Why is oral sex important in your intimate life

Why is oral sex important in your intimate life.

Sex – expression of the mutual love of partners, their enjoyment of each other’s bodies. Unfortunately, the beauty of caresses is distorted by a lack of intimate culture: it is believed that a blowjob is humiliation for a woman and purely male pleasure. That is why many girls disdain a blowjob or use it as a means of manipulating a man – they simply do not know what kind of benefit such intimate can bring, and what pleasure can deliver cunnilingus from an experienced partner. If you want to get rid of prejudices, find out the real benefit and harm of caresses with your mouth and get the maximum pleasure from them, read on – we have something to surprise you.

What it is

Most adults know what oral sex is and practice it with partners. This phrase can be called any contact in which one person caresses the genitals of another using the mouth – lips, tongue, larynx. It can be a prelude or an independent affection leading to the top of pleasure – orgasm. Oral caresses in an erotic orientation video most often demonstrate a blowjob – caresses of a woman of a male penis, but there is also a special technique of oral sex for men (cunnilingus) who want to masterfully satisfy their lovers. But that’s not all. Let’s talk more about the types of satisfaction with the mouth.

Types of caresses with mouth

If the girl in the 18-19th century told her husband “I want cunnilingus”, she would simply not have understood, and they would have been accused of viciousness. Until the sexual revolution of the 20th century, few people knew what fellation was, and even other types of intimacy could not be talked about. But now we can study all varieties of caresses with your mouth – this is quite legal and affordable.


The general name of caresses in which the girl excites a lover member with the help of lips, tongue, oral cavity, throat, the partner passively enjoys. Also, with fellation, a scrotum and crotch can be involved, even anus.


A variety of fellation, in which the guy takes an active position – performs jerk -shaped movements of the hips, sets the rhythm and amplitude of movements. It is considered difficult to fulfill, because the girl should completely relax and trust her partner, and also overcome the gag reflex.


Caresses with the language of the female genitals – crotch, clitoris, entrance to the vagina, small labia.


The most difficult thing is inexperienced people to understand how to make oral Annilingus techniques. The fact is that this type of caresses implies the stimulation of the anus, which in many cultures is considered a “unclean” and “dirty” part of the body. In fact, the anus has concentrated a huge number of nerve endings that turn the entrance to the rectum into an incredible erogenous zone!

Tibaging or “Macing Tea Bag”

Tibaging is an interesting type of caressed in which the partner was soaring his scrotum in an open mouth of a woman, as if immersing a bag of tea in a cup. In the Russian language, the name more often sounds like a “bag of tea”.

Auto -fellation

A form of self -satisfaction in which a person himself stimulates his genitals with his mouth. The term is most often used in relation to guys who were able to develop sufficient body flexibility.

What is useful for a member of a member mouth for girls

Now we will talk about the pluses of caresses with the mouth for the beautiful half of humanity, but the information will be useful for men. If suddenly your girlfriend refuses to delight you orally, read our recommendations below and tell her about all the advantages of this type of pleasure, probably she will change his mind. Well, if your lady of the heart is already ready to go into all heavy, then leaflet below, there will be a lot of things terribly interesting for you. The benefits of oral sex are scientifically proved by doctors and psychologists! Let’s take a look at what experts say about this.


  • Hormone of happiness

By making a blowjob, a girl can regularly receive a dose of hormone oxytocin, that is, a hormone of happiness. Despite the fact that the affection of the penis bring physical pleasure only to a man, both receive the production of hormone. As a result, a happy lover and no less happy lady, health benefits and psyche.

  • beauty

If the lady knows what oral sex means, then he probably knows how to swallow sperm. When doing this, the intake of special compounds – prostaglandins that stimulate the production of female hormones in the body.

Just imagine – thanks to a special composition of sperm, the girl gets beautiful rounded buttocks and elastic magnificent breasts, and hair growth and nails are also stimulated, skin condition improves.

