The best ways of female masturbation-TOP-10. The most interesting and unusual methods of masturbation for women.

The best ways of female masturbation-TOP-10.

The best ways of female masturbation-TOP-10. The most interesting and unusual methods of masturbation for women.

In order to know everything about female masturbation, you need to practice it. This, you see, is one of the most popular classes on the planet, well, after eating and sleeping, of course. Such mass entertainment undoubtedly deserves many variations, especially when it comes to women. So, 10 best ways of female masturbation.

Independent or maladaptive masturbation sometimes brings much more pleasure than sex, many women even believe that due to constant masturbation, they have lost the ability to receive an orgasm with a partner. In fact, this is not the case. Due to the features of the location of the clitoris in relation to the male pubis, when the male member is inside the woman, the clitoris is not stimulated at all, and meanwhile, about 90% of girls are prone to clitoral orgasm or experience it most often. For this, a partner sometimes needs not only to know the secrets of female anatomy, but also really try to give pleasure.

No. 1 masturbation shower

Depending on the sensitivity of the clitoris, you can use both the strongest pressure of water through the sprayer, and without it – weak tender stream of warm water from a hose. Experiment with pressure, distance from watering can to the clitoris and poses, if the watering can be made of smooth material, you can also try to move it, getting double pleasure from friction and streams. For less sensitive, it is recommended to spread the labia with your hands and push the clitoris hood. You can also try to masturbate with a shower under water and change the angle of drop of streams. You can do it standing or sitting.

No. 2 Masturbation with vibration

The best and easiest option – Fallomitators with vibration or Vibration masses from a sex shop, but household items are also suitable, such as electric shifts, general massagers, a mobile phone in vibration mode and even … Sound columns. The latter must be used wisely – choose high -quality music with pronounced shock, bass, a clear dynamic rhythm. The column is placed so that those very places cover the most powerful vibrations, you can sit on the column on top, if its size allows. Be careful and do not strive to practice such an unusual technique if the column has sharp corners.

No. 3 Masturbation fruits and vegetables

The so -called organic masturbation is simple and understandable: cucumber, carrot, banana, and maybe zucchini. The only thing you need to consider that all these items are fragile and can break right during masturbation, for this many put on condoms on them. This rule protects from pieces of food in the vagina or anus, from infections and dirt.

No. 4 Masturbation by the bottle of deodorant

You can use empty bottles with a spray, but a real splash will produce ball deodorants. The main conditions: the bottle must be empty (balloons must also be tried to rinse), the form streamlined, be sure to use a condom. If some kind of liquid in «Dezika» Still remained, it is better that she does not contact with the skin and mucous membrane of intimate places.

No. 5 Masturbation toys

Of course, we are talking not only about sex toys of traditional intimate stores, but also about children’s rubber and plastic toys such as ducklings, hares and dogs. The main thing is that the toys are not acute and streamlined. Of course, you need to pay attention to the quality and safety of the material. Such experiments are not recommended, because there are professional toys for sex, but if you decide – Give preference to domestic toys or Disney made of rubber or plush.

The best ways of female masturbation-TOP-10. The most interesting and unusual methods of masturbation for women.

No. 6 Aciling orgasm with the hips

If you master this method, then you will have 2 advantages – invisible to others masturbation and pumped up, because during this technique muscles strain. Clutching and rubbing your hips about each other, you stimulate the clitoris. First step – Tleet your body to strain the hips during orgasm, then squeeze them before its onset, then give up hands. Long workouts will be required, but it’s worth it. Over time, you can only do with hips and thus masturbate anywhere at any time, keeping it a secret.

No. 7 We amplifying orgasm

Sitting masturbate with quick movements with one finger on the clitoris, accelerating more and more. When the orgasm is already close, then stop, and continue in a couple of seconds, repeating the interruption several times while you can withstand. After such delays, the orgasm will be very bright. Instead of a finger, you can use an oval plastic bottle, for example, from under the shampoo. For the latter, the post is better for standing.

No. 8 Masturbation in two hands

With one hand, still stimulate the clitoris in your favorite technique, but enter a couple of fingers of the second hand into the vagina or use any object from the above. Double stimulation is always better.

No. 9 Masturbation «Alien hand»

This method needs a dominant hand «It was numb». For example, you can sit on your palm for 10 minutes–20, then immediately start masturbation until the hand moved. The sensations are as if an outsider caresses the clitoris, respectively, the excitement will increase much faster. This technique needs certain training, as well as good fantasy.

No. 10 Oral sex for your beloved

Acrobatics are easier, but even girls with ordinary flexibility after a couple of months of training will be able to get excited from the sight of their erogenous zone. Pose: lying on your back, throw your legs behind your head – Do it is necessary to do it very slowly and smoothly, previously rinsen. If possible – You are waiting for very high -quality oral masturbation.

Undoubtedly, each of you uses the best ways to satisfy yourself, and if not, now you know that it is still worth trying.

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