Deep vaginal orgasm and uterine orgasm

Deep vaginal orgasm and uterine orgasm.

Deep vaginal orgasm and uterine orgasm

A deep vaginal orgasm is similar to a stone thrown into the water: at first the point G is excited and orgasm, then the excitement goes to the deep point and the woman does not want to stop sexual intercourse, she passionately asks for continuation – asks to introduce a member and penetrate deeper and harder. With such tactics, subsequent wave orgasms arise. This process of multiple orgasms can last up to half an hour

. All these orgasms during intercourse are enhanced each time. It looks like a stone thrown into the water – circles diverge, and the orgasm penetrates deeper into the tissue, covering the increasing area of the genitals and, in the end, leading to a deep vaginal orgasm.

To wake deep points inside the vagina, a woman must perform exercises for the muscles of the pelvis, as well as Kegel exercises. It is these muscles that will help you fully feel the difference between deep vaginal orgasm and simple clitoral.

Uterine orgasm

This is another erogenous zone. Unlike deep vaginal or clitoral orgasm, the uterine orgasm is delicate, light and barely noticeable. In order to get it, a woman lies on her back, a man with light vibrating movements stimulates the uterus through the front surface of the abdomen, and the woman cuts the vaginal muscles with the help of Kegel exercises. Despite the small intensity, it is still worthwhile to master this technique in order to experience multiple multi -organs.

Is it worth trying?

Certainly! Definitely yes! With a deep vaginal orgasm, a deep contraction of the muscles of the entire pelvis occurs, from point G – large, and from point A and the deep point – small convulsive contractions.

When it is achieved, a woman can experience it all the time no matter how much sexual intercourse lasts after its onset, that is, it does not lose its energy as for example a male orgasm.

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