I found my son for masturbation: how to behave?

I found my son for masturbation: how to behave?.

For most adults, the topic of masturbation seems unacceptable for discussion. Due to their own beliefs, parents do not consider it necessary to talk about it with their young children. And if in early childhood the child simply studies his own body, touching his genitals, then in the teenage period the topic of masturbation already has a completely different context. Today we’ll talk about what to do if I found my son for masturbation.

I found my son for masturbation: how to react?

If a woman burned her son for masturbation, then first of all it is necessary to understand that even in the puberty, when hormonal surge, masturbation is not something bad, negatively affecting the further development of the child as a person.

The most important thing is to respond correctly if the parent suddenly found a teenager behind such an intimate process. It is important to remember several rules:

Do not scream, do not swear at the child. A surge of aggression by an adult can lead to difficult to solve problems in the future.

A child may not just stop doing masturbation, but even lose sexual attraction in the future.

A reverse reaction can occur: masturbation will become a forbidden fruit, which, as you know, is always sweet. A teenager will look for any ways for self -satisfaction, which will also negatively affect adulthood.

You cannot offer a child to talk about it, unless he himself asks for him. It is important to understand that a teenager, being stagnated behind masturbation, may well be embarrassed.

Naturally, the best option would be to pretend that nothing happened. Otherwise, the desire of an adult can also help the child with a psychological trauma, which he will not cope on his own in the future.

If the teenager realized that he was found for masturbation, he would correctly apologize to him and leave the room.

Psychologists recommend knocking on all parents before going into the room to the teenager to avoid such ambiguous situations.

But even if mom or dad accidentally found her son for masturbation, first of all it should be made that nothing was noticed.

It is important to understand that teenage masturbation is not something bad or unnatural. Therefore, to focus on the negative way on this issue does not have.

It’s just worth realizing that your child has already grown, and he has a sexual attraction, which in itself is not bad.

Teenage masturbation and attitude towards her by parents

Teenage masturbation is a completely normal phenomenon, and the child should not feel uncomfortable in this period of time.

In boys, puberty begins at the age of 12-15 years, and it is quite clear that it is unlikely that you can find a girlfriend for love affairs immediately.

Parents need to worry if the son does not have an erection at this age, then you should see a doctor.

In order not to lose trust with his own son, it is worth starting to reckon with him as a person: to give the opportunity to retire in his room, to be interested in his hobbies to the opposite sex, to support him in every way.

Also, subject to friendly relations in the family, you can talk with a growing son about sexual relations.

It will not be superfluous to care for the security of the child: buying condoms. At the same time, all dialogs should be related, easy.

You can share your own experience, because every adult was once a teenager, and absolutely everyone went through a desire for self-satisfaction.

However, it should be emphasized once again that such a plan must be approached extremely carefully so as not to cause a negative reaction of the teenager. It will be perfect if he himself wants to talk to you on this topic.

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