6 ways to achieve quick orgasm | Informative

6 ways to achieve a quick orgasm.

6 ways to achieve quick orgasm | Informative
If men rarely have problems in terms of achieving orgasm, then women are far from always able to get real pleasure during sex. However, there are several ways to help you quickly get an orgasm.


By self -satisfaction, a woman can without embarrassment study your body and find sensitive points, the stimulation of which will lead to a quick orgasm. You need to masturbate in a relaxed state, listening to the reaction of the body to your own touches. This business does not tolerate haste: it is worth allocating the time to get pleasure in order to completely immerse yourself in the process.

If you identify for yourself the most pleasant ways of stimulation, then you can transfer them to Sex with a partner. Therefore, you need to masturbate in different ways, each time trying to discover something new for yourself.

Using goods from sex shop

Toys from an intimate store are also designed to provide a woman with a quick and high-quality orgasm. They can be divided into several types:

  • Vibrators and phallimitators, whose manufacturers regularly invent novelties. Devices with heating or remote control are able to give incredible sensations both in the process of self -satisfaction and during sex.
  • Nozzles for lengthening a member make a partner’s genitals and accelerate the achievement of vaginal orgasm. Such nozzles can have a different texture, pimples and antennae, which also positively affects the quality of sex.
  • Erotic outfits They excite not only a man, but also a woman who feels insanely sexy in such laundry.

It is worth only once to buy a device to improve sex to understand that an orgasm can always happen. And today there are even vibrators that guarantee the first orgasm even in 3 minutes. Find out more:

Contactless stimulants or guaranteed orgasm.

Erotic fantasies

Before sex, you need to tune in in the right way. Erotic fantasies Increase excitement, Therefore, it is worth imagining a picture of passionate sex. No need to be shy about your desires – the more perverted fantasy, the brighter the finale. In order for visualization to be the most effective, you should create a favorable environment. Alogue candles and relaxing music can help this. And you can also see porn and draw ideas for excitement in it.6 ways to achieve quick orgasm | Informative

High -quality prelude

It is no secret that men do not like to tighten the prelude, and strive to start sweet as soon as possible. However, the stronger floor is excited almost instantly, and for this a pair of affectionate touches is enough. The situation is somewhat different with the woman. In order for a woman to get excited as possible and quickly Reached a peak of pleasure, She needs a prelude, which can last up to 45 minutes. A loving person will do everything so that his partner enjoys, so do not worry about protracted excitement.

The right choice of pose

There are a number of poses that accelerate the female orgasm. This is due to stimulation of the clitoris and points G. Some standard poses sometimes should be slightly changed.

  • Missionary position. In order for this position to give the expected result, it is necessary that the front of the man stimulates the clitoris during intercourse. A woman should put the hips on the pillow so that the penis acts more on the front wall of the vagina, which is responsible for the vaginal orgasm.
  • Bridge. This pose looks as follows: a man squatting, widely placing his knees;His partner at this time lifts his hips and takes a pose similar to the bridge. The position provides deep penetration and contributes to the stimulation of all erogenous zones. A man can also stimulate the clitoris with his hand. The modification of the “bridge” is the pose in which the woman’s legs are crossed behind the man’s back.
  • Above and sideways. This pose requires a woman certain efforts, but the result is worth. The woman turns her back to the man lying on the bed and, as it were, sits on his knee. As a result, during sex, the friction occurs very much, which helps it achieve orgasm.

Exciting creams

Special Female excitation creams Enhances her experiences several times. They are applied to genitals before sex, and each touch seems more intense. The principle of operation of these agents is very simple: a large amount of blood flows to the right areas, which activates the nerve endings. It lasts from 15 to 50 minutes, then application can be repeated.

You can buy an exciting cream not only for a lady, but also for a man. There are funds for two partners. But such creams can bring male ejaculation closer.

Any woman can get a quick orgasm. It is only important to be more attentive to his body, to understand what exactly he needs. And then use sex toys, special intimate cosmetics and new poses.

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