Types of female orgasm – how to learn to experience everything

How to learn to experience all types of orgasm?.

Types of female orgasm – how to learn to experience everything

Sex is an insanely pleasant activity that ideally should always end with a bright female orgasm. For the sake of this enchanting moment, most representatives of the weaker sex and make love.

Types of female orgasm

When a woman ends, she feels unearthly bliss, something like a narcotic ecstasy. The muscles of the vagina are actively reduced, which is why the sweet waves of pleasure are poured throughout the body.

There are several main types of female orgasm: clitoral, vaginal, multiple, jet, anal. It is worth learning to experience each of them.

How to achieve clitoral orgasm?

The clitoris is a very sensitive organ, completely penetrated by a huge number of nerve endings. Even very light and weak touches to the clitoris give the woman a sea of erotic pleasure.

  • The easiest to achieve clitoral orgasm with oral caresses. Of course, a man should act in an active role. Correctly made cunnilingus is able to bring a woman fantastically pleasant sensations. A skilled lover alone with a tongue can bring a partner to the top of sexual pleasure.
  • In the process of vaginal and even anal sex, you can also experience a clitoral orgasm. To do this, you need to either caress the clitoris with your fingers, or use special sex toys. With a vibration additive to the clitoris, a bright orgasm will come in just a few minutes.
  • The easiest way to get high from clitoral orgasm is masturbation with sex toys. The best option is the impact on the clitoris with a wave (vacuum) stimulant. The device just needs to be brought to an intimate area. And you can enjoy the sweet sensations for a long time, which will certainly end with a powerful orgasm.

In order for touching the clitoris to be pleasant and not caused by discomfort, you need to use intimate lubricant. It is applied not only to the clitoris itself, but also to fingers or sex toys.

How to achieve vaginal orgasm?

This is a little more complicated. Not all women get this kind of orgasm. However, if you try, having made some efforts, you can in practice find out what it is – vaginal orgasm.

  • It is worth trying masturbation with a vibrator. The active effect of sex toys will help to “wake up” sleeping erogenous zones in the vaginal area. If the vibration scares, you can use the phalloimitator to imitate the usual vaginal frictions with it.
  • In the process of sex, the penis usually affects a specific point in the vagina. If this does not excite, you need to experiment with the poses and find the position in which the member will massage the desired area. You can determine the most convenient angle of the penis entering the vagina without a partner – using an artificial phallus.
  • To make the sensations from sex brighter, you can use a lubricant with an exciting effect. It should be applied to the intimate area a few minutes before intimacy. So that the clitoral orgasm does not occur before vaginal, do not apply grease directly to the clitoris.
  • Vaginal orgasm most often occurs in women who train intimate muscles. To develop the muscles of the vagina, it is necessary to perform special Kegel exercises. It is most convenient to train with vaginal balls that need to be immersed in the body and roll inside, reducing and relaxing the intimate muscles.

How to test multiple orgasm?

Several orgasms following one by one are able to make a woman absolutely happy. After a multiple orgasm, the body completely relaxes, there is a feeling of endless bliss.

  • The easiest way to achieve such pleasure in paired sex. The fact is that during masturbation, a serious problem interferes – after each orgasm there is a desire to at least relax and catch your breath, but in the end the right moment is missed.
  • The basic rule of the achievement of multiple orgasm is the stimulation of two erogenous points alternately. For example, at first a man actively caresses a girlfriend clitoris. When she finishes, he immediately moves to another sensitive zone – point G (it is located on the front wall of the vagina). Then, after the second orgasm, he returns to the clitoris again. And so you need to do until the woman reaches complete satisfaction.

It is very convenient to caress a woman with sex toys. You can use two devices at once – for example, a clitoral stimulator and dildo. Then the man’s hands will not get tired, and the partner will receive the maximum dose of sexual pleasure.

How to get a jet orgasm?

Sometimes, at the time of reaching the peak of excitation, a woman ends with a squirt – a stream of colorless fluid spills out of her perineum. This liquid is released from special holes located next to the urethra. With a jet orgasm, the sensations are incredibly strong and very sweet.

  • To finish with squirt, you need to affect the point g. And this must be done for a long time. Excitement should reach a very high point and stay at such a level for at least 20 minutes. During this time, a liquid will accumulate in the body, which at the time of orgasm will spill out, immersing a woman into sensual ecstasy.
  • It is very convenient to stimulate the point G of the vibrator of a special shape – with a curved tip. Sex toy must be inserted into the vagina, press its end to the desired area and start vibration. It may seem at first that I want to go to the toilet in a small way. If you wait out this moment, then very soon the excitement will begin to intensify. Continuing stimulation, you need to listen to your body, preventing yourself from ending too fast.
  • To experience a jet orgasm in bed with a man, you should extend the prelude. Caresses should be leisurely and very tender. Particular attention should be paid to the clitoris and front wall of the vagina. The point G is easy to feel with your fingers – when excited, it increases in size and becomes dense.

How to test anal orgasm?

There are many sensitive endings in the anus, so the anus’s caresses can deliver a storm of bright sexy emotions to a woman. However, quite a few representatives of the weaker sex do not know that there is an anal orgasm, since they never caressed themselves in this zone and did not allow men to do it.

  • Before anal masturbation or anal sex, it is necessary to conduct a cleansing procedure. Usually there is enough ordinary shower with soap. It is also important about an hour before the anal caresses to empty the intestines. If there is a fear of possible discharge, you can make a cleansing enema.
  • Anal stimulation should not be carried out without the use of a thick consistency lubricant. The anus is not able to produce natural lubricant, so it must be moistened before the introduction of fingers or sex toys. Those who do this for the first time should purchase an anesthetic lubricant.
  • Slim in the anus must be slowly, listening to the sensations. If discomfort occurs, you should stop. Most often, pain occurs due to lack of lubrication. When the anus muscles relax and become supple, you can proceed to more active stimulation – imitation frictions.
  • For anal masturbation, special sex toys are created-anal traffic jams, anal chains, vibroostimulators, phallimitators and other convenient devices. Models with vibration deliver the most vivid and saturated sexual experiences.

To experience anal orgasm, you need to learn to completely relax. It is also advisable to additionally stimulate other sensitive zones on the body. By practicing different types of caresses, as well as trying new options for sex and masturbation, you can learn a lot about your body and learn how to get unimaginably sweet orgasms.

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