Mutual masturbation

Mutual masturbation.

Mutual masturbation

Mutual masturbation It may be a great way diversify the fading sexual life, bring something new, bright and unusual into it. But, besides this, she has other positive qualities. With it, you can find out what your partner likes, and he, in turn, will learn about your preferences. This knowledge can be applied with direct sexual contact.

With such fun, it occurs maximum emancipation and trust between two partners.

One of another advantages of mutual petting is that it is not necessary to receive an orgasm at the same time as the second partner, which people in pairs often strive for, because excitement will increase so.

Mutual affection can improve and modernize, Practicing a different approach, technology and methods:

Do not look up to the side, because eye contact is very important, and can contribute not only to greater excitement, but also to an increase in trust in the partner;

Help your partner, but do not indicate how and what to do – just direct it on the right path;

Try to alternate – for example, first let the partner masturbate, and you observe it, and then – on the contrary;

Use sex toys, because they can enjoy the enjoyed pleasure.

Comfortable poses for mutual masturbation are not so much, But there are the most convenient of them.

Lie Facing each other. This position is suitable for you even if you like to just look at the masturbation of a partner. In this position, you can establish visual contact with a partner, see his emotions and reaction to certain caresses.

Sit face to each other. In this position, a woman should sit on his knees to a man, clasping him behind the waist. So you can masturbate both friction and hands, and even with the use of sex toys.

Position 69 is considered suitable not only for oral caresses, but also for mutual masturbation. You can lie on your side or partner, but keep in mind that the partner’s genitals will be right in front of you, like yours in front.

Let the partner lay behind, and you turn your back to him. So both partners will be able to give pleasure to each other, being in close proximity and excited even more.

These are the simplest and lightest poses for mutual masturbation. Do not be afraid of diversity, bring it to sexy life and enjoy bright orgasms.

Mutual masturbation

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