All types of female orgasm

Types and types of female orgasm.

To outline the female orgasm is an obviously losing solution, since each woman has different sensations during orgasm. And in medicine today the numerous types of female orgasm are distinguished, bringing different levels and degree of pleasure and satisfaction. One thing can be said for sure, there are no two similar orgasms, and the essence of each type of orgasm will be discussed further. And yes, we will analyze all existing types of orgasm in women.

All types of female orgasm

The severity of the sensations of female orgasms: table

To understand what types of orgasm are practiced today in relationships, what a range of emotions and sensations each of them carries, how intense and pleasant, it is worth looking into a comparative table.

Types of orgasms Sensation acuity on a 10 -point scale Description of sensations How often it meets
Vaginal 7 out of 10 Strong orgasm that reduces the muscles of the vagina for 30-60 seconds. Often
Cliter 8 out of 10 Subtle, sensitive and emotionally shocking orgasm, which lasts less vaginal. Often
Orgasm of the point g 7 out of 10 Orgasm causes cramps in the body and muscle cramps for 30-60 seconds. Often
Inkjet (squirting) 9 out of 10 Orgasm of the highest degree of intensity, accompanied. Its duration can reach several minutes. Rarely
Orgasm of point a 7 out of 10 Rolls on a woman with waves of pleasure, accompanied by an emotional surge. Rarely
Orgasm of the point y 8 out of 10 Urethra orgasm, which with force and sensuality resembles a clitoral orgasm. Rarely
An orgasm of a deep point (on the contrary of point a) 5 out of 10 The degree of intensity of such an orgasm is slightly lower than the vaginal orgasm of other types. After such a discharge, a woman feels complete relaxation and peace. Fine
Orgasm from stimulation of breasts and nipples 6 out of 10 Such an orgasm causes contraction of the muscles of the uterus, and also increases the level of oxytocin, as a result of which the woman experiences affection and love. Rarely
Oral orgasm (from blowjob) 4 out of 10 Eastern practice says that an orgasm of this nature is lower in intensity than a vaginal and clitoral orgasm, but there is a feeling of sexual discharge. Rarely
Anal orgasm 5 out of 10 The intensity depends on the sexuality and temperament of a woman. Fine
Cervical orgasm (cervical orgasm) 5 out of 10 A delicate and barely noticeable orgasm that gives a woman a pleasant sensation and an increase in tone. Fine
Mixed orgasm (from stimulating several zones) 9 out of 10 Each time, such an orgasm will give a woman different sensations, but in general it is one of the most intense and relaxing orgasms. Often
Tactile orgasm (or orgasm of the whole body) 10 of 10 Tantric orgasm is available only to units, for several minutes (and sometimes hours), a woman will shake with strong convulsions throughout the body, flowing from one form of orgasm to another. Very rarely
Mental orgasm (emotional) 4 out of 10 Orgasm manifests itself more emotionally than physically. A woman can laugh on a vaginal orgasm, cry, and sometimes all at the same time. Rarely
Corgasm (orgasm from exercises, training) 4 out of 10 Weak orgasm that resembles a clitoral orgasm against the background of friction and vibrating movements. After such a discharge, a woman feels relaxation and calm. Very rarely
Sleepy orgasm (female pollations) 3 out of 10 This form of orgasm occurs in an uncontrolled way at night in the midst of sleep, which means that physiologically and emotionally a woman feels little and remembers a little. Very rarely
Multiple orgasm 10 of 10 A woman receives an orgasm one by one, enjoying the rolling waves of discharge. Orgasm every time it becomes stronger and more saturated. Very rarely

The stronger in a woman sexuality and temperament, the more types of orgasm she can experience. An equally role in this matter is played by the dexterity and efforts of the sexual partner. If desired, sufficient knowledge and practice can be awakened in a woman all erogenous zones.


In fact, female orgasms are each time different in sensations, duration, power and sensitivity. In medicine, several dozen types of orgasms that a woman may experience are considered. The most common type is a vaginal orgasm that may be the result of vagina stimulation and her hotel erogenous points.

Vaginal orgasm is most often possible in adults mature women who survived the birth activity and hormonal restructuring. But young girls with insufficient sexual experience manage to comprehend only a clitoral orgasm. The generic activity and movement of the fetal head through the uterine canal leads to rebirth and renewal of nerve tissues, after which a woman can enjoy a vaginal orgasm, including.

