Let’s do it quickly: how to accelerate the female orgasm | Orgasms

Let’s do it quickly: how to speed up a female orgasm.

Let’s do it quickly: how to accelerate the female orgasm | Orgasms
Noticed that women come to the finish line later than men? Sexologists have established one very significant difference between female and male sexuality. A man can experience an orgasm anywhere and under any circumstances: at work in the office, in the toilet of the bar, and even on board the aircraft. Women are arranged differently, it is more difficult for them to relax, and they do not lose their heads, but constantly in worries. On the one hand, she wants to, but on the other, the apartment is not removed, you need to prepare dinner, and indeed tomorrow at work is waiting for so many things that it is better to go to bed. Well, or agrees to sex, realizing that he will not receive any pleasure from him. You can solve the situation in two ways. Extend his pleasure by using prolonging gels and sprays, lowering the sensitivity of the penis. Or accelerate it, resorting to the help of means to increase sensitivity and using some tricks. Today we’ll talk about the second method, namely, how you can accelerate the female orgasm. Go!

In what cases it is necessary to accelerate?

Of course, sex can be stretched for a long time.
In the end, this is pleasure and relaxation, and on the maraeon for speed. But there are situations when it is just necessary to accelerate, namely:

  • Sex in an unusual place.
    Intimacy on the roof, in the entrance of a residential building, the fitting room – these are new sensations and interesting experience. Many couples are crazy about such experiments. But you can’t hesitate here, otherwise you can be caught, and few people will like it.
  • Lack of time.
    Yes, at a modern pace of life, sometimes you can only find time even for sex. Then the schedule at work does not allow you to see, then you need to prepare an important report, or a small child will wake up from minute a minute. In such a situation, time is a valuable resource, and it must be used as rationally as possible.
  • Fast orgasm in a man.
    Sometimes a man cannot wait long for physiological reasons. And even if he resorts to help Prolongers, the partner does not catch up with him. Here, without acceleration, you cannot achieve simultaneous orgasm, but it is the key to good sex and relationships.
  • Low sensitivity of the vagina in a woman.
    This can happen for various reasons: the postpartum period, the non-formed sexuality (some girls begin to experience full pleasure only by 25-30 years), inability to relax. If there is such a problem, it is necessary to solve it with means of enhancing sensations, then the orgasm will come faster.

Accelerate female orgasm – you can! Moreover, it is not difficult to do this, it is enough to remember a few effective tips.

Do not forget about the prelude

High -quality prelude – the basis of full -fledged sex and powerful orgasm.
But they often forget about her, or minimize. Perhaps this will surprise you, but for a woman to be able to fully relax, she may need preparation up to half an hour. Well, she can not take off her panties and go into battle, we need caresses.

The ideal beginning of intimacy is erotic massage.
Invite your partner to undress and lie on the bed – start kneading your neck, hands, back, do not bypass and intimate areas (just don’t try to start with them, all gradually). You can make massage mutual – massage each other in turn.

For truly high -quality intimate massage, special tools have been created, for example:

  • Body powder from shunga – It has everything you need: a sweetish taste and exciting aroma.
    With the help of a special feather (which is included), the powder is applied to any area of the skin. It is enough to imagine that the partner is a dessert, and you yourself decide how sweet it will be. And then you can lick the powder from the body, it is absolutely safe and edible.
  • Massage candle with the taste of grapefruit and bergamot – This is in the literal sense of the word warming up.
    First you need to light it, wait 10-15 minutes, and then start watering your body. You should not be afraid – you can’t burn a candle. The basis of the candle is not wax, but oil from natural components. It burns 50 hours, so you can use it every time before proximity, unless, of course, you have nowhere to hurry.
  • Lubrication Durex Play Massage – two in one, massage oil and lubricant.
    Gently slides through the body, moisturizes. You can massage the body with it, gradually switching to erogenous zones, and then use for a delicate and smooth entrance to the bosom.

A great option would be to choose a massage set for yourself.
Many of their types can be found at the brand Shunga, There is a great kit with Dona. Such sets usually collect everything that is necessary for high -quality intimate massage, from oils to exciting gels.
There are separate sets consisting only of candles in Petits Joujoux.

Take your time

Let’s do it quickly: how to accelerate the female orgasm | Orgasms
No matter how paradoxical it may sound, but if you rush and configure yourself to do everything "Quickly", The orgasm will eventually come later, or even does not come at all. Women need more time to accelerate, and this is normal.
You will rush yourself – the bloc will literally appear on the pleasure.

