Famous Tenga Eggs: Tenga Masturbators Guide | Masturbators

Famous Tenga Eggs: Tenga Masturbators Guide.

Famous Tenga Eggs: Tenga Masturbators Guide | Masturbators
If necessary Masturbator – then this is K Tenga. I am sure that this is not the first time about this brand for this brand. And if someone does not know what Tenga is and what they eat with, today you will consider this unusual brand closer.

Tenga was founded in 2005 in Japan, in fact, just recently. But the guys are already counted leading corporation in area Sex industry. They specialize Not only on toys for men, But The ruler of masturbators – Their main chip, they Unique, and the development of new and new brand devotes most of its time. If you concentrate on one thing, then the work will be much more productive, therefore the result is much better.

The company received a huge number of awards for its Original design toys. Well, they became popular mainly for giving the owner extremely pleasant and unusual sensations, but still do not try to copy the genitals of a person.

Masturbators Tenga Dramatically Different from others toys for men. Nowadays, the most fashionable magazines in the world noted that it is The first company with the most recognizable adult products.

What is special in Tenga?

Toys Do not copy Female genital organs. When other companies are chasing a realistic appearance, the guys from Japan focused on the most important – pleasure.

Tenga caress Every centimeter member. Each masturbator has its own unique relief: this is a complex pattern with unusual protrusions and bulges.

Appearance. No vulgarity. Tenga toys are simple nice. If you, in addition to ordinary orgasm, adore also aesthetic, then you are here.

Conceptual Tenga 3D

Perhaps the most Unusual masturbators Company. Toys in which the entire pattern is shown literally “on the face”. Relief form, executed in 3D projection. And they look like some kind of porcelain statues, which are asked home to the shelf.
Use them very much easily. You just turn the masturbator with the smooth side to the outside, but then everything is clear.

As for the material, the entire 3D series is made of Silicon – viscous and delicate material that quickly takes body temperature, due to which it creates a maximum of realistic sensations.

And to take care of them just! After use, rinse well with soap with soap, and then completely dry, turning it into the starting position. With proper care, the toy will be serve for a long time.

The 3D series has 5 masturbators:

  • Spiral. Reminds Twisted metal plates (but very tender, of course). The toy will provide intensive and dynamic stimulation, And it can also be rotated, increasing the sensations.
  • Module. These are cubes located in random order. Such a contrasting relief will provide a very unusual bright stimulation of a member. Well, also he It looks cool.

Famous Tenga Eggs: Tenga Masturbators Guide | Masturbators

  • Zen. Wavy ribs, twisted in a spiral, Very sensual toy. The relief is able to give The pleasure of each cell of the penis.
  • Polygon. Just a work of art. Enough Hard corners and very Soft faces, which are randomly located along the entire length of the toy. This is the originality and diversity that will give an unforgettable pleasure.
  • Pile. Perhaps the most unusual masturbator from the series. These are hollow triangles that are densely located at the top of the toy, and less often – below. Allows Play with sensations, Changing the sides during masturbation.

Very cute masturbators EGG

Cool small and pretty masturbators in shape testicles. Great option for the trip, for a gift loved one, and just like a cool toy for home.

All testicles are made of silicone and are able to stretch up to 20 centimeters! Just be careful, do not pull. It is better to generally focus on the toy on the head of the penis – the effect will be unrealistic.

The lubricant is coming packaged. You just remove the film, apply grease and go. You just remove the film, apply grease and go. Tenga call these stimulants disposable, but with proper care, the toy will certainly be enough several times.

Egg there are two bright series Tenga EGG I And Tenga EGG II – By six toys in each.

The most popular toys from the EGG collection are:

  • Spider Ribbed texture, imitating a web. Very unusual and cool toy!
  • Wavy. Wavy relief, which will give pleasure to smooth, progressive movements.
  • STEPPER. The protrusions are, directed down and up, which with each movement will fill your penis with excitement from the base to the head.
  • Clickker. Big and small Embossed tubercles will give each inch of the skin exciting and unique massage.
  • Twister. Spiral ribs, which will literally twist you in a delightful dance, delivering extraordinary sensations.

By the way, there are unique EGG Lovers (with a relief in the form of hearts) and Egg Cool (with a cooling effect). Well, you can familiarize yourself with the EGG collection Here.Famous Tenga Eggs: Tenga Masturbators Guide | Masturbators
Tenga Cup

Series for those who are chasing realistic sensations. Each masturbator copies a certain love pose: a man behind or a woman from above. There are those that reproduce Anal sex or sucking During blowjob.

Cup have bright, pleasant to the eyes frame and original silicone filling. They are also positioned as disposable.

  • Rolling Head. Imitating Oral sex Masturbator with unique accordion In the center of the case. She will be compressed and unclenched, which will give The effect of movement heads during blowjob.
  • Air Cushion. He is just non-re-al-ny. 24 Air chambers, which create a very powerful vacuum. Sensations are just a class! The only masturbator in the world that is based on Air system, rather than material and shape! Be sure to try.
  • Double Hole. 2 in 1! Unique relief from each side. You can even try together, Well, if there is anyone, of course. The enlarged version becomes – Double Hole U.S.
  • Deep Throat. Realistic sensations yourself deep blowjob. Very tightly adjacent surface and sucking effect. It also happens in increased size for owners of a large member.

Space Tenga Flex

Just unreal, cool, awesome! Flex, thanks to its spiral form, can regulate degree scrolling, and soft supple material of the case allows you to compress the masturbator so that Strengthen stimulation. At the same time, sensations at the entrance differ from those in the depths.
The designers have made different levels of relief inside so that the use is not like something familiar.
And you can Change pressure inside. To create a vacuum is enough Close Air hole. You can combine sensations by opening and closing the hole with your finger.

Easy to wash, easily care, easy to use! There is a delicate white Silky Flex And brutal black Rocky Flex.

Innovative Tenga Flip

Looking at the ruler of masturbators Flip, Some kind of cosmic thoughts immediately come to my head. But the appearance is not all the features of the series Flip from Tenga.

Thanks to its plastic case, all toys Open, What makes them very convenient to care And in further drying. This is the first masturbator in the world that can be opened and completely Rinse from the inside!

Concerning Functionals, then the most interesting begins here. Firstly, the whole relief inside the toy is something unrealistic. Everyone, I repeat, each centimeter is created specifically to stimulate the penis, and you can be sure that device perfectly cope with this task.

On the case of each toy there is Three buttons, which regulate The degree of pressure Inside the masturbator. The upper button is responsible for Stimulation of the head of the penis, average for Vacuum pressure, And the lower for massage The grounds of the penis.
Changing the pressure and state of vacuum, it is possible to create The effect of oral sex. Well, you saw this somewhere?

There are two separate directions in the Flip line: Flip Hole And Flip Zero, which differ from each other external design, and of course internal relief.

Air-Tech Twist

Also very unusual Masturbators. The plastic case is equipped from above a special lid, Scrolling which will change the degree of pressure to the penis inside the toy. There are whole 5 degrees member compression: from free to very dense.
So Just So comfortable!

After use, the inner sleeve is easily extracted, so the care of the toy will also not be difficult.

Masturbators Air-Tech Twist are red And blue.
The “red” model has more Intensive relief, Inside are elastic relief Spikes and tubercles directed in different directions.
The “blue” model is much tenderer. The relief is presented ribbed stripes, which are directed in different directions along the entire length of the toy.

In general, if you like to control the process “from and to”, then Air-Tech just created for you.

Finally, here’s a selection of lubricants that are cool to your future Tenga. You already wanted something from the collection?

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