Vaginal orgasm can be different, since the vagina has several erogenous zones. Accordingly, the subspecies of vaginal orgasm depends on which area will respond to stimulation. Consider 5 subtypes of vaginal orgasm.

All types of female orgasmWoman’s body during sex

Section G (ji) orgasm

The ji point is located on the front wall of the female vagina, and to get to it, you need to enter a member 2-3 cm. In this case, stimulation of the paraunshtral glands (female prostate) will occur). Such glands, both in the case of men and women, are able to cause ejaculation.

For many women, the point g for a long time is inactive, and in order to arouse it, it will take some time to direct it to its stimulation, and that most importantly, without haste. You can find a point only if the girl is sufficiently excited by a prelude and oral affection, as well as if she previously experienced a clitoral orgasm.

JI point orgasm can last from 1 second to 5-10 seconds.

Inkjet (squirting)

If we consider all types of female orgasm, squirt is the most powerful species, which only units manage. It differs significantly in duration, depth and intensity. To achieve a squirt, a man needs to stimulate a G (parauretral glands) point so that the glands become swollen and accumulate fluid in themselves.

Some women need to finish several times during the impact on the point G in order to once again orgate squirt. It is expressed in powerful deep orgasic seizures and fluid emissions. Transparent fluid during squirting will not be released from the urethral canal, but from the small holes located on both sides of it. However, there is a version that this is precisely urine. Do not be surprised and do not disdain, just take note.

Orgasm of point a

The erogenous point A is also located in front of the vagina, but a little further than point g. Unfortunately, few of modern young people generally know about the existence of point A, respectively, an orgasm of this species – a rarity. It is possible to reach point A if you enter the middle finger in its entire length in the woman’s vagina, massaging the front wall.

If the point is g it can be felt, since we are talking about a small tubercle, the point is tactilely impossible to determine. Just in this section of the vaginal neck there is a large number of nerve endings. The erogenous region is also “not activated”, therefore, before sexual intercourse, the partner needs to “arouse” it with delicate massive movements.

Orgasm of the point U (urethra)

Modern sexologists believe that the searches of the GOT GL are the last century, since relatively recently new points were found for the onset of orgasm – A, U and K. The orgasm of the point of the U is a rare phenomenon that only the most dexterous lovers manage. The erogenous region is located at the entrance to the urethra, namely, between the clitoris and the entrance to the vagina.

Simulation of this point with hands can be even painful for the girl, so it is better to influence her with her tongue during cunnilingus. Caress the point with a soft circular amplitude relaxed, important language. As soon as the girl begins to experience the orgasm of the point y, her The body will cover with cold, trembling and spasms.

An orgasm of a deep point (on the contrary of point a)

There were few people heard about this point in the vagina, since sexologists relatively recently learned about its existence and the possibility of stimulation before the onset of orgasm. It is located symmetrically the point A, that is, on the lower cervical arch of the uterus. It can be stimulated not only during traditional sex, but also during anal sex. The result of orgasmic sensations is a relaxing effect.

Clital orgasm

The easiest, affordable and discussed is a woman’s clitoral orgasm. It can be achieved by all kinds of methods by stimulation of the clitoris – oral affection (cunnilingus), tactile massage (masturbation), as well as during intercourse. The clitoral orgasm involves its varieties:

  • surface – the orgasm is localized only near the clitoris;
  • deep – orgasm is located throughout the clitoris and vagina.

Orgasm from stimulation of breasts and nipples

Sexologists say that while one women stimulation of the nipples and breasts are very pleasant, others treat it indifferently or even negatively. Therefore, the orgasm of the nipples of the breast is available only to the first group of women. If such caresses are indifferent, in fact, all because the erogenous zone is inactive.

Breast and nipples caresses gradually lead to a reduction in the uterus, since these two areas of the female body are closely interconnected, and an orgasm can swim from abdomen to chest and back. The hormone oxytocin is responsible for such an orgasm, which is produced in large quantities during the stimulation of the nipples.

The hormone oxytocin is called the hormone of happiness and love, because it makes the girl feel joy, happiness, pleasure. All these positive emotions that a man gives her give rise to emotional attachment. Therefore, the “chest orgasm” is considered useful for relations.

