Squirt, or how to bring a girl to a jet orgasm

Squirt, or how to bring a girl to a jet orgasm.

Squirt, or how to bring a girl to a jet orgasm

Squirt — This is a kind of female orgasm. It is also called wet, inkjet orgasm, female ejaculation. It would seem that this is only a myth and another patch of porn industry. But this is not so! Women’s jet orgasm really exists, and bringing a girl to him is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance.

You want to know more about the nature of this amazing phenomenon, or maybe learn to achieve a jet orgasm?

Squirt — what is it and how it arises?

According to statistics, the jet orgasm is not available to all women. The number of lucky ones is so small that even the most demanding researchers cannot definitely calculate what percentage of the fair sex experiences a squirt during sex. So far, scientists have only non -reinforced assumptions about this. Periodically leading specialists voiced how many women theoretically could experience an inkjet orgasm. But even in assumptions, it is not possible to converge in a single opinion: some experts insist on a figure of 70%, while others speak only about 30-40%.

But the number of girls experiencing a jet orgasm is actually much less: it is hardly possible to talk about more than 2 – 3%. And the lack of reliable statistical data is explainable, because scientists simply do not have enough materials for research.

Female ejaculation was very accurately commented on by the famous physician of the twentieth century Theodore Hendrick Van de Velde: «It seems that most non-professionals believe that something should be thrown out of the woman’s body with every orgasm, as is usually the case in a man. It is completely undoubted that female ejaculation is absent in many women with normal sexual function, while others take place».

From the point of view of physiology, not all women can experience an inkjet orgasm, but even among these few lucky ones there are girls who are embarrassed by such an orgasm!


«I don’t understand, but what is the meaning "Smerme the bed"? I had such a couple of times my husband was in full, then it was so embarrassing. Now I try to control myself, although it turns rarely, and trembling legs often give me out».

«I get this only in the shower. I can’t say that I like it very much. I just like to get a lot of clitoral showers orgasms. When the body is bored, apparently, then this fluid follows. The very moment is not very impressive, only the heart is rubbing».

«I can’t believe that this happens!».

And men have a completely different opinion on this subject. Some sources give statistics, according to which more than 50% of men consider such an orgasm extremely exciting and regret that their partners cannot experience it. Of these, only 20-25% purposefully tried to bring the woman to Squirt, however, not always reliably knowing what to do. It is easy to calculate how many enthusiasts have achieved success, if you recall female statistics. There is an explanation for such a popularization of the topic: sexologists explain the male interest in squirt by the fact that the topic is covered in a considerable number of porn films and, of course, is served as a very exciting.

Now the existence of female ejaculation is conducted by lively discussions, some specialists even cast doubt on its nature. But the ancients, apparently, had more extensive knowledge. So, mention of the jet orgasm can be found in a famous treatise about love – Kamasutra: «The woman’s sperm continues to stand out from the beginning of the sexual union to the end in the same way as from a man». The Indian people paid great attention to female ejaculation, this phenomenon was considered almost divine! The walls and arches of many Indian temples adorn images of squirting women, that is, this type of orgasm was built to the rank of art.

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