Frigid or clamped? Why do some women do not experience an orgasm

Frigid or clamped? Why do some women do not experience an orgasm.

Frigid or clamped? Why do some women do not experience an orgasm

Any woman will be a shame to hear in her address that she «Cold» or «frigid». Term «frigidity» really exists in the concept of sexology and medicine. But more this term refers to psychology. Why a woman is frigid? There are several good reasons for this.

If we consider world statistics, you can track the increase in female frigidity in the last decade: 2000 – 6%, 2004 – 7%, 2006 – 11%, 2012 – 13% of women in a voluntary survey replied that they did not have sexual satisfaction during sex.

Psychotherapists and sexologists were divided into opinions. Some believe that frigidity – This is a disease associated with one of the four factors:

  • The belated development of sexual feelings;
  • Constant stress;
  • Brain diseases or drug use;
  • Insufficient development of psychosexual functions;

Another part of scientists insists that women who do not receive satisfaction are not at all sick. The reason for this sexual disadvantage lies in the fact that it is either very clamped or disgusted with the partner, or does not have satisfaction with the partner, which she has at the moment. As an option, a woman must understand how she is well or to take advice with specialists. Consider these three reasons in more detail.

Frigid or clamped? Why do some women do not experience an orgasm


In childhood, the girl is laid the first basics of sexual education. The baby has been consciously watching her parents from three years old. She sees their attitude to each other, a manifestation of feelings, kisses, hugs. If everything is fine in the family, there is both mom and dad – A small woman is formed correctly, she is balanced, sexual concepts are formed in her positive. The absence of dad, if mom does not show aggressive attitude to men, cannot affect the proper development of the girl. But in the case of violence in the family, constant quarrels between her parents, the girl unconsciously takes the side of a woman-mother and can relate to a man-dad with cautious and even hatred.

What to do: Parents, unfortunately, have already done their job. Now only a patient partner who will treat her with understanding and love can help a woman, not to crush or rush events. Experience shows that in a year all sexual functions in a partner are restored in full.

Aversion to the partner

In every third case, when a girl or woman does not receive an orgasm, the reason is hostility to the partner. Most often this happens with unequal marriages when the husband is much older than his wife. The second option – marriage at the insistence of parents or by calculation. And the third option – Dependence on an unloved man in the apartment issue.

What to do: There is only one way out of this situation – Change your partner. Often women find their lover, in this case, all her sexual functions also return to normal.

Inappropriate partner

A lot of representatives of the beautiful half faced the fact that they with a partner have great love, excellent relations, a good family, and somehow it does not develop in bed. The thing is that during the first sexual acts the partner imitated an orgasm, she did not say anything to the young man. After some time, it is already hard to tell a man about this: you can offend him very much. And the woman is silent further. A little more time will pass and the female body will be so accustomed to such sexes that even in the case of creating some kind of romantic atmosphere, sexual satisfaction will not be achieved.

What to do: Gather with the spirit, choose the right time and talk very gently with a partner, explaining to him that some time ago you stopped experiencing an orgasm with sexual intimacy. A man, if he really loves, finds the opportunity to change something in a relationship, pride will make him achieve his beloved woman to receive satisfaction with him. Do not forget that they will always come to the rescue Erotic toys for women, The main goal of which is the correct stimulation of erogenous zones to achieve orgasm.

Frigidity – Not a diagnosis, this is not forever. In 99% of cases, all problems associated with frigidity are solved. Only faith and patience are needed.

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