  • Great digestion

In addition, lipids and amino acids in the composition of sperm help to get rid of gastritis and stomach ulcers, so that sperm swallows certainly cannot harm! If it is difficult to step over yourself, pay attention to our lessons (Video course “Master the art of oral caresses”) on our website – you will receive special techniques and the missing information on this issue.

  • Beautiful smile

Blowjob allows you to get a complex of substances useful for teeth that enter the mouth with sperm. Plus, scientists proved that swallowing sperm reduces the risk of breast cancer – is there really not enough motivation?

  • Healthy offspring

Is the blowjob useful for those who want to become parents? It’s hard to believe – it turns out that when swallowing sperm, a woman helps her body get used to the proteins of the partner’s body. In the future, when conception, the body will not reject the embryo, which could lead to a miscarriage. For a month before the planned conception, caresses will just allow you to develop a habit and begin to perceive sperm protein as a related.


Psychologists assure – such affection without exaggeration can save love and marriage. When, after years of life together, the spark of passion is no longer so strong, the opportunity to bring a man to orgasm with the help of his mouth and tongue allows a woman (and, of course, a man!) revive past feelings. The very feeling of how the partner is defenseless in front of you, and how his cock actively reacts to the slightest touch of tongue and lips, wildly excites, and this positively affects the intimate life in general. Just think, now in bed you are the main one, knowing and knowing how to fulfill certain techniques, you can do with him that he will run after you to the ends of the world and adore you, blow out dust dust and flood your compliments in the sea of love. If you are already ready to take the initiative in your own hands, then start watching our video course “Master the art of oral caresses”, in it you will find the best sex techniques for women.

Knowing how to deliver an orgasm to a man with his mouth, you translate your relationship to new level. It is very important for a man that his woman does not disdain a blowjob, as this speaks of her love and trust in the man as a whole, about her desire to make a pleasant.  It will be better if you master some techniques yourself and surprise it with such a long -awaited gift for a holiday or without reason. Moreover, there are special techniques for accelerating or slowing down orgasm, Don’t Touch (without hands), birthday technology, technology to raise an erection and many others that you will master if you watch our video course “Master the art of oral caresses”. Already interesting? Imagine how your boyfriend will be happy.

One of the reasons for the unwillingness to caress the partner with their mouth is selfishness when a girl is not ready to satisfy someone, without getting her pleasure. Think – and if the guy ignored Cooney, you would be pleased? Do you want to get affection in return? Give him a cool blowjob.

The best techniques of oral sex for women and how to do it correctly

Correct techniques are the key to your success as an ideal mistress. No need to invent anything – everything has already been studied and described. You only need to explore the partner’s body and receive his inexhaustible admiration for the benefit and pleasure for yourself.

Rules of oral pleasure (video)

Blowjob can be an excellent improvisation, but only when you know its basic rules as a multiplication table. Remember – on these whales rests all male pleasure from caresses with mouth.

  1. Always use lubrication;
  2. Change techniques every 50 seconds;
  3. Use 3-4 techniques at a time;
  4. Give a good overview of what is happening.

Technique “Circles of Passion”

A great option to get a man at the very beginning of the affection: make the tongue soft and gently describe the circles on the head and around it.

Dutch technique

This technique deserved its name by the fact that it was used by girls working in the quarters of red lamps – it is strong and can quickly bring a man to a bright orgasm. As soon as the member becomes erected, you wrap the wedding groove with a ringlet of fingers, and with the second hand, you also grab the base of the member of the barrel, and begin to stimulate in a circular movement, while you need to wrap your mouth with your mouth and make a light vacuum, and stimulate the head with the tongue in a circular in a circularmovements.

What is happening here: firstly, there is an effect directly on the strongest erogenous zones, and secondly, the unusual sensations are created, since you make a circular stimulation. But this is not the end of the technique: after you stimulated a member for several seconds, you can quickly bring a man to orgasm enough if you use the throat blowjob technique. To master the deep throat, it is better to see our lessons. In the course of “Master the top 12 deep throat” you will receive super -techniques of a deep blowjob, how easy it is to master and make it with pleasure for yourself.

