How long does an orgasm last in women and men

The duration of orgasm in seconds.

How long does an orgasm last in women and men

People do not have sex for the process. Women like men who can satisfy their needs. Nature ordered so that the guys easily end. Girls are not so easy to achieve discharge. Let’s talk about the most exciting moment – an orgasm: how long does the final pleasure of both sexes last in time.

We run the stopwatch

It is believed that the orgasm of the ladies lasts much longer than that of their gentlemen. A similar point of view migrated in the field of public opinion from the porn industry. In piquant films, women are pleasure for 2-3 minutes. The results of men are much more modest. Their “triumph” ends through miserable 5 seconds. In fact, everything is more interesting.

Let us take the study of Rolf Dagen – a sexologist from Germany.


Time: 1.7 seconds.

How long does an orgasm last in women and men

The results do not fit at all with folk rumor. By simple computing, the German sexologist determined that the middle lady is in a state of orgasm of everything 1 Hour and 24 Minutes in a lifetime. Little. The statistics did not include those who simulate this blessed state. The point is not so much in physiology as in psychological restrictions.

Evolution played a cruel joke with girls. Nature has given them too difficult a role – the continuation of the genus. Initially, sex was not a simple entertainment. The conception of the child was the main task of sexual intercourse. And the fair sex needed to choose a worthy candidate. And then, still with the cave, saber -toothed tigers walked. What a pleasure there is. Would not ate inadvertently at the most crucial moment.

Now everything is in order with safety, but the attitude to sex of girls has changed little. First of all, you need to choose a partner. In primitive times, the dominant male was considered the most successful. He led the hunt and received the largest pieces of prey. Now all resources have been among intellectual men, dominant can only boast of a couple of convictions.

So it happened that one partner is needed for stability, and the second for passion. It is rare to combine. Hence the simulation of orgasm, which reduces and so rare periods of sexual discharge.


Time: 12.4 seconds.

How long does an orgasm last in women and men

A good result. The middle guy “wounds” the whole in his life 9 hours and 18 minutes of the duration of orgasm. There are rarely situations in the field of view when a man did not end during love. There was even a problem called “Speed -shot”. You have to stretch the process to give pleasure to the partner.

Representatives of the strong half of humanity sin to complain about the theory of evolution. Some scientists argue that in primitive times, polygamy reigned in ancient society. The dominant male had to conceive as many children as possible. For a limited time. After all, the mammoth will not fill up itself. We’ll have to tinker. Therefore, “be in time for 60 seconds “became the norm.

Physical power inspired a prehistoric macho feeling of relative security. Therefore, the ancestors did not look around, but systematically dealt with the case of expanding the borders of humanity. The orgasm turned out easily and without unnecessary effort.

In today’s times, circumstances have not changed much. True, processing and stress have significantly reduced potency. But otherwise everything is not bad. Therefore, the guys end in 99 % cases.

We increase time

How long does an orgasm last in women and men

It is bad when partners receive a different level of pleasure during sex. But there are tested ways to equalize the chances for years. True, they differ by sexual basis. What is suitable for guys, then sometimes it does not work in relation to girls. Therefore, we will do the division again.


First of all, we will take care of choosing a partner. If the lady considers her companion weak, indecisive, orgasm will only have to dream. Attention should be paid to persistent, strong guys.

The perfect partner

Here are the signs of not alcohol-aggressive, but present dominant:

  • Self confidence. Always knows what he wants. Does not begging, you will not force him to instantly fulfill all whims.
  • Grooming. A man appreciates himself. Therefore, watches the appearance. Impeccable haircut, good clothes.
  • Leadership skills. Leads his loved ones to success. Able to lead. From him you will not hear phrases such as “where we go today, dear?”.
  • Financial well -being. There is not a lot of money, but enough to bring her beloved girl to a restaurant.
  • Education. Powerful intelligence is sexier than appearance. Therefore, we analyze the speech, views on life, work.

This is only part of the components of the ideal image of the dominant. Women know how to determine who is facing them, literally at first sight.

