The correct technique of oral sex, a deep sip and butterfly wings

The correct technique of oral sex, a deep sip and butterfly wings.

The correct technique of oral sex, a deep sip and butterfly wings

Women who do not know how or do not want to do a blowjob are considered among men low -grade mistresses. Thus, the horns are left as a gift. Remember, men love sex! They are always ready to deal with it and are constantly in the “hunting” mode. They love sex in all its manifestations, and oral affection is generally the norm of bed relations. If you resist the blowjob, then you do not like and do not accept your chosen one – this is how male society retorts to your “fu”.

Girls and women, let’s throw off the prejudices of past centuries, change the grandmother’s pantalons to lace seductive panties and learn The best blowjob techniques, of which there are a great many. Show your beloved a couple of new techniques in bed and see how his eyes light up, how his breath will become more likely, and how brightly he will end! The sensations received by the guy during oral sex can not be compared to nothing!

Blowjob “Butterfly Wings”, preparation and technique

There is nothing intricate in the technique of “butterfly wings”. All that is required of you is to find a fold of skin located just below the head and the bridle bridge (about 1.5 – 2 cm). This vertical fold you need to stimulate. You can choose any pose in which you feel comfortable.

The correct technique of oral sex, a deep sip and butterfly wings

Having felt the fold under the “crown”, it is necessary to begin to influence it with the tongue. All touch should be affectionate and alternate. The guys like it when the partner strokes her up, down, repeating these movements slowly and smoothly. Please note that your teeth do not participate in the process, otherwise you will hurt a man.

The intensive effect of the tip of the tongue, lips or hands on this site brings the moment of climax. The ejaculation is abundant and long. If you do not want to accelerate the release of sperm, it is better to let your partner take a break for 3-5 seconds, having started at this time another erogenous zone, for example, testicles.

A few words about the caresses of the testicles

If we have already talked about such a tender place as a scrotum, then let’s immediately reveal all the cards. How to make a guy pleasant with the help of testicular caresses? Use your mouth to stimulate them! Use the same techniques that you use for a member. First kiss slightly and blow with warm air on them, then lick each separately from all sides. You can hold them from below and play a little with your fingers, as if you are sorting out something. Now take each testicle in your mouth and supply, caressing the tip throughout the diameter, but keeping your tongue flat. Just do everything softly and gently: this zone is still vulnerable than the penis.

Consider the personal preferences of your chosen one: one may like a slight touch, the other will not refuse moderate compression and delay, the third will want more gross effects.

Blowjob “Deep Sip”, basics of technology

We already wrote a lot about the technique of the royal blowjob, when the member plunges into the throat so deeply that even rests with the head on the tonsils. This is a difficult way of oral caresses for beginners of mineral magic, but quite affordable for mastering those who persistently train.

First you should understand what the main difficulty is. The depth of the oral cavity in all people is about 9 cm, while an erected penis can reach even 25 cm in length. When the penis penetrates right into the throat, a woman will have gags. So: possession of the technique of “deep throat” in oral sex and implies the ability to accept a member, suppressing natural reflexes. It is for this that you have to practice.

  • Repeat training several times a day.
  • It is necessary to learn how to insert your fingers in the mouth, reaching them with the tips to the root of the tongue.
  • As soon as the goal is achieved, slightly massage, tapping with light movements.
  • At the next stage, when it is no longer to tear, you can change your fingers with a banana or artificial phalloimitator. In the case of choosing a toy from a sex shop, it is better to purchase a soft latex product.
  • It is advisable to conduct training on an empty stomach. After eating, gag reflexes intensify several times.
  • Correct the penetration angle correctly: with deep oral sex and a properly executed blowjob technique, the penis should not rest against the sky. The choice of the correct position of the body and head will help for this. Ideally, when a girl lies on the edge of the bed, and her head is overturned back.

With the first deep training penetration, a woman’s sensation may appear in the throat, often a strong cough and tearfulness arise. Exercises for honing the technique of deep oral sex can be carried out on a real partner if a sense of collapses completely disappears.

When a girl introduces a living partner in her throat, a man should help her: just relax, take a comfortable pose and not interfere! And you shouldn’t help her with your hands at all. She can suffocate elementary, since breathing in this technique is very difficult. We have already written in more detail about the deep throat blowjob, so we will not repeat ourselves, but better to master new horizons.

The correct technique of oral sex, a deep sip and butterfly wings

Blowjob “velvet whirlpool”

In this technique, we use not only a delicate mouth and tongue, but also warm affectionate handles. We suck the head with lips and drive it all over the mouth, then connect circular caresses with a tongue in diameter, changing the direction. In this case, we caress the barrel with our hands, making movements up and down. To aggravate male sensations to the limit, try to move your head to the beat of manual manipulations. The coherence of all influences gives your experimental impression that several girls caress him, and this is already drawn to fulfilling the cherished dream of any male!