Technique “From the cheek to the cheek”

The fingers of one hand clip into the ring on the basis of the phallus, grab the head with the mouth and gently suck it. Next, start making your head with your head, as if trying to say no – you tilt your head alternately to each shoulder. The technique is quite easy, it can be done not only with superficial fellation, but also with a deeper swallowing of the penis.

The best techniques of oral sex for men and how to do it correctly

Video of oral sex for women and men does not always reflect the real picture, so you should not learn to satisfy the woman on erotic films or look for a description of oral sex VK. Here are the rules of cunnilingus that you should know the nazum, and we will add the most vivid and exciting techniques to them: we add below:

  1. Do not forget about lubrication. Any water -based lubricant is suitable – Shunga, Wicked. Swiss Navy. Apply it to your fingers and gently distributed on the perineum, avoiding touching the clitoris head.
  2. Do not focus on the clitoris. This center of female pleasure is too sensitive, so it is better to use the fabrics surrounding it.
  3. Refuse monotony. No need to move the tongue monotonously in the same place-change equipment every 40-50 seconds.
  4. Increase intensity. First, tackle the crotch is very easy, and when the partner is very excited and will moan with pleasure, you can accelerate and strengthen the pressure.

Technique “Yes, Madame”

Spread your tongue in full width and gently nod your head, licking the woman’s crotch. Simple up and down movements will seem to her especially sweet due to the impact on the most sensitive areas.

Maya the bee

Imagine that the tip of your tongue is a light and transparent bee wing. Stimulate the side surfaces of the clitoris, “fluttering” with a tongue – this affection can bring it to madness and especially suitable as an introduction to the increase in excitement.


When a girl is almost ready to get an orgasm, use this technique. Make the tip of the tongue sharp (turn the tongue into a tube) and with clear intense movements stimulate the same side surfaces of the clitoris, bypassing its head.

A trembling string

If you already know how to have oral sex correctly, and studied a partner’s preferences a little, try this roofing technique. From her, the girl will come to orgasm very quickly and will ask you not to stop!

With a mild tongue, draw zigzags or eights on the perineum, avoiding the clitoris head. As you grow, excite the pressure and the rigidity of the tongue, in the process of change the amplitude of movements.


For you, this technique will be quite simple, but the sensations from it are indescribable! Just make the tip of the tongue clear movements left-right, gradually going down or rising along the crotch, with the growth of excitement, the pressure a little bit. If the partner is already on the finish line, do not get down from a clear rhythm – this guarantees a wonderful orgasm.

Of course, this is only a small part of the technician: if you want to become a real professional in female pleasure, see our webinar “How to do cunnilingus”. Author’s techniques and secrets await you, thanks to which every sex with your beloved will end with its stunning orgasm!

How to love oral sex man and woman

Most often, an ambiguous attitude to the mouth stimulation is formed in girls – it is associated with excessive severity of parents, internal attitudes, injuries. These are the main reasons for the dislike for the blowjob or cunnilingus:

  • Moral principles (dirty lesson)
  • Fear of appear dissolved
  • squeamishness
  • unwillingness to satisfy a partner, without getting the pleasure of
  • Inability to make a blowjob
  • The opinion that the blowjob is humiliating

Let us consider in more detail how to overcome your fears and installations

  • You consider affectionate with your mouth dirty, and in the literal sense of the word. Not all men guess that when a woman makes a blowjob, he may not smell very tasty there, since he did not take a shower after a long working day and, of course, how can you make a blowjob and have fun when it is simply physically unpleasant. There are 2 recommendations here – either right in the forehead to your beloved to say: "Dear, you are of course the best man in the world, but you will have to take a shower if you want a blowjob", And in principle, your problem is solved. The same goes for women, and this happens! If you still do not want to somehow offend your partner and chop the whole truth in his face-you can go more cunning.

Create a new tradition in your pair: wet blowjob!

