Oral sex imitators

Oral sex imitators.

When you spend a longer time at home than usual, you have to become more creative and there is a desire for variety, and this applies to sex with a partner and masturbation. And what to do if you want oral sex, but there is no partner nearby? Sex toys will come to the rescue, giving feelings of oral sex!

Cliter stimulator “Wumanaiser”

Thanks to the patented Pleasure Air technology, this stimulator gives a feeling of pulsating suction. The vibrator begins to work in contact with the skin, and as soon as it is removed from the sensitive place, it will subside. Another feature of this toy in comparison with previous models is that the first regime is much softer, there are three gentle stimulation modes – soft, medium and intense. And if you add a little water -based lubricant, this will enhance the sensations from stimulation and get more pleasure, and it is when using lubrication that the sensations are as close as possible to oral caresses.

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A stimulator with a moving tongue

When you look at toys of such a design, it seems that they will provide sensations that are least like oral sex, but this is not so. The shape and material of such toys are really suitable for simulating oral sex. In total, a drop of water -based lubricant can enhance sensations and make stimulation more like oral affection. Such stimulants can be divided into 2 types: having powerful and tickling stimulation and those that maximize the movement of the language.

Blowjo masturbators

These masturbators have a through hole, they are suitable both for use during masturbation and as a addition during sex with a partner. Incredibly pleasant texture creates the feeling that the penis was contracting with the mouth. The sensational internal structure when putting a masturbator in motion allows you to get sensations that are incredibly close to sensations under the mineral. An important feature of the masturbator is also the ability to use it during a blowjob! The partner remains orally caressing the head, while the member trunk will intensively stimulate the masturbator. The use of a warming -based lubricant will enhance the realism of sensations. However, it is worth noting that the sleeves open from both ends make the toy more universal, which means that the feeling of suction, which usually accompanies oral sex, is absent.

Masturbator Tenga “Deep mouth”

At first, this toy may seem a little cramped, but adding additional lubrication will help. In the process of stimulation, the internal channels create a vacuum that creates a fantastic effect of suction, and it is this effect that can give more realistic and similar to oral sex sensations. A small hole at the opposite end of the masturbator allows you to easily adjust the pressure by clamping the finger. If you are looking for a toy that will imitate oral affection, it is better to pay attention to those that have an undertaken hole.

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