How to get a multiple orgasm to a girl?

How to get a multiple orgasm as a girl: instructions for guys and girls.

Most women believe that to achieve multiple orgasm, it is necessary to have a predisposition. In fact, studies repeatedly prove that such pleasure is available to everyone, if you follow some rules and subtleties. Important tips and practical recommendations on how to get a multiple orgasm to a woman is in our article.

How to get a multiple orgasm to a girl?

What is a multiple orgasm?

Multiple orgasm is what distinguishes women from men, since only the first. Testing multiple orgasm means to end many times in a row without rest and termination of sexual stimulation. If sexual excitement subsides after the first orgasm, the subsequent times will not be considered multiple orgasm.

From the point of view of physiology, the multiple orgasm is due to the fact that, unlike men, women after the first orgasm are excited even more, which contributes to the rapid and easy to obtain a new wave of orgasmic sensations. In some ladies, the acuity of the sensation increases so much that in the end the multiple orgasm leads to a loss of consciousness. Today, about 30% of women experience multiple orgasm.

What science says?

Multiple orgasm is a female orgasm that occurs one after another during intensive and not stopping sexual stimulation. To bring the girl to a multiple orgasm, a man must bring her to orgasms of different types:

  1. Vaginal orgasm – If you do not activate the erogenous points of the vagina, there can be no question of any multiple orgasm. For this, a man needs to stimulate several points at once. Point G -it is located on the front wall under the pubic vaginal bone at a distance of 3-5 cm;And point a (AFE – Anterior Fornix Erogenous) – it is a little deeper than the previous point, in the vagina of the vagina before the cervix begins.
  2. Clital orgasm – an integral step to achieve any type of orgasm, which is a kind of catalyst. A man needs to find a clitoris between the small labia, and then delicately stimulate it.
  3. Anal orgasm – the erogenous point K is located on the inner wall of the vagina and is activated during anal sex.
  4. Urethra orgasm – For it is the point U located between the clitoris and the entrance to the vagina. Proper stimulation of the urethra also provokes a stormy orgasm.
  5. Uterine orgasm – the uterus itself is responsible for it, which is reduced if you put your palm on the lower abdomen and make vibrating movements.
  6. Orgasm of the nipples – Many women get tremendous pleasure from stimulating nipples, which often ends with orgasm.

You can find out more about each type of orgasm from our previous article devoted to the types and types of female orgasm.

How to achieve multiple orgasm?

Every woman can get a multiple orgasm, Its probability depends on the mood, actions and experience of both partners. It is important to consider the list of factors on which the female orgasm depends. Following the invaluable tips that will be presented below, you can achieve such a goal on the first attempt.

Multiple orgasm is the ability of a man to bring a woman to one after another orgasmic waves if a woman experiences several types of orgasm at once. But most often this result is guaranteed by stimulation of the point g.

Psychological training

A woman should be completely confident in the possibility of achieving any type of orgasm with her partner, whether it be squirt, multi -ore or tantric orgasm. Most often, the inability to comprehend such states is due to the fact that the woman does not believe in her chances in advance and considers herself unsuitable for rare types of orgasm.

Therefore, first of all, she should configure herself in advance to get a powerful orgasm. The man, on the contrary, should not focus on helping the partner to experience a multiple orgasm in every possible way.

It is important to set yourself up for a positive outcome of sexual intercourse, even if this time the orgasm is not. Panic and rush are the main mistakes of a man that any woman feels.

Slow sex method

Particular attention should be paid to the durations of each sexual intercourse. In such issues, sexologists advise being slow and sedate, especially with regard to preliminary caresses. The prelude should take at least 20 minutes, To activate nerve endings throughout the body and enhance blood flow.

Slowness – this is what increases excitability and sensitivity to the limit. Therefore, it is necessary to be leisurely in everything, starting with stripping a partner, ending with the stimulation of her erogenous points. If a man is physiologically not capable of long sex, this can be compensated by stimulating with fingers and oral caresses. The main thing is not to increase the pace, as soon as the process began, but to stretch the pleasure to the permissible maximum.

Stimulation of the point G

To bring the girl to multiple orgasm, a man needs to activate all sensitive zones on the body through sexual stimulation. But The point G is considered to be the most important and the most important. This can be done outside of sex, as a prelude to it or add -on after the first orgasm.