You call your soul mate to take a shower with you. And you begin to wash it or its edible shower gel, for example, Shunga, when it foams, this foam can be eaten, and it still has an exciting effect. That is, you take a shower together, wash each other, and after you begin to make a blowjob from the pose "on the knees", Eating and licking this foam from the penis, I assure you to be very excited, since foam with aphrodisiacs, and you will surprise the man and amaze. There will be no unpleasant odor at all, since, firstly, water will be washed away, and even foam will give its taste – either berry or mint, here you will choose. The smell seemed to be decided and solved the problem.  

  • The second reason is your attitudes and prejudices that it is somehow indecent, non -hygienic and everything is like that – to think stupidly, since everything that happens between loving people with their consent is only enjoying both of them, and if you clutter your brainunnecessary stamps, of course there will be no joy.  Laski is primarily pleasant, it is a pleasure, an act of trust and love between loving people, and if you fulfill them also correctly, then these are enchanting and bright orgasms, the pleasure that a friend of loving couples can cause a friend. And, by the way, according to statistics, couples actively practicing such an intimate, and, as a result, are fewer divorces, unlike those who are used to engaging in ordinary vaginal intimacy on weekends. Therefore, remove incomprehensible thoughts from your head and understand that this is a natural process between two loving people.

As for men, they almost always love a blowjob, but some are not ready to give a response to the woman with the help of cunnilingus. If this is your case, then most likely you just still did not understand how successfully you can manage female pleasure and receive incredible emotional returns. To do this, you will need theoretical knowledge – they can be obtained on our video course “How to make cunnilingus”. The issues of disgust or unpleasant smell from the vagina are solved by medical examination, regular washing and aromatic lubricants, for example, Wicked with the taste of pink lemonade.

How to make your partner love to engage in an oral

Love for stimulation with an mouth is just a matter of habit. The more often a person enjoys in this way, the more he has a connection between enjoyment and stimulation of his mouth. The best way to prove to his partner the correctness of his judgments is to make him such a blowjob or cunnilingus that will surpass everything that a person had in bed with other partners. For this you need a real desire to give pleasure and practical knowledge that we have already given you.

If a partner does not want to give you pleasure, maybe he feels uncertainly or had a negative experience earlier. Try to ask him to give you pleasure and encourage what he does in the process. The most important thing is to motivate a person so that he see how you like his actions, and you can already correct technical flaws gradually, all the more you already know how to make the techniques of cunnilingus and fellation. A good option could be an invitation to the two of them to see the courses on intimate skills, then to please each other. We have a course “how to make cunnilingus” for men and “mastering the art of oral caresses” for women – they will help to say goodbye to myths and stereotypes, to learn how to really bring a partner to orgasm with their mouths.

Oral sex in religion and art

Most of the world religions do not approve of intimate before the wedding, but what is happening outside the walls of the married bedroom are left at the discretion of the husband and wife. But hedonists and representatives of creative bohemia go further – they praise the beauty of the human body and the union of two, glorifying pleasure as a natural result of marriage relations. The result of such an attitude can be admired in museums and in albums of reproductions of famous artists who did not shy to demonstrate frank erotic scenes.

Great poets – Pushkin, Yesenin, Mayakovsky, did not dangle to write works on an intimate theme, mentioning, including fellation, cunnilingus.


It is quite difficult to bring the church fathers to frankness in matters. The official position of Christianity is the condemnation of premarital intimacy and fun during posts, large church holidays. Nevertheless, the journalists of one publication asked the representative of the Christian denomination a direct question – whether to have oral sex in marital life correctly? The answer was unequivocal: the types of intimacy that do not lead directly to conception (and this is just such a case), the church is not encouraged. Whether to take into account this position or not, to solve only you.


In the field of bed relations, the Islamic religion was softer than Christian. The only unambiguous ban for Muslims is sodomy, that is, anal sex. Nothing is said about oral sex in Islam, but modern clergy allow pairs to practice such intimate joys if both spouses agree to this. Sperm in the Muslim tradition does not apply to unclean substances that cannot be eaten, even vice versa – it is involved in creating a new life. So if a woman accidentally or intentionally swallows sperm, religion does not condemn her.

