How to bring a girl to orgasm: 8 simple steps

How to bring a girl to orgasm: 100% option.

All men without exception dreaming of knowledge, skills and skills, how to bring a girl to orgasm. After all, female orgasm is a complex psychophysical process, which can influence numerous factors. But most of the success in sex depends primarily on the efforts of the partner, so in this article invaluable tips on bringing a woman to orgasm will be proposed.

How to bring a girl to orgasm: 8 simple steps

What does an orgasm depend?

The female orgasm primarily depends on the brain of the woman and her psycho -emotional background, because it is not for nothing that they say that The female brain is considered the most excitable point. Physiological factors and actions on the part of the partner can also have a positive or negative. We will show about the most important factors that make up the female orgasm in the table.

Factors Influence Explanation
Sexual education Medium Sometimes it is difficult for women to liberate in bed and achieve orgasm because of too strict and moral education, which is why sex is perceived as something shameful.
Religious views Weak Some women who adhere to strict religious rules and principles cannot completely liberate in bed, which is why it is not possible to achieve an orgasm.
Psycho -emotional state Medium A decrease in libido (sexuality and attraction) of a woman can be facilitated by severe stress, depression, depressed state, apathy, overwork and weakness.
Type of sexuality and temperament Strongly All women are divided into three types of sexuality – a weak, medium and strong type. Accordingly, it is more difficult for one to enjoy sex, others get it several times per night.
Situation Strongly It is important for a woman to tune in to sexual intercourse, any noise, bright light, strangers, all this will distract thoughts and attention.
Romance Medium The psycho -emotional background is important for any woman, excites many and starts a romantic behavior of a partner.
Relaxation Strongly Any problems at work or in other areas of life can be so disturbed by a woman that she will not be up to sex at all. It is extremely important to relax and turn off the brain.
Prelude Very much It is extremely important for a man to warm up a woman before sexual intercourse and gradually excite, it will take 10-20 minutes of prelude, consisting of kisses, hugs, stroking and stimulation of erogenous zones.
Climate in relations with a partner Strongly Any quarrels, conflicts and misunderstandings, as well as a distrust of a man, can negatively affect the quality of sexual life.
The moisture content of the genitals Very much If a woman is not excited enough, and the genitals are dry without natural lubrication, sexual intercourse will not lead to orgasm, and sometimes it can even be painful.
Sex technique Very much The possibility of achieving orgasm will resort to what the techniques of stimulating erogenous points will do with a woman, which techniques of stimulating erogenous points will resort to directly.

The most important factor predetermining the possibility of female orgasm is a partner knowledge. A man must understand the physiology and structure of the genitals, in all erogenous points and stimulation techniques. Most often, ignorance of the foundations of female orgasm is the cause of female anorgasmia.

The path to orgasm

To quickly bring the girl to orgasm, just follow the scheme by steps.

1 Step – Binding

The mood of a woman is the main indicator of whether her man can bring to a strong orgasm. So that her thoughts are occupied only by one and no distracting factors are confused, a man needs hint in advance on the upcoming proximity. You can lay thoughts about sex in her brain with hints and flirting.

The best time for this is the morning when the partners are in a common bed. It is possible to devote time to caresses and the manifestation of tenderness, and then interrupt the process and say that the continuation will be in the evening. And during a working day you can send a girl exciting SMS messages with unambiguous hints, thereby playing with her imagination and imagination. As a result, she will look forward to the onset of evening and intimacy.

In bed, many men make a mistake, focusing on their own satisfaction. It will be extremely pleasant for a woman if her partner will first take care of her pleasure, showing it in every way.

2 Step – attention

To get the location and sympathy from the girl, a man needs to first spend time and effort on her. The most invaluable gift on his part is attention, which all ladies are so lacking without exception. How can I do that:

  • cast a look at her admiration;
  • talk about the wild desire for intimacy with her;
  • take compliments about her appearance;
  • constantly maintain tactile contact;
  • make pleasant presentations.

Also, a man can directly ask what exactly the woman likes in bed with him, then pamper her with such caresses. Knowing what a woman wants, you can not only give her pleasure in bed, but also regularly bring to violent orgasms.

3 step – prelude

In addition to moral preparation for sex, a woman needs to be prepared physically. For this, the prelude was invented – tactile contact and affection, which can increase the excitability of partners.

