Masturbators – best friends of men!

Masturbators – best friends of men!.

According to statistics, most men prefer to engage in masturbation "natural" in the way – with the help of hands. But artificial mastery vaginas, which can be purchased in sex shop, gradually conquer their own – and become more and more popular among the stronger sex. And indeed – the help of the masturbator is also needed by lonely, who does not have a permanent partner for men, and, for example, to boys who have never had sex before – in order to "practice". Masturbators are necessary for representatives of the stronger sex, who, due to circumstances, have long been far from women – long sailing sailors, military – and even respectable, married men very often buy masturbators for the sake of diversity and new sensations.

Modern manufacturers of sex toys produce masturbators for all occasions – they differ not only in size and materials from which they are made – but also in the sensations that masturbators deliver to their owners. Masturbators of compact sizes are very popular, these masturbators do not take up much space – they can be easily and conveniently transferred – in a bag, for example. Such masturbators can be taken on a trip without attracting excessive attention. Most often, modern masturbators copy the vagina, anus or mouth of a girl – there are masturbators in which all three are represented "love" holes. Some masturbators are made very realistic – with well -studied labia, pubic hair. There are masturbators, "Love" The holes of which are made from the blinds of popular porn actresses. Also in the sex shop there are masturbators who do not have external similarities with the female genital organs or mouth of the girl – these masturbators are simple and effective, they can be stored in sight – after all, an outsider is unlikely to guess about their true purpose. Very exotic masturbators are also produced – made in the form of female breasts, arms and feet.

Masturbators are made of latex, silicone, gel, polyvinyl chloride and many other materials. True, latex and polyvinyl chloride have recently been losing their former popularity – these are inexpensive and durable materials, but quite strict and having a specific smell. Masturbators made of gel are not the most realistic. The greatest popularity among men is masturbators made of silicone and special material, known as "Cybercro" (Cyberskin or Loveclone). Masturbators made of these materials are soft – delicate and pleasant to the touch, elastic, quickly take body temperature and easily wash. Most of modern masturbators are produced precisely from silicone and cyberc, they are in greatest demand among men, despite the higher price.

A significant number of masturbators have "relief" Inner surface – as a rule, these are balls, ribs, spikes, lines and so on – so that the penis experiences greater stimulation – to increase sensory pleasure and a brighter orgasm. There are masturbators with vacuum pumps that provide the effect of absorption – masturbators with vibration, masturbators, the internal surface of which imitates contractions of the muscles of the vagina and even masturbators, whose special devices inject the liquid, similar to the female secret. And finally, modern masturbators presented in sex stores are able to make all kinds of sounds during use – ahi, sighs, groans.

Now a little about how to use a masturbator. Before the first use, it is necessary to thoroughly rinse the masturbator with warm water with soap or antiseptic – for these purposes it is not recommended to use alcohol -containing drugs – for example, cologne. You can lower the masturbator into warm water, so that it heats up to a pleasant temperature for your body. Before introducing the penis into the masturbator, lubricate both the penis and the hole of the masturbator with a lubricant – this guarantees your pleasant sensations and will save you from discomfort. Also, for hygiene purposes, it is recommended to use a condom. Introduce the penis into the masturbator carefully to avoid excessive stretching. After use, the masturbator must be washed with warm water, and the masturbators made of cybercolor still be dried and treated with talcum.

The masturbator has a lot of undeniable advantages – firstly, masturbators support a man in excellent sexual form. After all, a regular orgasm is necessary for each representative of the stronger sex – if a man did not have ejaculation for too long, he may have problems during intercourse – for example, insufficient erection or vice versa – too fast, premature ejaculation. You can and should be used by a masturbator regularly – unlike sex with a partner, the masturbator is always ready for use and to deliver sexual pleasure to its owner. By the way, the masturbator is highly recommended by representatives of the stronger sex after 50 years – at this age, regular orgasm is especially important, because after long abstinations the process "recovery" normal sexual function can take a long time.

Secondly, the masturbator improves the quality of male sperm – with regular masturbation, old, sedentary spermatozoa is removed from the body – thus, the likelihood of conception increases and the general condition of the genitourinary system is improved. Thirdly, the masturbator relieves chronic, stagnant phenomena, which lead to diseases of the genital organs – adenoma, prostatitis – and heals the body as a whole. And finally, thanks to the masturbator, a man receives a regular orgasm that provides everyone with a good mood, better stress resistance and a state of pleasant vigor!

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