Pirowing a member with your hands

Blowjob is a full -fledged coordinated effect of the mouth, tongue and hands. Many people mistakenly think that hands are not needed in this matter. We have already said about the ratio of the size of the oral cavity and members of some men. You will not be able to qualitatively make a suction to the owner of a 25-centimeter unit without manual techniques, therefore we do not neglect useful tips.

  • Your pens will replace the magical mouth when the jaws treacherously. Track the barrel, slightly pulling the skin from the head upward and down. Some guys like it when a woman completely closes the head with the foreskin. Look at the reaction of a man.
  • Make a “house” with two palms and drive them along the entire length, slightly strengthening the pressure when approaching the head.
  • Fold the index finger with the big in the ok icon and make the same reciprocating movements. Such a “ring” is very tightly stimulated by the penis, and especially the head, which brings a bright orgasm brings.
  • Another manual technique for an organized “change”. Grace up a member at the base and move your hand from the bottom up. The guy’s breathing has become more frequent, and he waves you to the beat? Slow down, otherwise he will finish.
  • The technique “Loach-Land” is based on a change of one to another. They masturbated with a fist with an emphasis on the bottom, then they took the barrel into the “boat” and focused on the head, stimulating the bridle and shovchik on the barrel with his thumb.

Everything, the mouth rested? Manual influences are over. The attack is made by sucking-due techniques!

When you caress the member with your hands, the lubricant dries quickly, and without normal moisturization, high -quality blowjob is impossible. Be sure to use artificial lubricants for oral sex, which will create a feeling of smooth sliding in any movement!

The correct technique of oral sex, a deep sip and butterfly wings

Blowjob “Yummy”, losing a member correctly

Believe me, you also need to be able to lick the penis. Imagine that this. In extreme cases, smear the partner’s organ with something sweet. The tongue is flat and slightly relaxed. We begin to lick from testicles to head, then back. Change the pace, rhythm, amplitude of the movements of the head. You can tilt a little and make spiral linding movements. Periodically grab the entire penis in your mouth.

The combination of a deep throat blowjob and this technique will just give a bombic effect. Try to make a couple of swallowing acts with maximum ear and get ready to catch sperm.

The stunning result will give champagne’s mouths: firstly, the gaziks will pleasantly tickle the sensitive head of the penis, and, secondly, its chill will cause a delay in ejaculation, which will give many inconspicuous sensations of the departure.

The correct technique of oral sex, a deep sip and butterfly wings

Blowjob “cat”

There is nothing unusual in this technique: any movements are allowed, the degree of swallowing the penis is also controlled at your discretion. The most relish – in caresses of adjacent erogenous zones. You knew that the area between the testicles and the anus, as well as the anus itself, are very sensitive? Now you will definitely be in the know.

We recall how cats are vague and we also try to move the playful tongue in this area. Then smoothly switch to male dignity and suck your head. The meaning is to additionally stimulate and at the same time tease a man a little. When caress the anus, you can make varnishing movements and alternate them with circular litho.

Blowjob “vacuum cleaner” or “vacuum”, make real porn suction

Try to create a vacuum in your mouth by tightening your tongue to your lower jaw and exhaling all the air. Open your mouth slightly, removing your teeth, and suck the member to the middle of the barrel, and then, without weakening the vacuum, climb the head back and release it to the will. We immediately make a vacuum bump again. The pace of movements can be different, but, as practice shows, men prefer a quick “vacuum cleaner”. Someone likes the penis with the tongue in the length of the penis, someone does not-everything is individual.

The correct technique of oral sex, a deep sip and butterfly wings

Blowjob “Pull the orgasm”

From a good and high -quality blowjob, men quickly reach the peak of excitement. To delay ejaculation, we advise you to apply one technique that helps to delay the sperm emission and fill up with the delightful feeling when it was tanned, sipped and rolled up again, but with greater force.

How to feel the tension of the penis in parallel with pulsation, pull it out of your mouth and click it with one finger at the base, and the other a pulsating channel through which the release is released. While holding the root of dignity, cling to your lips to the same place and draw the tip of the tongue in a circle or slightly suck the line of sperm – such manipulations bring a man to the leakoma and exhaustion. Wait 10-20 seconds and continue to do a blowjob.

Blowjob “Male Power”

You know what men love? Dominate! And sometimes quite tough! If you trust your partner and are sure of the adequacy of his actions, let him be leading in your oral affection. Kneel down and give yourself up to his strong hands. Most likely, he will take you by the hair or head and will plant on an erect dignity. Try to recall everything that we told you about breathing in the “Deep Sip” technique. It will just come in handy. The guy went out a lot? Feel free to talk about unpleasant sensations or guide it with your hands, holding the buttocks.

A woman who owns the techniques of oral sex for her man will always be an exemplary mistress. Do not be a hango, please dear with original caresses!

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