How to bring a man to orgasm: he will finish quickly and strongly

Instructions: how to bring a man to orgasm so that he remembers it.

It is not difficult to bring a man to orgasm. The main thing is to listen to the language of his body, which will speak when to accelerate, and when slowing down the pace of movements. If you do everything right, then a man will be able to experience the strongest orgasm, which will not be able to forget about for a long time.

How to bring a man to orgasm: he will finish quickly and strongly

Several stages of male orgasm

You need to understand that each guy has an orgasm in several stages:

  1. During the first stage, a sexual attraction to the girl begins. There is a slight excitement from the touch and smells of the partner.
  2. The second stage is more pronounced, since the member begins to go into an erect state, and the testicles quickly rise. It is at this moment that the intercourse begins.
  3. The third stage is considered intermediate, because a few seconds after it begins the ejaculation. At the third stage, a man tries to hold his excitement at the same level, regulating the speed of progressive movements. No matter how hard the man tries, his breathing will increase, and the pulse will jump to the mark of 160 beats per minute. All body muscles will be extremely tense, especially the buttocks and anal ring. Random grimaces may appear on the face, which is quite natural. Frictions will become more enhanced and frequent.
  4. During the fourth stage, the man reaches the strongest peak of pleasure. After this feeling, you can expect an ejaculation, which occurs not at a time, but in a few emissions (often 3-4). Between each separate sperm emission, there may be an interval of one second. This is due to the fact that it is so much time that the muscles are reduced.

But all this is an ordinary orgasm that a man can get even with masturbation on his own. In our article, we will talk about how to give your man the strongest and most stormy orgasm in his life, which he will remember for a very long time.

How to bring a man to a strong orgasm

How to bring a man to orgasm: he will finish quickly and stronglyWhat do men want

If you really want to please your man with a violent orgasm, you will have to work hard. Ordinary sex will not allow you to get such bright and rich sensations, so you need to look for completely different methods, which will allow you to become a sophisticated mistress. There are several tricks that every girl should know so that her man does not even think to start her mistress.

Get it in the morning

Moral mood plays a very important role in any relationship, so you can apply this tactic in sex. Try to subtly hint to your young man that when he returns home in the evening, stormy sex will wait for him. You can promise him a blowjob by licking your lips. One thought that sex will only wait for him in the evening, will not allow you to concentrate at work.

It is best to be in panties or completely naked when you hint the man at evening sex so that this image is in his head throughout the day.

The man will imagine how exactly this will happen and will gradually be excited. This technique will help perfectly, since the degree of excitation will already be at the limit. You will only need to “add oil into the fire” in the evening. The main thing is to do everything right and without unnecessary pathos, which can ruin everything.

Find out what he wants

Before undressing, you need to ask your man how exactly he wants to have sex. Be sure, in his head there is a huge number of erotic fantasies that he dreams of realizing for many years. Give him such an opportunity.

Perhaps your man has always dreamed of knitting you and dominate you during sex. In such sexual games, you need to be prepared for the fact that you can spank you, and depending on how long the man has been waiting for this moment, the power of slaps may depend.

Ask your boyfriend, maybe he wants to play the role of a slave and see a dominant woman in your face. Sexual preferences can be very different.

There are men who are very excited by erotic costumes. Maybe he always dreamed of having sex with a nurse, then there is nothing difficult to do with it. Just buy a suit or make it yourself from improvised means and give your man an unforgettable pleasure. The only thought that his dream comes true right here and now will bring him in full delight, so be sure that he will have the most powerful orgasm. Perhaps he just wants to turn on porn videos and this will be enough for strong excitement.

It is best to ask about his preferences during sex or preliminary caresses. At this moment, the man is excited and will be less ashamed. Yes, that’s right, men are too shy. Indeed, otherwise you would have known for a long time that he wants to get in bed.

Be sexy

You must remember that you are a woman who, by nature, should be sexy and desirable. Put on sexy underwear. It is best to buy a new option in a sex shop so that a man has never seen it on you before and simply does not expect this when you undress.

Try to make all movements smoothly and sexually. During sex, you can gently and lingeringly moan, and the volume of the groans should be added gradually. It will not be superfluous to moan to your man in the ear, while licking him. If you make a blowjob to your boyfriend, then you must definitely look into his eyes, because eye contact will excite him very much. It will not be superfluous to smoke and dance with your mouth during a blowjob. Such sounds will delight a man.

As for the techniques of oral skill, you can easily learn to them by studying the article “How to bring to orgasm with a blowjob”, as well as “blowjob techniques” on our website.

Feel him and show your desire

You must constantly feel the body of your young man. You need to pay attention even to the most insignificant changes. If you made a movement that you have not used before, see how it will react. If he jerks sharply, then he does not like. And if it starts to give signals with the whole body, that it was simply amazing, then do not hesitate to continue and include this trick in your personal collection of movements.

Experiment constantly. This will not only quickly understand what movements a man like and which. The fact is that you can diversify sex. If, with weak excitement, the man did not like your actions, then it is possible when he is more excited, he will be more pleasant for him.

Try to show with your whole body how you like to have sex with your man. He should feel and see passion in your eyes. Of course, everything needs to be done in moderation. If you constantly scream during sex, then this, on the contrary, can push a man away from you.

More lubrication

Try to maintain a wet environment. If the natural lubricant, which is not enough during sex, will not be enough, then you can stock up in advance with special lubricants in the pharmacy. They will enhance sensations and increase excitement.

It is best not to use lubricants with an anesthetic effect, since these products dull sensations during sex.


Monotonous and familiar sex will not allow a man to get the most stormy orgasm in his life. You need to constantly change poses during sex and try to diversify it as much as possible. It will not be superfluous to add anal sex to standard sex and blowjob, which is liked by most of the male population. Perhaps it is anal sex that will allow your young man to get a huge pleasure.

Several interesting techniques

There are several interesting techniques that will allow your man to end with great pleasure.

  1. Alternate penetration. In this case, a man can penetrate alternately into the vagina and anus. But in order for everything to go perfectly, it is best to make an enema before such sex and stock up on grease.
  2. During sex, you can stop your man and just start making a blowjob. Such an unexpected solution on your part will delight him.
  3. Spontaneous sex has always been considered the most violent, Therefore, you can please your man with sex in an interesting place, for example, in the elevator.

Every girl can choose the technique that is best for her man.

We give the fastest orgasm

For a man to finish quickly, you can use a secret technique that goes well with moans and rhythmic movements. Take your man by the buttocks and begin to massage his anal ring with a damp finger. If you see that he began to move faster, then the reception works. So that the man ends faster and stronger, you can insert a little finger into his ass a little. Believe me, he will be completely delighted, even if before that he will in every way dissuade you from this venture.

Most of the men do not agree to such a technique before sex, but during intercourse, the girl can do this without demand and the man will not resist.

How to bring a man to orgasm without sex

It turns out that you can bring your young man to orgasm without sex and even without oral caresses. You can just bring to orgasm with your hands. The most important thing is abundantly pour your palms with grease. You need to use both hands, since one will make progressive movements, while the other hand needs to stimulate the testicles. But do not overdo it with effort, because otherwise a man may experience painful sensations in the scrotum.

The easiest way to the bright orgasm of a man is his secret desires

For a man to get the most stormy orgasm in his life, just ask his preferences in sex. This will be quite enough, because he can tell you what exactly is exciting him most strongly, and what is best to refuse.

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