Oral condoms: what are oral condoms and how to use?

Oral condoms.

Condes are used in all types of sex, including oral.

After all, their function is not only the prevention of pregnancy (it is worth remembering that 100% they do not protect from this even with proper use). They are considered a barrier means of contraception that protects against diseases transmitted sexually (STDs) and other infections.

With a single sexual intercourse, when there is no confidence in his partner and there is no way to say with accuracy that he will not infect anything, the use of condoms is simply necessary, for his own health and tranquility.

Individual intolerance to the taste or smell of a partner with oral affection is also found. In these cases, condoms with taste and smell will help. At the moment, their assortment is incredibly large and you can afford to experiment by finding the perfect look that will appeal. Also condoms serve as an additional measure of hygiene.

Condoms for oral sex – classic, covered with taste lubricants. There are two types suitable for this purpose – polyurethane and latex. Polyurethane made of polyurethane contribute to increased sensitivity.

They practically have no taste and smell and contain a minimum of lubrication. With allergies to latex are an ideal replacement. Latex made of latex have more pronounced taste and smell. When using them, such the qualities of the latex itself are not at all felt. With oral sex, condoms are necessary for both men and women, because safe sex should be between partners of any gender.

Condoms for oral sex can be used for any oral methods of delivering pleasure – both in a blowjob and in cunnilingus and rimming. Infections can occur in any mucosa and be transmitted in the same way. For example, among Americans treated for sexually transmitted infections, 10% was diagnosed with gonorrhea in the throat. There are special condoms for cunnilingus and rimming.

These products are rectangular wipes made of latex and have different taste and smell. But for Russia this is a rare product, so you can cut a conventional condom. Before using the purchased napkin, you should remove it from individual packaging. It is necessary to do this carefully so as not to damage the integrity of the product. Then the condom must be placed on the external genitalia.

Do not forget that all condoms are disposable. After operation, they are subject to disposal.

In the absence of a bought condom, designed for cunnilingus, you can use the usual one, having previously prepared it. To do this, carefully get a condom from the packaging and lay out. Next, you should cut off the elastic band located at the base of the product, and the end, that is, it is necessary to cut it across from both sides. After that, you should make a cut along, thereby receiving a protective napkin from the condom.

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