for the first time. If sexual intimacy occurs between unrelated relationships, there are no such difficulties, although there are exceptions here. For example, if one of the members of the trio is secretly in love with the other. Be careful and stop jealousy before it develops into anger. As an option, immediately Switch your attention on a jealous lover, and prove to him your love in action.
  • Carefully approach the choice of a guest. Involving a well -known person in this is not the best undertaking.
    If something goes wrong, the relationship will be spoiled, and the risk of developing further feelings for one of the participants will increase at times. Stop on a stranger, the one with whom you will not be associated with business, neighboring, personal or other bonds. It is desirable that she already had experience In this matter, then there will be no difficulties.
  • Do not forget about protection. Venereal disease is not the best ending. The third invited participant can easily be a carrier of infection without even suspecting this. Plus even interrupted sexual intercourse does not protect against pregnancy, so stock up in advance by contraceptives. With new partners, it will not prevent the condenses of increased strength, for example, Vitalis No12 Strong or Durex Extra Safe.
    They are developed with the thickening of the walls specifically for those who want to be completely confident in the safety of intercourse.
    For full protection, you can additionally use AG Gel Smaste (Argentum). It contains silver ions with disinfecting properties. As a result, it will provide protection and light sliding.
    Water -based gel is suitable for use with latex condoms.
  • Meet on neutral territory. Its own apartment can and has intimacy, it is comfortable and calm in it, but this obviously puts all the participants in an unequal position. Open completely at a party – it is impossible, but if there is a place new for everyone, There will be no difficulties.
    If possible, rent an apartment or hotel room. In addition, if something goes wrong, you will easily forget what was somewhere in a distant place for you. While intima in the native walls, each detail will remind of everything.

And, of course, Remember the romance.
The first experience of WMW may be difficult. It sometimes seems wrong to ladies, going beyond their understanding. Yes, and a man can be embarrassed. That is why do not turn everything into an imminent orgy, Create a romantic environment.
Let relaxing music play against the background, and a fruit basket awaits on the bed.

The best lighting option is candles. It will also not hurt to stock up massage candles. Unlike ordinary candles, they consist of natural oils that melt from low temperature and can be used as a body lotion.

Massage City Shunga strawberries and champagne surprise great functionality. On the one hand, it will create intimate lighting, on the other hand, it will fill the room with pleasant aromas, by the way at the brand Shunga You can find candles with the most elaborate unusual smells.
Well, in addition, oil can be used for massage.
It is enough to water them the bodies of all partners in turn, and then start to caress each other, pleasantly gliding the most piquant places.

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