It must be borne in mind that representatives of various Muslim religious groups can interpret the Qur’an differently. If you hear the opinion that in Islam caresses are prohibited – this means that they are not approved by a specific clergyman, and not religion in general.

Oral sex in other religions

In Judaism, the intimate life of partners in marriage is regulated, but only in the narrow sense – there are rules, within what period after the birth of a child or during menstruation one cannot be with your husband. As for the varieties of pleasures, religion allows men and women everything that happens by their agreement. It is even believed that the more sex in marital life, the better, especially if the husband is able to satisfy his wife well.

In Buddhism, everything that enslaves a person is condemned – it can be an excessive dependence on the object of love or on intimacy. If a man and a woman loving each other enjoy in bed, you can only be happy for them. Nevertheless, in some countries of the East – Tibet, Burma, almost no one knows about oral sex – what is it and how it is. It is simply not accepted. But if you come to these countries, then of course you can engage in them in your bedroom – no one will condemn.

Harmful or useful oral sex for men and women

How is oral sex for women and men, we have already examined – it normalizes the hormonal background, gives sensual pleasure, helps a woman experience an orgasm that is not always possible with vaginal intercourse. Men have no doubt about whether the blowjob is useful – for them this is the most desirable that can be in bed. Now let’s talk about the back of pleasure – if it is, then what is worth being afraid?

There are many myths about the dangers of caresses with lips and tongue, but you should not pay attention to them-if you practice sex with a proven permanent partner, the risk of infected with some infections is reduced to zero.

How can you get infected during a blowjob

In those situations where we are talking about caresses for an unfamiliar man or a new guy with whom you have not had intimacy yet, you need to be careful – through the blowjob you can be infected in the same way as AIDS (if you have open wounds in your mouth), hepatitis, hepatitis, hepatitishuman papilloma virus or thrush, as with ordinary unprotected sex. So is it possible to get infected – yes, but only if you have not secured yourself and did not use a condom.

So what can you get infected if you stimulate your partner with your mouth or only language?

  • The human papilloma virus is a dangerous pathogen that can lead to rebirth of the tissues of the mouth and throat, as well as to cancer of the penis or neck of the uterus.
  • Herpes – the same virus that provokes bubbles on the lips can cause small sores on the genitals. It is especially dangerous that after entering the body, herpes remains in it forever and is activated when the immunity falls.
  • Gonorrhea – a disease dangerous with its asymptomativity. While you think that you are healthy or almost healthy, gonococci destroy the reproductive system and can even lead to infertility.
  • Chlamydia is a bacterial infection, which also leads to infertility and is the most common cause. Cure chlamydia is easy, but only if you diagnose it at an early stage.
  • Syphilis is not a disease of the last century, it exists now, just modern medicine has already found a way to treat an insidious infection. The causative agent of syphilis causes deformation of the body tissues and can bring to disability.
  • Thrush, which you probably came across more than once – this is a fungal infection of the vagina or penis. It is important to know that the fungi of the genus Candidate is willingly transmitted to the partner with any form of unprotected intima.
  • HIV or AIDS is the worst of the list of diseases, but also the most rare. Infection is possible only if there is an open wound, sore or cut on the mucous membranes of the mouth.

Are caresses harmful to your mouth if you are engaged in a condom? Of course not, since your mouth is completely protected from contact with the fabrics of the penis and sperm. To many, the use of a condom seems to be an anti -second and ridiculous effect. If suddenly passion has survived and you do not know how to suggest using a contraceptive to a man, use special techniques for putting on the condom with your mouth that you will find in our lesson of the same lesson.

If the facts did not convince you, and you are still not sure that there are much less harm than good, go through our course “Master the art of oral caresses”. It contains techniques that will allow you to manage the pleasure of a man and give him unearthly orgasms. Believe me, as soon as you feel your erotic power and see the adoration of your partner, the benefits of blowjob will become obvious.

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