6 poses that will bring a woman to stunning orgasm

6 poses that will bring a woman to stunning orgasm.

6 poses that will bring a woman to stunning orgasm

Each pose has its own difficulties, advantages and disadvantages. To choose the perfect pose for female orgasm, you need to study the entire KamaSutra. You hardly have so much free time. Therefore, we have prepared for you 6 positions for a stormy and unimaginable female orgasm. Let’s start with the most extraordinary.

This is a monkey

6 poses that will bring a woman to stunning orgasm

The name is really very funny. Monkey. In fact, this peculiar position drives girls crazy, granting a colorful orgasm and exciting sensations.

Don’t think it’s just. In order to realize the position of monkeys, you need to have good stretching and flexibility.

How it looks?The man lies on his back. Raises her legs to his chin, and simply squeezes them in his knees. Further – A woman carefully sits on top. AND… Voila!

Theoretically, everything is elementary. But what a man can lie on a solid surface in such an uncomfortable position for 20 minutes? And a woman at this time needs to catch balance, so as not to fall off like a real monkey.

What are the advantages of the poses of the monkey? Deep penetration. Thanks to a sophisticated position, the penis enters as deep as possible, granting fantastic sensations. The woman at this moment personally controls the intensity of penetrations, strength and pace. It’s nice.

Ideally, both partners should be in the same weight category. It is safe and easier to implement.

Catch a life hack: If a man quickly gets tired, a girl can shift the entire load to her feet, making life easier for her partner.

Hold on your hands, feel each other, get the maximum pleasure. And do not fall!

This is a bridge

6 poses that will bring a woman to stunning orgasm

The last time you performed the exercise «bridge»?

In sex, everything is similar: The man accepts the position of the bridge, the woman carefully sits on top. Ready!

It sounds too simple, but in practice everything is much more complicated. The man should be hardy, strong and flexible. Not everyone is given to withstand the weight of the girl in such an uncomfortable position. Especially lovers of women in the body.

If you believe the Kamasutra, bridge – One of the most difficult positions in sex.

What are the advantages of the pose? The eccentricity of the situation excites the imagination. This is real science fiction. As soon as you can put this pose in practice, you will feel an unshakable pleasure. The main advantages – extraordinary sensations and deep penetration, which will help the girl feel a vaginal orgasm.

The first time it will not work. At first, a man should ideally learn to get into the bridge. Further – execute. And when a man will be sure that he will withstand the weight of a partner full forward, a pleasant night!

This is Doggi Stayl

6 poses that will bring a woman to stunning orgasm

Classics of the genre. A win -win option, a sea of orgasms for a girl.

She stands on all fours. He neatly enters behind, gradually accelerating, increasing the speed and power of penetration. Be sure to grab the girl by the hair, slap on the buttocks, develop the maximum speed!

Doggi-Stayl – This is the antipod of romance. There is no place for tenderness.Just hard sex.

Men love Doggi Stail because of the magnificent view of the back, complete freedom of action and dominance.

Women love Doggi Stayl because of the rudeness of the man and the deep penetration, which can be given vaginal satisfaction. To achieve unrealistically powerful orgasm, you can add clitoral stimulation with your fingers.

Doggi-Stayl pose – This is an ideal position for double orgasm.

This is a rider

6 poses that will bring a woman to stunning orgasm

A woman leads the performance, sets the pace, speed, can reach a fantastic orgasm!

How it looks? A man lies on his back, a confident woman sits on top,

Squares a stallion, enjoys.

The pose of the rider gives women complete freedom of action. And a man in this case can relax, enjoying the body of a partner. In this position, visual and tactile contact is most of the most maximum.

Have sex in the pose of a rider if a partner suffers from premature ejaculation. The girl feels a deep penetration, and the man prolongs his ejaculation due to some passivity. So to speak, pleasant with useful.

This is a butterfly

6 poses that will bring a woman to stunning orgasm

Penetration depth, visual, tactile contact, acute sensations and rampant orgasm – All this can give a butterfly pose.

How to perform? A woman on her back. The man adapts in front, lifts her legs to his shoulders. Nothing complicated.

Due to the fact that the girl’s legs are asleep as much as possible, the maximum disclosure of the vagina occurs. Accordingly, the depth of penetration increases, sensations intensify. The girl will receive fantastic pleasure!

Hands are free. Therefore, both partners can caress each other to infinity. Bliss!

Pose of the butterfly – This is one of the few positions where The size is really important, because the butterfly requires a deep penetration.

Life hack for men:During sex in the bow of the butterfly, you can raise the female basin, as a result of which the maximum penetration occurs and even more powerful satisfaction for a woman. The most thing for men with a small penis!

The butterfly pose does not like rudeness and excessive speed. Since the vagina is fully disclosed, the sharpness of movements can deliver the girl pain. be careful.

This is a reverse missionary

6 poses that will bring a woman to stunning orgasm

Similar rider, just the opposite. The girl sits on top, but turns her back to the face of a man.

In the reverse rider, the angle of penetration changes, and this allows you to achieve even greater deepening than in classical variation.

Naturally, No sharp movements and rudeness. The reverse missionary loves tenderness and romance. If you do everything right, a woman will experience an enchanting, stormy orgasm.

Girls who are embarrassed by their appearance, for example, excess weight, are more willing to choose the reverse missionary. In this case, she is not worried about how the chest or folds shakes during sex. So the girl can relax and get orgasmic pleasure.

How to choose the perfect pose for female orgasm

Each position has its advantages and disadvantages. We have already said, the perfect one does not exist. This is true.

Open the world of experiments

If you want to find the most sensitive and pleasant position, experiment and talk about your sex before and after enjoyment.

Important rule:Do not get tied to the poses. I mean, you do not need to dwell on one position. Experiment: Today – butterfly, rider, doggie. Tomorrow – missionary, bridge, monkey and so on.

Talk about your sex

Feel free to express your opinion. I don’t like some pose? Speak. Like something perverted? Speak Louder, Feel free to be frank. The quality of your sex depends on it.

Dialogs on intimate topics bring partners closer together. You learn to hear and listen to each other, which means increasing the chances of finding your own secret of the ideal, orgasmic sex.

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