Squirt, or how to bring a girl to a jet orgasm: video instruction-practical advice, opinion

How to bring to jet orgasm? Poses to stimulate the point g.

Squirt, or how to bring a girl to a jet orgasm: video instruction-practical advice, opinion

As if representatives of the stronger sex do not deny that they are periodically watching «Hot video», This – fact. Often it is from adult films that men learn that in women an orgasm can also be accompanied by ejaculation. And this is not a myth!

It is scientifically proven that from 10 to 69% of beautiful ladies can experience a jet orgasm (in other words, squirt; from English. Squirt – stream). Visually, it looks like a fountain of transparent liquid with a weakly expressed sweet smell or without it. The volume of discharge – 5 to 60 ml. So, what do men do who want to bring a partner to a jet orgasm, and is it worth doing at all?

Stages of the inkjet orgasm

Step No. 1:We invite the girl to test squirt

If you have decided to accomplish this miracle in miniature (yes, this art is far from all men), then agree with the girl, but whether she wants it. Maybe your partner has already experienced such an orgasm, but it is shy about it, because not every man correctly evaluates this. Explain that you have studied information on this issue, and you want a person who is expensive for you not just pleasant, but enchantingly pleasant! A significant part of women, even if he is silent about this, would like to become a home star for a satellite of such! Let your beloved girl fulfill her and her dream!

If a girl knows what a squirt is from personal experience – Just ask her to tell and show what to do. And if not – then get ready for a useful and pleasant study of the anatomy of the female body!

Step No. 2:First of all, make sure that the woman is as relaxed as possible

Some of the wine helps some, someone – Delicate massage, romantic music or bath with foam. Provide ideal conditions!

Step No. 3:Massage the point G

To achieve a jet orgasm, it will be necessary to correctly stimulate the point G, which is located on the front wall of the vagina (at a distance of about 4-7 cm from the entrance). This point can be stimulated with your hands or member. True, in most cases it is easier to do with your hands. Stimulation should begin when the girl is already excited. T.e. The prelude is required, like caresses of the clitoris with hands or lips/tongue.

Step No. 4:As soon as the girl began an orgasm, the fingers from the vagina must be removed, and enjoy her pleasure!

Squirt, or how to bring a girl to a jet orgasm: video instruction-practical advice, opinion

The best poses to stimulate the point G:

  • The girl lies on her back, her legs spread, or takes the knee-elbow position. A man introduces 2 fingers into the vagina – index and medium (palm is directed up). He must feel something slightly rough and swollen on the upper wall of the vagina (some talk about a small «pea») – This will be the point G, which must be stimulated with slightly bent fingers, moving them up and down (and not forward-back, as in intercourse);
  • The girl takes a position convenient for her, and the man introduces the thumb into the anus, index – in the vagina, making synchronous and fairly quick movements, increasing their pace.

The secrets of the inkjet orgasm

  1. The strength of movements can and should vary, focusing on the behavior of the girl. But the direction is better to save – The upper finger should make «alluring movements».
  2. To certainly succeed, it is worth it to caress the clitoris with stimulation.
  3. A girl should know that an orgasm may have a sensation of pressure similar to urination. This is fine! No need to resist this! You should let yourself go!

What to wait if everything is done correctly?
You will see abundant discharge of transparent or slightly whitish liquid. This may resemble a fountain or, on the contrary, a single -moping splash. The girl is covered by light cramps throughout the body (as if the waves ride). Not unusual – half -fainting condition, because the jet orgasm is most often much stronger than the clitoral.

What else to take care of the jet orgasm?
So that the girl was really good, your fingers should move easily, glide. If a woman has a lubricant abundantly – There are no problems, but when there is little natural lubricant, you should use the lubricant. Do not choose the means with the effect of cooling or, on the contrary, warming up. The best option – neutral.

Successful to you in the fascinating business of the knowledge of the body of your beloved woman!

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