What can be included in the prelude process:

  • Kisses on the lips (it is important to take care of the freshness of breathing);
  • embrace, which give a feeling of happiness and joy;
  • Whispering in the ear compliments, pleasant and exciting words;
  • Kisses of erogenous points – neck, ears, neckline, lower abdomen;
  • Massage of the whole body, stroking the back, waist, hips and buttocks.

Flirt – this is what excites and likes all women without exception. In addition, playfulness on the part of partners will allow them to diversify sex life and bring new emotions into it. And, as you know, women are too dependent on emotions and feelings.

4 Step – warming up

The easiest way to warm up both partners is oral sex, but it can be present only after the prelude. Heat the genital organs of the partner so that she herself wishes sex, you can in two ways:

  • masturbation – A man with his hands and fingers stimulates the external genital organs of his partner, as well as the erogenous points of the vagina;
  • cunnilingus – Any woman dreams of oral affection, a man needs to caress the large and small genital organs with her tongue and lips, as well as to properly stimulate the woman’s clitoris (the most sensitive erogenous zone).

About how to do cunnilingus, you can separately learn from the lessons on our website, as well as videos. The main thing is not to rush, to be delicate, to adhere to different cunnilingus techniques in order to excite a partner as much as possible and bring it to a powerful orgasm.

5 step – a lot of lubrication

How to bring a girl to orgasm: 8 simple stepsWhat are lubricants

In order for any touch to the genitals to be delivered to the woman only pleasure, a man needs to take care of the presence of lubrication. The moisture content of the genitals can increase naturally if a woman is sufficiently excited From words, preludes and oral caresses of a partner.

If natural lubricant is not enough, you need to use special tools – lubricants. It can be a spray, gel or cream with different tastes and smells. Otherwise, the clitoris stimulation will be extremely painful, and the introduction of a member and frictions provoke intensive friction and irritation.

6 Step – diversity

In porn films, a man usually literally bursts into his childbearing organ into the woman, which should not be in real life. All women, without exception, love affection and tenderness, Therefore, you need to bow to sex gradually and without haste. And so that sex is always accompanied by an orgasm, it is important to observe the rule of diversity.

The first thing to constantly experiment with is the situation. When the bedroom and the bed are already tired of it, you can have sex in any other room, in nature or in some extreme conditions. The second thing that partners must observe is the variety of poses, so that a man will be able to stimulate different erogenous points in the vagina. Search for new poses will show that it brings pleasure to a woman.

7 Step – acceleration before the final

A man should remember that the duration of sex before the onset of female orgasm directly depends on the degree of activity and depth of frictions, pace and speed of sexual intercourse. First you need to be slow and tender, as it increases, accelerate the pace and increase the intensity of frictions.

As soon as the contraction of the muscles of the vagina is felt, and the woman begins to bend under a man and in every possible way to provoke him to acceleration, it is important not to hesitate, but to gain momentum. The best way to awaken several erogenous points at once is the alternation of superficial and deep frictions. As soon as an orgasm approaches, a man should not discard the pace, but only increase the intensity of penetrations.

8 Step – correct finale

The easiest way to bring a partner to orgasm is the stimulation of the clitoris. This can be done at the stage of masturbation and cunnilingus, after which a woman will be much easier to achieve vaginal orgasm. And as soon as she begins to blush, cling, and then wriggling under the man, so the man achieved what he wanted, he managed to bring to a vaginal orgasm.

Many people prefer to stop there, making a big mistake. Unlike men, women are methods for multiple orgasm without a break, so you can continue sexual intercourse and frictions. After the first orgasm, the member hold in the vagina, continuing all the actions according to the same scenario.

During subsequent frictions, a man needs wet fingers to stimulate the clitoris, while making movements a member in the vagina. In parallel with this, we can speak exciting words, compliments and words of love to help a woman tune in to the right way, relax and completely trust the partner. Multiple orgasms can even lead to squirt – the highest point of female orgasm.

Correct equipment after each time

After each intercourse, a man should carry out work on errors inside himself. A frank conversation with a partner can help in this, questions about what she liked the most and what actions could be removed in subsequent proximity. You can find the most active points on her body only by trial and errors.

After receiving the desired, perhaps you will be interested in the topic of anal orgasm, you can also learn about this from the article on our website.


The female orgasm of each girl proceeds in different ways, some get it regularly after 5-15 minutes of sex, others are more difficult to reach the peak of pleasure, it takes much more time. If a man works for himself a few important steps on the way to satisfy a partner and achieve orgasm, he will become an impeccable lover for her.

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