Sex rules

We said that girls pay attention to any extraneous sound while making love. Therefore, you need to ensure complete silence. A neighbor from the upper floor that does not turn off the punch – a bad sign.

Another important factor is psychological comfort. If the negative is constantly scrolling in thoughts, you can forget about a bright orgasm. This was proved by scientists from the University of Groningham that in Holland. Another experimenters found out that girls on thirty % is easier to end if they have warm legs. We put on woolen socks.

Ladies are afraid of unplanned pregnancy and different sexual infection. Therefore, the usual condom will unload the tense psyche.

Researchers from Germany interviewed 2000 women. The age range was like this: 1849 years. Higher education respondents admitted that they have problems with achieving orgasm. They turned out to be 62 %. But only 38 % of ladies with secondary education complained of rare discharge. This is the case when knowledge increases sorrow.

We do not urge to score on the institute. We only advise you not to drive in trifles.


Men have few obstacles for prolonged orgasm. Public morality passes by, relaxation is not required. Of course, if a husband is about to come from work, and a lover’s neighbor is knocking on the door, the level of adrenaline goes off scale. But even in such a situation you can finish. The main thing is with whom.

Best woman

Guys need to responsibly approach the choice of a sexual partner. An error is capable of fatally affect libido. We throw an approximate portrait of an ideal chosen one:

  • Teenage to experiments. You need to try new poses and practices. You can’t go far on one vaginal sex.
  • Positive mood. The conversation about the futility of being in bed has little to obtain mutual discharge.
  • Pleasant appearance. A man loves his eyes. Therefore, rounded hips, the chest will not hurt more than the zero size.
  • Constancy. Eternal flirting with other guys, the phone is annoyed until morning.

No need to look for an ideal. It is necessary that the lady respects her companion, see in him not only a wallet with a built -in vibrator. Representatives of the strong half of humanity feel more confident if their income level is higher than that of the companions.

Making love

It is important to move forward. Missionary pose get tired of the week. Will have to look for something new. Which options are better: vaginal, anal or yelling? The editors of the Russian branch of Playboy magazine conducted readers. Order 41 % of men admitted that most of all they like to end from oral sex.

Therefore, a variety is needed. It is better to use more lubricants so that the partner also gets discharge. What to do with an elastic band? Better put on. She protects against a sudden change of status to “young father”. Plus infections will pass by. Take at least Runway – Human papilloma virus. Everyone has it. In large doses, the development of oncology provokes.

Special techniques

Scientists have found that prolonged sex gives a long orgasm. There are two techniques for “stretching” sexual intercourse:

  1. Multiple orgasm.
  2. Interruption of rhythm.

The first option is suitable for women. Only 17 % are endowed with the ability to end with “waves”. The rest must be studied. Then the pleasure time will increase from tiny 1.7 Seconds to 3 minutes. Maybe more. Tactics is as follows:

  • Pay maximum attention to the “warm -up”. The indicator that you are ready is a lot of natural lubrication.
  • Ask your partner to extend frictions. Then, after the first orgasm, the second and third will come.
  • Stimulate the clitoris. Pressure on an erectile organ will increase the chance of multi -ore.

Men should stop in time, then start the reciprocating movements again on the growing. A similar approach will reduce the likelihood of a “speed” and will help to stretch the pleasure with 12.4 Seconds to 30-40. We give some tips:

  • Train the pubic and cap. To do this, just stop the stream during urination.
  • Practice “destroyed” orgasm. This is when the willingness appears to end, but you need to squeeze a member a second before the finale.
  • Do not be afraid of experiments. Prostate stimulation can give new sensations.

Physical practices should be combined with spiritual and psychological. Meditation reduces anxiety level. A frank conversation takes relationships and erotic fun to a new level.

The middle orgasm of a woman lasts 1.7 seconds, men – 12.4 seconds. This time can be increased. Find a suitable partner, choose the perfect type of sex and stimulation level. Special techniques will help girls experience multioxmes, and guys get bliss in 2 longer than usual.

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