Oral affection “Teabaging” for men

Oral affection “Teabaging” for men.

Oral affection “Teabaging” for men
Invitation to drink a cup of tea now acquires a completely different meaning. In this article we will talk about an interesting oral technique for men “Teabaging”: Features of execution and what can be supplemented in order to get more pleasure.

Tea bag in sex – not a tea party?

Teabaging – This is a type of oral sex in which the male scrotum descends into the mouth of a partner or partner, and the action itself is very reminiscent of brewing a bag of tea in a cup. The difference between this technique and a regular blowjob is that in it a man is more active. He needs to control the body so that the testicles are in the mouth of the host, and decide how deep it will be. The most important component of this technique is complete trust between partners. After all, testicules are very sensitive, even stronger than the penis, and to give them to the power of the hands or mouth of another person is quite scary.

This type of oral caresses is suitable for both couples of a man/woman, and for homosexual partners.

How to prepare for Teabaging

In order for the “drooping of a tea bag” to leave only a pleasant impression, you need to prepare.


Talk to each other first, find out the attitude of the partner to such oral technique, does it agree whether to try. The host should clarify how sensitive the scrotum is for a partner and what types of caresses are acceptable.

Make sure there are no breath problems

A partner whose face will fall in the mouth of the testicles, it is necessary to clean the respiratory tract in the nose in advance in order to avoid problems with lack of air.

Take care of moisturizing

Dry mouth is not the most pleasant sensation, especially during oral caresses. The pleasure from the process will be much greater if the lips and tongue are well moistened. To do this, put a tube next to you with a lubricant for oral sex or put a glass of water on a bedside table.

Make hygienic procedures

So that nothing runs the joint “tea ceremony”, the man is first to wash the scrotum and the area around it: the crotch, the inner surface of the thigh. Make a soul or bath part of the erotic game. Washing is necessary, since sweat often stands out in the egg, the smell of which is not like.

Another moment is considered as desirable, but not obligatory. Teabaging will be felt much more pleasant if there is no hair on the scrotum. To remove them, you can use a special depilation cream.

How to do “dumpling tea bag”

The main thing that is worth remembering during this oral affection is caution and delicacy of movements. They should not be sharp. Gently caress the scrotum with your lips and tongue, if the man does not mind, you can not bite or pin it out, pull it out lightly and stroke. It is unacceptable to twist, squeeze strongly or press.

Consider several Teabaging techniques, which will be easy to perform even beginners:

“Juggling”. This is sophisticated caress. The woman folds her palms with a “boat”, where she immerses the scrotum, then turns the palms so that each testicle is on the right and on the left hand, respectively. Then you can lower it and raise your palms, as if “juggling” eggs (remember that everything needs to be done carefully), feeling how they move inside the scrotum. This affection can be done before switching to oral sex.

“Walk”: the tongue moves along the perineum, capturing the scrotum. The movement begins from the head of the penis down to its base. Then passes along the “seam” between testiculas to the very anus, if no one is opposed, you can care. Then the return path is made.
Touching during this technique can be different: pressed by the entire surface of the tongue to the skin or only its tip.

“Climb”. Here the scrotum touches the body of a partner, especially to those places that most excite a partner – breasts (nipples), stomach, genitals. The top of the bliss – draw testicles on the hair and face.

“Crossword”. The tip of the tongue, the girl in the scrotum writes drawings, letters or even words, and the partner tries to guess. One minus – from constant tension, the tongue quickly gets tired, so do not choose long words.

“Capture”. From the name everything is clear – a woman “captivates” with her mouth men’s testicles. They are absorbed, suck, gently conducted them with the tongue. Can the whole scrotum fit inside the mouth? If you try, yes. But you should not risk, because due to crowding, the man will feel the touch of his teeth.

“Tickling” – the tongue neatly and easily moves under the scrotum, such actions are very exciting a partner.

What poses are suitable for “tea together”

You can choose several positions in which it will be convenient for partners.

The partner lies on his back, the man is located on his knees so that the testicles are above her face, or rather, his mouth. At the time of affection, he can sway a little from side to side, touching the girl’s face with testiculas. You can sit face to face or turn to your partner with your back.
Depending on the chosen position, a woman can give a double pleasure to a man – to caress the testicles and a member with his mouth and hands.

Another interesting option:
The man stands with her legs spread a little, the woman becomes in front of him on his knees. The girl grabs the scrotum with her mouth and lips, caresses delicate skin with her tongue. At the same time, he also pays attention to the member and the inside of the hips – caressing with their hands, gently stroking the fingertips or with the nails.

Evacle caresses can be done during sex, for example, in the “reverse rider” pose. Leaning a little forward, the girl carefully runs her fingers along the scrotum, gently squeezes testiculas so that the man finishes faster. At this time, the partner holds the girl by the hips and moves, controlling the speed of his dives.

After sexual intercourse and mutual orgasm, the girl can make a “gesture of gratitude”: gently and in turn to massage the testicula with the palm of one hand.

What sex toys and accessories can be used in Teabaging

Flavored lubrication for oral sex. It will help to avoid dryness during caresses, and the sensations will not only be pleasant, but also delicious. For example, take it Aromgel-ward sugar and explosive caramel From the French brand YESFORLOV – he will give unusual sensations to every partner.

In addition to lubricants, you can also play with temperature. For example, hold in the mouth a little cold or warm (but not burning) water, dissolve a mint or menthol lollipop. Or draw a cube of ice on the skin of the scrotum, just wrap it in the fabric to avoid unpleasant sensations.

Erective ring. It supports an erection, and also helps to push the testicles from the body, so that it is easier to “play” with them.

Cickle sets. If you do not want the partner to use the hands on time Teabaging or touch you, limit his mobility with handcuffs, bondage tape or rope.

Reviews about Teabaging

On the Internet you can find frank reviews of men and women about this technique. Girls who add a “tea bag” to their sex life, consider this affection interesting, funny and at the same time unusually intimate. They say that the feeling of testicles that roll under the delicate skin of the scrotum is several times more pleasant than from the penis in the mouth under the mineral.

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