How to bring your girlfriend to an unforgettable orgasm

Bring your beloved to the climax.

How to bring your girlfriend to an unforgettable orgasm

Many men are worried about the question – how to bring a girl to orgasm? They need it to prove their beloved their feelings and care, and in bed to be perfect partners. Others wish the same, but only for the next mark in the column of pride, depending on the concept of macho. Be that as it may, the question remains open, so it would be nice to figure it out.

On how to give pleasure to your girlfriend, millions of articles, books, notes and other things are written. But the theory remains the theory, if you do not practice it in practice. In addition, all people are different, individual organisms, and what gives happiness to one is absolutely neutral or irritating to the other . Therefore, first of all, you, as a real man and a curious hunter, need to find out her body, learn how to own them, accurately determine the erogenous zones, to which she reacts most sensually.

This is important!

In addition to the breast and genital area, where the very sensitive receptors are located in all women, it is worth observing the neck, shoulders, belt, feet, lower back. Try to unobtrusively touch her body, caress him, iron and kiss, and you need to do everything slowly, since most of the receptors do not begin to react far from immediately.

To deliver a sea of pleasures to the girl, you should start with preludes so that your beloved is completely relaxed, trusted and liberated. While she is in suspense, afraid of you and be shy, there can be no talk of any beautiful ending. Sometimes in this moment a small dose of alcohol or preliminary massage with essential oils, aromotherapy with candles and a romantic dinner, elementary souls of souls with opening some secrets, role -playing games helps.

By the way, some love tenderness, other rudeness and stiffness, so try to ask this question in a playful form to your girlfriend. In any case, sexual intercourse should start with the game, constant touch of hands and lips without physical penetration inside.

But what about cunnilingus?

How to satisfy your beloved, if all of the above does not help if the caresses were long, and the intimate process is full of passion, lasted almost an hour, but nothing happened? Do not forget that the orgasm is divided into clitoral and vaginal. Most girls are able to experience a clitoral orgasm, so you should not exclude cunnilingus or tactile caresses of the crotch area from their prelude.

Speak affectionate words

Everything should be gently and affectionately, but with fiery passion. Try to hold out as long as possible, tell her about love, constantly kiss and speak compliments, demonstrate an incredible desire. Remember that not always perfect sex – this is evidence that people fit each other and form harmony.

Many couples have common love, but do not always get full satisfaction in bed. Sometimes the concept of physiological incompatibility arises. In any case, it is worth experimenting, try different poses, invent original role -playing games, use aphrodisiacs during dinner, before going to bed, and also change places for sex.

In solving this problem, one should not be afraid or neglect visits to a sexopathologist who can give good advice in your specific situation.

It is really possible to bring the girl to orgasm during intercourse, skillfully and persistently using your entire arsenal of organs – arms, lips, tongue or various devices from sex shops. Only the lazy does not reach his goal, and the loving and trying to certainly find the way to give his queen a real pleasure, and will not regret it time and effort.

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