Role Games: For Beginning Tips | Orgasms

Role Games: For Beginning Tips.

Role Games: For Beginning Tips | Orgasms
Today it is no longer necessary to explain for a long time what is role-playing games. For someone they have already become an integral part sexual life, and someone still doubts and does not know where to start. For a woman, it is characteristic artistry nature – dress up, reincarnate – This in itself will give her pleasure. And imagine how attractive it will be in the eyes of a man, appearing in front of him every time In a new image! But both partners are not always on the desire to change something in their sexual life. And it is not so easy to persuade the second half on Erotic experiment.

An adult man may be outraged to plumbing, And the woman will be offended by the offer to become a while prostitute.
Of course, you can scare a divorce or promise a long and painful quarrel, but more pleasant and natural when everything happens by mutual agreement.

How to prepare your partner for a role -playing game

You need to start with short conversations About what you caresses I like what you dream can help Joint memories About the first meeting, an interesting date, viewing eroticism or Porn films.
The main thing is to give a person to want to become what he would like to be in his secret fantasies, or get into a situation that is strong excites.
Involve your partner in the process seduction, make sure that no one breaks solitude.

  • Try listen To what he says, do not eat, do not force. Make it first steps, Prepare Unexpected date. For example, rent a hotel room and invite him there with a simple trick, do it surprise: if you are a lady, you can reincarnate prostitute, And if a gentleman – in Specialian. The main thing is to continue to play the role even when the partner will be surprised and try to disrupt the performance with questions “For what?” And “What’s happened?“. And if all this action is confined to a memorable date for your couple, then the chances of success will increase.
  • Tell us about the positive influence of such an option to diversify the intimate life: dissatisfaction, accumulated negativity will find a way out in the game and will not turn into aggression, give way to new sensations, new emotional experience. Couples with their “secrets” and “secrets” more Strong And Coated.

Role-playing game This is a great way, without changing your partner, diversify your sex, add ”pepper“, Return the former passion. However, as it turned out, not so simple – Buy a suit And The support of the partner will be enlisted Not enough. The practice of role -playing games requires a certain Courage, Sexual liberation, elaboration of at least approximate Script, thoroughly selected props.

Several simple tips for beginners

Role Games: For Beginning Tips | Orgasms
1.Discuss your sexual Fantasies, Find it if possible characters, who excite you both. A little imagination, and now you are already police officer, housemaid or Madam. If you need a hint, read the book Sonya Borg “Pleasure that he will never forget“. It is rightfully called "Kama Sutra of the XXI century For advanced" – The best technology And win -win Receptions will lead you to unknown pleasure.

2.Do not regret the time and think about what should be Costumes, props, situation Around you. As is known, details They will create the right one mood, Help get excited And completely immerse yourself In fantasy.

3.Talk with a partner scenario, On paper, of course, it is not necessary to write down, but everyone should at least in general terms know what to do.

First you can master the most popular scenarios:

  • Nurse and patient
    Woman In a white robe Makes a man Frank massage back, abdomen, hands and lips. Instead of medicine – wine and grapes.
  • Boss and subordinate
    Boss can be both a woman and a man. Bad job, An error in the report entails Dismissal subordinate. Need to persuade Boss do not do this.
  • Husband for an hour
    You can choose any male image: plumber, electrician, gardener, which meets Mistress In a light robe. Kitchen, balcony, garden, bathroom – will become perfect places for seduction.
  • Prostitute and client, or in contrast – virgin and experienced seducer
    Outfits And Manner of behavior appropriate. In the case of a prostitute, you can prepare private dance And stock up on money.
  • Star and paparazzi
    Woman in a beautiful dress, followed The photographer is peeping Hope to do A compromising picture.

4. Obey your body, choose images that in ordinary life is unlikely to decide. A soft housewife can become a cruel mistress, a serious adult woman turns into a naughty schoolgirl, and the moralist will try on the role of a prostitute. Let yourself go free!

5. Do not stop and do not be upset if it does not work out the first time. Just discuss what you liked and what is not at all good. This will help to make the next game more pleasant and saturated.

The main things that may come in handy

Role Games: For Beginning Tips | Orgasms

  • Erotic or Game Lingerie, Masks, hats, stilettos;
  • Massage Oil, blindfold, Ferse, To tickle a partner, candles;
  • For BDSM fantasies will be needed handcuffs, Walks and padles, collars and leashes, Masks for vision deprivation, Latex clothing;
  • For anal fantasies will come in handy Special vibrators, Prostate massagers, Anal plugs.
    Ideal for beginners Such or Here is one Small traffic jam.

    And don’t forget lubricant, He, as they say, does not happen little;

  • Vinyl bedding – An indispensable item for games with food or the embodiment of fantasies about group sex.

Of course, you need to visit Sex shop.
If you are shy or not, then use online store – You will discover a new world for yourself pleasure And you will even find something that you have not thought and have not dreamed of.

How mistaken is the one who thinks that he knows his partner along And across.
People can live many years together, but never recognize each other in such an important area as sex.
When sex boring And monotonous, He ceases to be interesting, slowly leaves In the background.
And instead of becoming Sensual And closer, Partners are moving more and more, stop hearing and understanding each other.
Time kisses, hot hugs, tactile Communication – Take quarrels.
The soul and body of everyone is an inexhaustible source secrets And discoveries.
Share with each other Forbidden fantasies and embody them as one team!

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