How to bring a man to orgasm

How to bring a man to orgasm?.

How to bring a man to orgasmAll men are different in physique, psychological profile and even the form of penis. And they experience an orgasm in different ways. One time and all, but you need to sweat above the other. And not only young and inexperienced young ladies are wondering how to bring a guy or man to orgasm.

Like women, the strongest gender experiences different orgasms. Both by strength and in the sensations. Everything in the end comes down to one – to ejaculation, complete relaxation, gamma of feelings.

Types of male orgasm

They are distinguished at the place of application of efforts, so to speak. Sensations are somewhat different in brightness and speed of achievement. A single opinion that there is no better.

  • The most common and common for men is when it finishes the vagina, after active movements or in the mouth of a partner after a blowjob. Penis caress the tongue and lips. Special chic is a deep dive in the throat. Guys are just delighted and experience indescribable bliss.
  • The most rare and underestimated type of male orgasm – Anal orgasm. Reached with stimulation of the prostate. You can give pleasure without penetration, or you can also through the anus.

Methods and technology

  • Erotic massage. They say in the east since ancient times, women own this method. Create a cozy and relaxing environment, aroma lamp, candles. Musten the muscles, as soon as the partner relaxed, go to interesting places. Massage the buttocks. Further, the perineum and especially the area between the testicles and the anus. This is a prostate stimulation point, so you can achieve that same anal orgasm.
  • Manual stimulation. In the context of massage, you can place a partner on your back, smoothly switch to a penis and bring a man to orgasm with your hands. The head of the penis has special sensitivity, and the barrel as an addition. Accordingly, we pay attention to the head. Specify your partner whether he likes testicular caresses. If so, then massage them. The main thing is to act tenderly, you can not twist or rotate the testicles. On the penis, the hands are located with a thumb to the head, as if from behind the partner’s back, repeating the grinding of hands during masturbation. Begin with light movements, increasing the pace.
  • Oral sex. If you want to know how to bring a guy or man to a fence with a blowjob? Then remember only 2 rules. Caution with the teeth. More saliva or lubrication. By the way, a large selection of edible lubricants can be found on . Do not be shy of smacking and various sounds, guys are delighted with them. The main attention of the head, caress it with the tongue and the urethra hole too. First make a member, and then move on to rhythmic movements. Try to enter the penis as deep as possible. Keep the pace before the final. Do it high -quality and bring it to crazy ecstasy. . Here you can either finish your hand, or open your mouth at the time of ejaculation, then the sperm will sprinkle, but it will flow out from your mouth. Well, a special pleasure for guys when they end deep in a closed mouth.
  • Sex toys. A good help is all kinds of stimulants, vibrators and massagers. If a partner is not familiar with them or believes that it is only for women. Give him a steam toy. Like an erective ring with vibration. On the one hand, this is for a partner. On the other hand, he also feels vibration and he is excellent from it. Great thing anal vibrators and massagers for prostate, give the brightest sensations and orgasms very plentiful on sperm.
  • Penetrating sex. Many men note that I finish inside a partner experience special sensations. A man’s orgasm depends on the strength of the contraction of the muscles of the vagina and the density of the penis coverage. Often after childbirth, it is difficult to achieve previous sensations and not only women. It happens that after the birth of a child, sexual life loses its former brightness. To restore the muscle tone of the muscles of the perineum (and for not giving birth to women to train these muscles), use various Kegel simulators. The elastic and powerful compression of the penis of the intra -seizure will help the partner experience incredible feelings. Anal sex dream of many men. The anus was originally more and more. Penetration into it enhances the excitement of a man, and orgasms are bright. For this type, it is desirable to prepare sexy so that there are no painful and uncomfortable sensations. To do this, use anal Christmas trees, chains or balls. And also a cherry on the cake can How to bring a man to orgasmget sex with double penetration. The partner also feels this. To recreate such piquant orgasms, you can use the phalloimitator.

You can give the guy an unforgettable pleasure in a lot of different ways. The main thing is to be liberated and relaxed in bed. And use the inventions of our time that can be found on the Eroticavip For all of the above methods, you can find a help there. Do not be afraid to experiment and surprise. Good sex with a bright orgasm the key to long and harmonious relations.

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