You can find it if you enter 1-2 fingers of the hand inside the vagina palm up. At the depths of the two phalanges of the fingers, the tubercle will be felt. Fingers need to make rotational and progressive movements. During sex, you can find a point if a woman falls on her back, pulls up her legs knees to the shoulders, and the man will be on top.

How to get a multiple orgasm to a girl?How to find a “g” point

Proper interaction with a partner

The most common mistake of women is to interrupt contact with a man due to the supersensitivity of the genitals, which is usually facilitated by the first orgasm. If there is a great desire to achieve multiple orgasm, a woman should closely interact with a man without interrupting caresses and his manipulations.

For a man to correctly find and stimulate erogenous points, a woman can tell him what is true and what should not be done. Throughout sexual intercourse, a woman with her partner should become a single whole. For example, while stimulating the GHO point, a woman can help a partner and caress the clitoris or nipples.

Multiorgasm poses

Particular attention should be paid to sex positions that would only contribute to multiple orgasm. The most comfortable poses to stimulate points G are as follows:

  1. Return rider – The man lies on his back, and the woman sits on top to face his feet. All movements, intensity and amplitude regulates it.
  2. Doggi-Steel- A woman stands on all fours, a man attaches to her from behind, after which he performs deep frictions.
  3. Missionary position – The partner lies on her back, a man above her, and her bent legs lie on his back. You can put a pillow under the buttocks.
  4. Behind – A woman lies on her stomach, a man covers her with his body, introducing a member from behind. The close position of the hips and buttocks allows you to stimulate both internal and external genitalia more.
  5. Officer pose – A woman lies on her back with her feet diluted to the sides, a man stands on his knees between them and throws them on his shoulders. Thus, a right angle between the genital organs of partners is obtained, which ensures the maximum entering the zone of point G.

Multiorgasm in the process of masturbation

Multiorgasm can be provoked only by hands of men. For this, you will need to devote enough time for the prelude, stimulation of the clitoris and ging points with with your fingers. A woman can at the same time lie on her back with diluted legs or to be on all fours, so that the man is behind her.

In the same way A woman can achieve multi -organism on her own using masturbation. The first sexual discharge is important here after exposure to point G, after which it will be easier to understand your body, and focus on the desired sensations. And the best assistant will be the vibrator.

It is important in the process of masturbation not to rush and tune in as much as possible in the right way. The first touch should be slow and delicate. To irritate your erogenous points and increase their sensitivity, it is important to influence them in an increasing but leisurely pace. And after the first and subsequent orgasm, it is important not to stop stimulation.

To enhance the sensitivity of erogenous points, you can use special lubricants and lubricants sold in sex shops and specialized stores.

How much time may it take?

Multiorgasm is the ability to reach several orgasms at once, but in practice many women experience difficulties with achieving at least one orgasm. Following all directions and recommendations, partners will take some time to accumulate experience and skills. Only units manage to achieve multioxmes the first time.

If we talk about masturbation through a partner, this is the easiest way to obtain multiple orgasm. His hands and tips of a woman will help to activate several erogenous points at once as much as possible, especially if there is a vibrator at the disposal. Masturbating independently, the results can be achieved after 10-15 sessions.

What is the gap between orgasm?

Today, sexology examines three types of female orgasms in varying degrees of duration:

  1. Single orgasm – Between such orgasms there is a long time interval to rest.
  2. Consistent orgasms – Between such orgasms there may be a break of just a few minutes.
  3. Serial orgasms – There are only a few seconds of the break between such orgasms.

The multiple orgasm includes the third option, when a new wave of orgasmic sensations is covered by a new. The main thing is not to stop frictions and stimulation after each orgasm, but only enhance the intensity.

Is the multiple orgasm harmful to health?

Multiple orgasm, like other types and forms of female orgasm, is a tremendous pleasure for a woman and a pleasant stress for her body.

The orgasm does not cause any harm, on the contrary, favorably affects the group of organs and systems:

  • hormonal background;
  • nervous system;
  • psycho -emotional background;
  • genitourinary and reproductive system;
  • the cardiovascular system.

After reaching multiple orgasm, the woman’s body does not feel any harm. On the contrary, sexual discharge saturates the body with tone and energy, cleanses of negativity and nervousness, establishes interconnected work all organs and systems. It is even known that orgasm promotes rejuvenation.


Any woman who has a good and diligent partner can test multi -argm. To do this, you need to study all the erogenous points indicated above, properly stimulate them and do not stop at the first orgasm achieved. The first attempts can be unsuccessful, to teach a multiple orgasm you need time and experience.

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