But this concerns the psychological aspect. At a physiological level to hurry a woman – you can.
To do this, you need to use exciting means.

  • Viamax Sensitive – Swedish production gel, enhancing blood flow to the genitals, increasing sensitivity, and as a result – enhancing excitement. It has an accelerated effect.

    You just need to apply it to the labia area, rub it into them with light pathetic movements. The result will not be long in coming. The main active substances of the gel: menthol and arginine. Arginine stimulates the clitoris, blood begins to circulate in it stronger than in other areas, a feeling of pleasant tingling appears. Menthol contributes to its rapid absorption. And most importantly – this effect is absolutely safe and has no contraindications.

  • SHIATSU GEISHAS Dream spray – A simple means of instant action. It is necessary to make several spraying on intimate zones, and a whole complex of exciting essential oils will enter into business.
    It will be easier to relax with him, tune in, catch a sexual wave. Thanks to the sprayer, the product is consumed economically.
  • Sextaz-w "You and me" – exciting cream that received a good response among consumers.
    Tingling – the first signal that the tool began to actively work. Then a blood flow follows, and you can start the case. The product is distinguished by a long effect, excitement will be reinforced during the entire process, so that the orgasm will come faster than usual.

Increase sensitivity

It is much easier to reach orgasm, when literally every site feels a touch.
And here the means that enhance the sensitivity can help. Thanks to carefully selected components, they activate the necessary nerve endings. Great option for women with weak sensitivity.

  • Viamax Warm cream – means to enhance sensations. It has an accumulating effect, the more often it is used, the more it will help to perceive the touch of the partner as much as possible. Stimulates the swelling of the labia and clitoris, as a result, they become especially sensitive to each (even the most easy) touch. Ingredients – natural, collected in environmentally friendly places.
  • Vagina Tightening cream – increases sensitivity due to the narrowing of the vagina. Additionally, the cream moisturizes from the inside and outside, eliminates dryness, increases the elasticity of the walls of the vagina.

Use the assistant

Let’s do it quickly: how to accelerate the female orgasm | Orgasms
Together to satisfy the girl will turn out much faster. And yes, you can exhale and not sort out in your head, whom to call the third to bed. An excellent assistant here will be Cliter stimulator.
With it you can influence the most sensual zone of the female body – clitoris. It is in it that many nerve endings contain.
Moreover, there are models that can be used not only at the time of the prelude, but also directly during the intercourse. It turns out a win -win double impact – on the clitoris, and on the vagina.

We recommend paying attention to:

  • Luxeluv Santiago Play – Incredibly compact vibrator. Its weight is only 20 grams, width – 3.5 cm, length – 4.5 cm. But as the popular saying says: "Small, yes remote". This is a powerful device that, with skillful use, will help the partner accelerate, and he not only brings the orgasm, but also complements it with new sensations.
    Conveniently put on a finger, you can caress him a partner during sex. And small dimensions and almost silent work will allow you to use it in any, even the most unexpected place.
  • Butterfly Pink – This is a kind of classic. After all, they heard about the clitoral butterfly, so it is it. In fact, this is a vibro device on straps that help to fix it on the body. The model will not interfere during sex. The butterfly will additionally stimulate the clitoris, while both partners have free hands. You can regulate vibration using the control panel.

With a clitoral stimulant, the girl will never be losing.
After all, with him the chance that she will receive an orgasm – rises several times. The partner will help to reach vaginal ecstasy, and a sex toy – to the clitoral. At the finish, you risk getting mixed!

Heat at a distance

What to do if there is not enough time for the prelude? Start it while still at a distance from the partner. With innovative Remote control toys – To make it easier.
You can manage them while at least in another country, the main thing is to install a special application, and then choose any mode you like.

But first you need to choose the right device:

  • Cliter Vibrator We-Vibe Gala – If you need to prepare it for intimacy, but at the same time I want her bosom to wait for your penetration. Will have a powerful effect on the clitoris, equipped with two motors at once, which pleasantly spread light vibration throughout the body.
  • VIBROYAITO WE-VIBE JIVE – A great option for those who do not have enough time for games in bed. Its convenient form allows you to wear it anywhere. Just imagine: you can arrange for yourself on the way home, in the office, or waiting for your gentleman in the fitting room.
    The egg does not interfere with the movement, you can walk, run, turn it on and off with it – using a special application. It works silently, so its use will remain a secret for two. A standard egg has 10 different vibration options, but you can adjust them in the application, creating your own, special mode.

Each way to speed up a partner is effective and effective.
You just have to choose what is right for you. Dare!

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