Oral orgasm (from blowjob)

Scientists have found that the genitals of a woman can be associated with the throat, as eastern reflexology says. So, during a blowjob and deep penetration of the penis of a man into the larynx, a woman can achieve a full orgasm. This happens rarely, but surveys prove the existence of this type of orgasm.

Anal orgasm (from anal sex)

The anus sphincter also has a large number of nerve endings, so modern couples actively practice anal sex. But the success of such stimulation directly depends on the level of sexuality of a woman, since some women can become a true punishment. In general, anal sex affects the deep point of the vagina, hence the orgasm.

Learn more about the anal orgasm what it is and in general – is it possible, from our next article.

Cervical orgasm (cervical orgasm)

The uterus itself can also be considered a muscle, as it is perfectly reduced and relaxed during the onset of an orgasm. To achieve uterine orgasm, a woman needs to lie on her back, put her palms of her hands on the uterus area, and then make vibrating slightly pressing movements.

In parallel with this woman, Kegel needs to do, rhythmically reducing the muscles of the pelvis and urethra. Similar stimulation of the cervical muscles and the sexual arousal parallel to this can lead to a violent orgasm comparable in intensity with clitoral and vaginal orgasm.

All types of female orgasmUterine structure and where to find it

Mixed orgasm (from stimulating several zones)

You can achieve a combined orgasm if you simultaneously stimulate several erogenous points on the woman’s body at once. Most often, such an orgasm is practiced by couples that stimulate the clitoris and point g. This result can also be achieved if you influence the stimulation of the anus and vagina. Each time a woman will experience completely different sensations.

Tactile orgasm (or orgasm of the whole body)

Such tremendous pleasure is subject only to women who are completely liberated and trust the partner. The second name of the tactile orgasm is a tantric orgasm affecting the mind and body on the verge of spiritual and sexual pleasure. The orgasm of the whole body can last from a few minutes to several hours.

Two different centers in the brain are responsible for ejaculation and orgasm. There are many practices and tantric techniques that teach partners to lead sexual energy from the field of genitals. You can study them in the book “Taoist secrets of love that every man should know”. In a woman, such an orgasm will flow with rolls from one to another, from clitoral to vaginal and orgasm of all points.

Mental orgasm (emotional)

All previously these types of female orgasm can be attributed to physiological types, since they can be caused by stimulation of erogenous points. Mental orgasm is something else, accessible only in excess of emotional and sensitive women. It is expressed, as a rule, a harbinger of vaginal orgasm, accompanied by a sudden laughter or tears of a woman.

Corgasm (orgasm from exercises, training)

The well-known biologist and sexologist Alfred Kinsey from the States in the early 50s was closely engaged in the study of orgasms, mentioning in the publications that 5% of women experience an orgasm from physical exercises and loads. It was later found that most often exercises on the press (lower part) bring women to orgasm. The relationship between sex and sports is the development of serotonin.

Sleepy orgasm (female pollations)

The phenomenon of “sleepy orgasm” is a natural phenomenon that is comparable to male nightlines. It is known that an orgasm during sleep may not even be associated with erotic dreams or dissatisfaction of a woman sexual life. It is also believed that in this way the body tests all functions, convinced of the full work of the genitourinary system.

Multiple orgasm

A multiple orgasm can be observed if a woman is excited as possible during sexual intercourse and reaches an orgasm one after another. It is known that the vaginal orgasm can intensify and increase, so each subsequent orgasm will be brighter and more sensitive, it will occur faster, and the whole process can be called multiple orgasm.

Simulation (imitation of orgasm)

Unfortunately, the largest number of women who are not able to achieve the climax, but do not want to offend their partner, resorts to this type of orgasm. In fact, there is nothing to be ashamed of, on the contrary, it is important to talk with a partner frankly, to find ways to solve the problem. In most cases, a woman is inclined to simulate an orgasm, remaining unsatisfied.


In fact, sexology examines more than 2 dozen varieties of female orgasms, but many of them are so far only at the stage of study and analysis. The most common is the clitoral orgasm, to which more than 60% of women are predisposed. Further in popularity there is a vaginal orgasm and several of its subspecies. The rest are a rarity that only units are awarded.

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