Why there is no orgasm? How to learn how to end a woman

How to learn how to end a woman.

Why there is no orgasm? How to learn how to end a woman

Intimate intimacy without orgasm is not able to give a woman sexual satisfaction. However, not all the fairer sex ends with each sexual intercourse. And some have never experienced an orgasm at all. There are also women who, for some reason, have lost the ability to receive sexual pleasure in bed.

Orgasms can be returned and you can learn to experience them, even if it seems that nothing will help. The main thing is to tune in to a positive result and start revealing your own sexuality.

A little statistics

The number of beautiful ladies who receive sexual pleasure in bed is increasing annually. If 100 years ago, many women did not even know what an orgasm is, now with almost every intimacy, about 50% of all the fair sex ends.

Quite many girls experience their first orgasm in life not from sex with a partner, but from masturbation. This happens between 17 and 19 years. However, for about 40% of women, it is necessary to learn how to finish, especially when it comes to intimacy with a man, and not about self -satisfaction.

Many are required from six months to a year and a half to find the ability to achieve orgasm in bed with a partner. True, if the lucky ones who end with defloration. But there are few of them – no more than 19%.

Why can’t finish?

There are several reasons why the orgasm does not come. If the problem is not solved by itself, it should be determined which reason does not allow the whole gamut of pleasant sensations with sex with a man.

  • Sometimes the body does not allow pleasure from sex due to pain. In this case, you need to visit a doctor in order to eliminate the problem. If the pain appears due to the inconsistency of the size of the genital organs of a man and woman, you should choose convenient poses in which there is no discomfort.
  • All kinds of fears and complexes are able to turn an intimate life into a nightmare. If a woman is afraid of intimacy, experiences shame or complexes about appearance, a qualified psychologist will help to solve the problem. You may also need the help of a good sexologist.
  • Stress and fatigue lead to tension. To receive orgasms in bed, you must be able to relax. Rest, visiting a massage salon, hot bath or a mental conversation with a partner will help fix the situation. It is also important to get enough sleep and not work for wear.
  • The expectation of an orgasm, if a woman is afraid that he does not come, does not allow pleasure to receive sex. Of course, ideally, a woman should end with every intimacy, but sex is not only orgasms, but mainly the opportunity to enjoy and experience erotic experiences. You need to enjoy every movement and not think that something will go wrong.
  • All women are different. There is no universal way to achieve orgasm. An inexperienced girl should begin to recognize her body and his reaction to different types of stimulation. This can be done both in bed with a man and with the help of masturbation.

The path to orgasms

To feel like a sexy woman, it is not necessary to experience orgasms. But to feel happy and satisfied, you need to learn. Simple tips will help to achieve the desired goal.

  • To relax in the presence of a man, a woman must trust him. The choice of sexual partner is an important point in the way to bright orgasms. It is also advisable to create a pleasant atmosphere in the bedroom or the room where a hot night is planned. It is not necessary to light candles and scatter the rose petals on the bed. The main thing is that nothing distracts partners from a pleasant process.
  • Rarely what woman is capable of ending with spontaneous sex. This happens, but usually for this a man must first excite a girlfriend – make her compliments, send intimate messages, flirt and flirt. But it is best to have not quick sex, but long and sweet. Long prelude with delicate kisses and frank caresses is able to lead a woman to the peak of excitement, which is why an orgasm can occur after several frictions.
  • Only a small part of the fairer sex can achieve an orgasm in all sexual positions without exception. Usually every woman has one or more poses in which she is guaranteed to receive the desired pleasure. You need to choose such poses, and for this it is necessary to experiment in bed.
  • It can be difficult for men to understand what stimulation a partner needs to soar on the top of sexual pleasure. But if a woman already knows what caresses of her are most strongly, a partner will be much easier to make her pleasant. To determine what a lover should do, a woman can caress herself in the process of sex. As soon as she finds sensitive points and understands what stimulation she needs, it is worth transferring her body to control the partner’s hands.

If a woman has no relationship yet or they have, but there is no complete trust in the partner, you can learn to receive orgasms and alone. Masturbation is a great way to find all your erogenous points and open up sexually. Attention should be paid to the clitoris, nipples and entrance to the vagina.

Orgasm with sex toys

The easiest way to find the ability to end is to use a sex shop device. Many women were able to experience their first orgasm in life with sex toys, and not from a male member.

  • The simplest in terms of achievement is the clitoral orgasm. To stimulate the clitoris, many different devices have been created – special nozzles, vibrating and vacuum stimulants, vibro -yields and other convenient devices.
  • If you want to experience a vaginal orgasm, you should purchase a sex toy in the form of a male childbearing organ. It can be a phallimitator or vibrator. The second option is preferable, since vibration always gives a sea of pleasant and sweet sensations.
  • Vibrator-Roller is a real miracle that can bring almost any woman in a few minutes. The device looks like an ordinary vibrator with a small process on the front. This process is equipped with its own motor and is used to stimulate the clitoris.

Sex toys can be used not only for masturbation. These stylish dits can make intimacy with a man more piquant and hot. Even when orgasms from sex will become constant, you should not abandon sex toys, so as not to deprive yourself of the opportunity to receive maximum pleasure from an intimate life.

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