Swallow or not? The benefits and harm of sperm | Oral sex

Swallow or not? The benefits and harm of sperm.

Swallow or not? The benefits and harm of sperm | Oral sex
Today, many couples practice oral sex. Women do not mind doing blowjob. But sometimes they have a question, but what to do with sperm, swallow or not? Does it benefit women’s health?

Why do men love oral sex?

Before you figure out if the benefits of swallowing sperm, you need to understand why the strong half like this type of sex so much. First I must say that oral affection is a high degree of proximity between partners. Many men believe that swallowing his sperm is a recognition of his individual smell and special taste. He is in this case feels that only he is important, And it gives him pleasure.

Some men believe that swallowing sperm is a special action, but for others this is a job of a loose woman. But there are partners who do not accept this type of proximity at all, they respect the beautiful sex and consider it unacceptable to offer them to try this kind of affection.

The benefits and harm from swallowing sperm

Now we will try to find the answer to the main question whether sperm is useful for a woman. This product is considered the useful “medicine” according to popular beliefs. According to some, this healing fluid helps to get rid of problems with the stomach and intestines. But this fact is not confirmed by doctors and scientists.

It is for this reason that you need to understand, What is sperm. This is a protein mixture that is perfectly digested by stomach and intestines. There is not a single confirmation that she treats diseases, but what supports a woman’s life tone is yes. There is an opinion that it helps to improve the structure of the skin, making it more elastic and younger.

But do not forget that recently in the world a lot of people are sick with AIDS and other sexual infections. And if the partner is infected, sperm will not benefit, but harm.

I also want to mention that The taste of sperm is always different And it depends on the fact that the day before, the partner was eating. If the taste of it does not like it, then you can use special oral lubricants. The taste supplement will make the sensations from swallowing more pleasant, although it will not remove the taste completely.Swallow or not? The benefits and harm of sperm | Oral sex

Oral delicious lubricants

Swallowing sperm or not is an independent solution, but to improve its taste and make this type of sex specially help Oral lubricants. Huge selection is presented in our online store. If you feel dry during sex in your mouth, do not continue, it is better to use a special lubricant. Its aroma will help to change the taste of sperm that not everyone likes.

Gels completely suitable for swallowing, They contain only natural components. And they do not contain sugar, although they are sweet. They can also be used for other types of caresses, for example, for lubrication of dildo, vaginal or anal sex.

Especially like oral sex to those who like to alternate different types of sex. For example, if you use a delicious penetration gel, then you can go immediately to a blowjob or cunnilingus, without visiting the bathroom. Ordinary gel can have an unpleasant taste, and it will have to be washed off before oral sex.

All gels for oral sex presented in our store are perfectly combined with latex and rubber products, for example, condoms. This development can be considered universal and very tasty. Lubricants have various fruit tastes, so you can choose the one that you like the most. One of her smell will make her desire to taste her.

Swallowing or not to swallow is an individual question, but if you want mutual understanding with a partner, you need to experiment, and special lubricants will help make oral sex pleasant for both.

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