Unusual methods of masturbation

Unusual methods of masturbation.

Unusual methods of masturbation are the impact on erogenous zones in order to get pleasure, excluding the usual manipulations with the help of fingers and hands in general. There are both really interesting options that can bring new sensations to intimate life, as well as dangerous, not recommended by sexologists and gynecologists. Let’s talk about everyone a little.

When the handwritten becomes dangerous

The use of improvised means often ends with getting to the operating table and here it is not at all to laughter. The most popular way to harm yourself is the use of vegetables, fruits and various things as an anal toy. Both men and women suffer from this.

Each of them is absolutely sure that nothing will fail inside and get a conditional banana will not be difficult. Unfortunately, the anus is so arranged that the surprise is happening with an enviable regularity and the surgeon will already extract a “toy”. Often with the use of general anesthesia and scalpel.

In second place of injury associated with violation of the structure of delicate fabrics. This happens when the guys put a member into the holes that are unequivocal for this, and the girls stimulate the clitoris by friction about any surfaces. Also not adapted for such classes.

The consequences are not so terrible, nevertheless, representatives of the stronger sex can easily break the bridle, and this is already quite unpleasant. One way or another, unusual methods of masturbation can cause a headache for a long period, so resorting to them is worthwhile.

Unusual methods of masturbation of the anus

Stimulation of the anus like both men and women. In the stronger sex, the prostate iron is involved in the process, the effects on which lead to instant orgasm.

The delicate floor when penetrating through the sphincter receives satisfaction due to the branches of the clitoris. Few people know, but all the nerve endings in the vagina and the anus are somehow connected with it.

Regardless of the final point, both sexes are crazy about the so -called rimming, this is when stimulation of the anus itself occurs. The unusual way of masturbation of anal is to use a special cork, which is not only placed inside, but also imitates Rimming with the help of vibration. From such self -satisfaction you will definitely get a lot of positive emotions!

The pleasant feature is that such a toy is controlled by the remote control, that is, after entering it into the anus, there will not be necessary to make additional movements. The degree of exposure is regulated by simple pressing of a pair of buttons.

Unusual methods of masturbation for girls

Get an orgasm with sex toys these days is not difficult. We talk about the most effective ways regularly, for example, our readers know how to make Cooney to itself. But today we decided to talk about a really unusual way of masturbation!

Imagine that you can get stimulation of the external genitalia while in a public place. During a trip on a bus or metro, sitting at a meeting with a manager, when visiting a supermarket. Unusual? To do this, just buy a vibro tab in panties!

The product is attached to underwear with magnets, does not cause discomfort and is not noticeable to others, of course. A remote control is put in the pocket, which launches or stops vibration, changes its mode. At any time, when the girl wants to, she can start masturbating without doing anything with her hands, being anywhere, without gaining access to the genitals.

Nice sensations are guaranteed. It is unknown whether it is possible to achieve orgasm in this way, but there will definitely be a lot of emotions. And this is definitely a non -standard approach to business, agree!

Unusual methods of masturbation for guys

The complexity of male masturbation is that you have to perform a lot of active actions. How to focus on fantasies and pleasure? Therefore, here we decided to talk about innovative inventions of producers of sex toys. About automatic masturbators for men.

You can use not only in bed, on the couch, standing, sitting and lying, but also in the bathroom. The toy is waterproof. It is enough to place a member inward, select the desired mode and that’s it. The rest of the masturbator takes over.

There are models with remote control, heated, sound support and suction. Just attach it to the wall, enter the penis inside and enjoy the sensations of nothing inferior to the blowjob from the former! And maybe superior to them.

Instead of conclusion

Masturbation can become unusual not only in physical sensations, but also by emotions. However, it is important to remember that it can be manuded in a forest or an elevator is funny, but dangerous. Moreover, children can see you in such places, what is really bad.

We advocate for safe and high -quality pleasure that does not violate other people’s rights, does not insult anyone and does not harm other people. And most importantly, it is not the cause of injuries and hits in the clinic.

Masturbation should be a way to get rid of sexual tension and enjoy. Use quality products and adequate tools for this. Banans, cucumbers and bottles are unlikely to lead to something good.

More recently, a man with a cucumber in the rectum was brought to one of the local hospitals. Saved 3,000 on the purchase of a dildo and became a star of a small city. Recovery after surgery cost much more. That’s really an unusual way of masturbation turned out.

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